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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –September 1, 2016

Dear CCTMCers,


We had another great and successful meeting last night!


Firstly, our club welcomed one more new member to join! A warm welcome to join the family again, Nathan!


Our toastmaster of this week, Irina, presented us a classical/philosophical and yet down to the earth topic: “Lifelong learning”


According to Irina, she is not yet a lifelong learner. In the contrary, in her teenage years she set up the biggest goal of her life -  no more studies after completing the school education!


However, life is never so easy!


After she graduated from college, she thought she finally was able to put the books aside and start her dreamed life as a free and independent person. However she was constantly asked to provide educational proves of all kind since she started her career.

So, she began to realize that as a civilized human beings, nowadays, one can never escape from continuous learning and self-improvement


Our Table Topic Master, Jannet, with a notebook in her hand, gave us a very good example of a well-learnt woman the moment she came on the stage.


She brought us many very interesting topics such as:


If money and time won't be an issue, what would you like to learn most?


Should we trust knowledge from the books or learn from people?


What’s the most difficult thing to learn in your life and how you deal with it?


Do you agree that travelling with a person is the best way to really know a person?



You want to hear the answers? Well! You just have to come to the meeting!



This week, all three of the prepared speakers are relatively new on their toastmaster journey.  


However new they are to the toastmasters, they have certainly cheered our mind up with their unique charm and their well prepared speeches. Easy to predict that the club will soon emerge a new waves of stars!


Our first and the ice-breaker speaker was Nathan, our fresh new man, who through some little stories had officially introduced himself to us.


From those stories, we learnt Nathan is a man who firmly believes in a good outlook.

Nathan believes a good image is one of the most essential values for a man in the business world of today and ever.

For him, a nice and well shaped suit is a must in this day’s business world, it is important just as the armor for to the solders in war time.


So, since he started working he always goes out with a clean suit and carefully combed hair, even though his work was never related to meet the client face to face.


But if you think Nathan is a only a good looking man, such guess is wrong, as his shoulders were not only for put up the nicely tailored suit but fit for any 25 years old to cry on.


Through these few stories, we learnt Nathan is not only a man of handsome with his image but a beautiful heart in him,too!


Welcome on board again, Nathan! And by the way, I like your hair style!


Our second speaker, Haha smartly adopted the subject of today's meeting  and told us her means of lifelong learning.

She grouped the learners into three stages: the elderly, the middle aged and the younger. And she shared with us the stories of the people in each of the respective category, how they had to struggle with all the obstacles life had presented to us at each stage and how learning can change our life.


Yes, if a 95 year-old can manage to put him on a highway with a speed of 100km/hour, we, the younger ones have no reason to complain that we don’t have time and energy for self-improving!


Well done, Hana and keep up the learning!


Our third speaker, an already well-learnt young man, Ni, had recently come back from a medical treatment related seminar.

The seminar was targeted to people who are struggling with disabilities, mentally or physically.


However, and surprisingly, the message he learnt there was:


We, you and me, each of us, are the same!  


No one is perfectly healthy, we all are disabled in one way or another:


You may have your full arms and legs but you don’t know how to cook a meal or drive;

You have a perfectly healthy brain but you don’t know how to do math well.



The lesson he learnt from there was that very often we tend to trust what we see from the surface and neglect what is hiding behind.

That was why we didn’t notice anything when our friend was at his earlier stage of depression until he threw himself off from 5th floor or turned to marihuana.


We are all the same


So next time, when you are at the point to help a person who is physically challenged, don’t treat him as a disabled as he would like to be treated as equally as a whole person.

And when you noticed a friend that might need help or guidance, don’t wait and don’t think that he is strong enough.


Thank you, Ni, for the valuable message!


And I am looking forward to the next meeting to come!



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