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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –Sept. 17, 2015

Dear CCTMCers,


Since many of our members were busy with other tasks recently, only 11 members made it to the meeting this week. However, thanks to the good arrangement by Jeri and under the lead of our energetic Toastmaster Rosie, our meeting has been carried out just as successful as any of the other ones and we have enjoyed the meeting.

"Have you ever made a mistake that brought you in hard situation and you found it is difficult to admit? By asking this question, Rosie admitted to us one of the awkward situations that she had run into when she was still a college student: One day she got lost on the way to meet a friend of her's, instead of asking people for help with the right direction she kept walking on the wrong direction, for she didn't  want to admit that she didn't know the way.

As a human being we all have made mistakes from time to time, and many of them we kept only with ourselves for saving face and being afraid of being looked upon as foolish.

" The truth is, not admitting it or trying to cover it up would only make your life even harder!" She concluded.

To reinforce this message, everyone having a presentation on the stage in this meeting has been requested to confess to her at least one thing we have did in the past that we regret today.

"I admit it because I need to change!" She wrote it on the blackboard.

To echo with our toastmaster, the table topic session was also all about how to handle hard situations, so the speakers have been called up to answer questions such like: What would you want to fix if you were granted to go back to fix one thing that you regret? and "What would you do if you had accidently sent a message to your boss  which was not appropriate for her to see?" etc. All speakers have done well in answering these questions and caused a lot fun to the audience.

The second session was opened by two icebreaker speeches contributed by two newly joined members Jeannie and Holiday.

"What do you know about the Virgo? Perfectionism? Picky?"

"Yes, you got it right, that is me!" That was how our first speaker Jeannie started  when she introduced herself to us.

" If you want to know how picky is the Virgo person, just ask the bosses of  restaurants. They will tell you how hard the business is in September every year when it comes to the birthdays of the Virgos, the restaurants would end up empty as the Virgos would decide not to eat outside after all for there is no such perfect restaurant which could fit to his or her's expectation for the birthday celebration.

As a Virgo person, she had never accepted anything which has a flaw regardless of whether it is making friends or buying clothes. And sticking to perfectionism had certainly made her life a lot  more complicated.  

However, on the other side, her striving to perfectionism had brought an immeasurable success to both her career life and her family life. Her boss appreciated  her high quality workvery much and by trying to be the best mum in the world she won the best friendship from her son and his little friends.

Everything has two sides, you just need to appreciate what you are to have and make the best out of it. She concluded.


" Do you like holiday?"

" I like it, too! By the way, I am holiday." That was how our second speaker started with when introduced himself.

In a short 6 minutes, he brought to us a young man with a high spirit and full potential to be a great leader of tomorrow.

Yes, only when we are on the top of the mountain can we know how small we are and how big the world is for us to explore and adventure. That was why I named myself" Shanxiao".

Well done Shanxiao! you have a fascinating future ahead of you. Go for it!  


Our third speaker, Peherya, shared with us an even more profound message: In our life, when we are facing a big change,a decision to make, we often hesitate, struggle, are afraid, for we are not sure if the decision we have made was the right one. Thus, we tend to turn to others for suggestions.

The truth is, no one can really give you certain suggestions, you have to make your own decision, then what you need to do is to stick to it . You'll be just fine so long you have listen to your own heart.I couldn't agree more. Thank you for such an inspirational sharing, Peherya!


Here comes the result of the award for the week and I am looking forward to the next meeting to come!


CCTMC Meeting Minutes –Sept. 17, 2015


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