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CCTMC Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2014 - Half of the Sky

The sky is big. Are women getting their equal share of it or do we still live in predominantly men’s world? The opinions vary, but what is certain is that women’s share of the sky had grown and that both men and women are adjusting to the new rules of the game. Women now have the power and right to choose different careers including those traditional and those that are challenging old stereotypes. But in the end, what is matters most is that we are happy with our choices.
We had only two prepared speeches this week. First, we heard René
’s speech The Conjunctions in which he shown us that some experiences that seem invaluable at a certain moment in life may prove to be valuable in bringing us closer to our goals. After René’s speech followed Rosie’s inspirational speech Do We Love Ourselves Enough about the value of love and sharing that won the Best Speech Award for this evening.
The short prepared speech session left us more time for evaluations. We held double evaluations for each speech. Gorden, our guest from Elite Toastmasters club in Guangzhou gave us a piece of his mind by presenting an excellent evaluation in Rosie’s speech for which he received the Best Evaluation Award. It was great having you, Gorden, You are welcome to visit us again.
Our new friend form Mauritius, presented himself for the first time in the Table Topic Session and by a brief self introduction at the end of the meeting. We are happy to announce that Mark has already become a part of our family. Welcome, Mark!
In the final minutes of the meeting Waves announced the forthcoming Area contest that will be held on September 20, 13:30-17:00 at The American Chamber of Commerce. Cathy Chen, Waves and Joyce will take part in the competition. Come and show your support and cheer for our contestants. For more information about this contest, please follow up related announcement.

See you at the next meeting!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2014

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Half of the Sky

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Table Topics

An interesting meeting theme always results in an exciting Table Topic Session, especially under the masterful guidance of Valerie. Valerie built her Table Topic Session nto a discussion on gender equality.

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up:

1.   Chiara: As a women, who is the man you admire most and why?   

My male idol is Stephen Hawking. His Brief History of Time was the first book about physics I could understand. I admire this famous scientist on his courage and stamina to overcome the limitations imposed on him by his disease. Would I have the same courage and perseverance to conquer such a challenge?

2.  Yann: Do you think roles of traditional gener roles have changed significantly and what do you think about it?

It is still generally expected that the job of nurses is to be performed by women. However, the fact is that min hospitals they badly need men to apply for this position, give the hard physical work it may involve. Also, today, there are more and more women serving in army. The traditional division is still present, but it is not as strict as it used to be and this is a good thing.  

3.  Una: How would you react if you would be hired in a company where all other people are men?

After the education in languages which put me in predominately female classes, working in a company full of men would certainly be a shock. However I would not be discouraged, but try to win them over with the friendly manner.   

4. Mark: Your daughter is old enough to start dating. What advice would you give to her about men?

I would advise her to be friendly and try to promote herself in a good way and communicate with everyone..

5. Felix: Name one thing that should be done to improve gender equality.   Steven: You just won a competition. Give a victory speech.

In each period in my life I thought a different thing could be improved. When I was young I thought that girls should have the same PE requirements as boys. When I was at the university I thought that they should be graded using same standards as guys. When I started working in a laboratory with dangerous chemicals, I thought that ladies shouldn’t be put in such dangerous position.  

6. Waves: Does your company have more male or female employees?

When you walk into my company shuttle bus, you will see that most of the seats are filled with men. Of these that are not two are empty and only two are filled with women. I know how to work with men, I understand their psychology and this is why, when I have my own company I would hire only men and all the seats on our company shuttle bus will be filled with men.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:





CC Project 4:How To Say It

Speech Title: Conjunctions

“So I decide to quit.”  Summer, 2011. That was the last sentence I spoke to my previous film director.
It all started at the moment when I was admitted to Communication University of China. University entrance exam went smoothly, except of the choice of subject. The admission committee decided to offer me Ideological And Political Education, instead of Journalism which I applied. I decided to take the offer. 
After I arrived in the university, I realized it can be the biggest joke I had ever made to myself. “Oh, I think I know that, you guys study socialism and communism as your main courses, while others go through them for free credit, right?” was the comment I was always getting.

For a person who was as competitive as me, it was shameful. So I fought for a foothold in media industry since the second year of the university. I scarified my time, happiness and life style to build my future in media. In 2009, I participated in the first documentary production after my graduation. It was about the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang province. During the demonstration of 5th July, 2009, I was stranded in the city under attack of terrorists. For the first time, death was so close. The only thing I can think of was that I cannot die before I taste love.
After returning back to Beijing, I delivered my resignation letter - big relief from the intense media industry where you are constantly running against time.
Two months later, my educational subject background offered me a great opportunity to become a trainer.

At this moment, all of my past sounds like a verse filled with conjunctions. It is my verse of life experiences. But you can not foresee them, as a human being, you never know what is in the future. When you link all conjunctions of your life and see what you have achieved, you will realize that sometimes some seemingly invaluable experiences can prove to be real conjunctions in your verse about life. 

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Gorden (Elite TM Club, Guangzhou)


CC Project 9: Persuade with Power

Speech Title: Do We Love Ourselves Enough?

It’s summer on the continent of Africa, with dry air blowing, hot sand burning. A herd of elephants is trekking through an endless desert, trying to find water. Starved and thirsty, the herd heads slowly toward the margin of the desert, looking for the shortest way, while adult elephants take care of baby elephants, sheltering them under their own huge body to prevent the little ones from getting sun burnt. If the baby elephants get tired, they push them with their huge noses because they know they don’t have enough time before they all go dry and die. Luckily, they finds a shade only big enough for the baby elephants to rest, and all they could do is to stand under the sun, chewing some of the near-dry leaves on the tree. For many times, baby elephants probe under their mothers, for want of some milk. But their mothers wouldn’t let their babies have more than one sip of milk, because they are nearly dry, and there maybe still a long way to go before they find food and water. After weeks of torturous trekking, the herd finally makes it through the desert and finds oasis.

But what do we humans do?

When we were young children, we were told to love and care for each other, not to fight each other, to share things, and to help those in need. But people fudge poisonous food and sell them to their fellow humans in China. People make weapons to fight their fellow humans in the Middle East. People enjoy abundant water, food and shelter in the northern countries, but they are still reluctant to share those with their fellow human-beings in the poor countries.

Still, there is love everywhere. There are ordinary people who saved other people’s lives but lost their own; there are wise people raising funds to help the poor get education; anti-war organizations are trying their best to make people on both side of the war understand each other.

We are wealthy enough to build a school for poor children, but we could still collect several pens and give them to our neighbors; we are not tall enough to clean the city sky, but we could still quit driving for just one day in a week; we are not powerful enough to stop war, but we could still create understanding by not transmitting false news on the internet. All these are done by love. And with love, we could be a better self and this world could be a better world.

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