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CCTMC Meeting Minutes- Oct. 23 20014

Dear all,


Isaac Newton once said that if he could see further, it was by standing on the shoulder of giants. Valerie took us back to ancient times by reminding us that in order to appreciate the present, we need to know and understand the past. She paved the way for an interesting table topics session with Jenny.

Jenny livened up the room when she gave her reason why she never really liked history, "because it is HIS- story"! Albeit the 'biased' attribution, Jenny asked interesting questions. Jenny did a great job by getting four guests to be speakers during this session.

We only had two speakers for the prepared session. Asanda told us why she thinks giving money too much power in our lives is not the best thing to do. Lisa who was the second speaker shared some funny moments of her childhood when she used to regard herself as the ‘ugly duck’.

In the final minutes of the meeting our President Waves reminded everyone about the first outing for this quarter: bowling.

For another exciting meeting, join us next week!


CCTMC Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2014

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Table Topics

Great opening by Jenny who livened up the room when she gave her reason why she never really liked history, "because it is is HIS- story"! Albeit the 'biased' attribution, Jenny asked interesting questions.

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1. Rosie

Share your own personal historical moment.


Rosie believes she's not too good with history and the best historical moment she could think of was her wedding day. The reason is day was so historic is because she decided to say her vows in English; unfortunately for her, her husband did not understand them!


2. Janaet (Guest)

Which historical moment has inspired you?


Janaet has taken a significant amount of learning’s from 'Forrest Gump' that continue to guide her in life. Some of those included: for the following 

    -Focusing on what you're doing now and do it to the best of your ability; and 

    -Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what to expect. The trick is

     to accept life's challenges and you will succeed.


3. Joyce

You're writing a book for CCTMC; What will you write?


The one thing that Joyce appreciates about CCTMC is how it has inspired her to do better especially Yann who has helped her tremendously in improving her skills. That would make for interesting reading.


4. Juuso (Guest)

Given a chance to go back, what would you like to change?


Life throws a lot of challenges and we have to react to them according. When the decision came for Juuso's family to move back to Finland, although he wanted to, in hindsight he wishes he had stayed in Singapore longer.


5. Leon (Guest)

How would you describe our current era?


Information era where Internet based communication reigns supreme.  It is very good for efficiency but the negative side is it keeps people from the socializing with one another.


6. Evita (Guest)

If you were a history teacher, how would you make it interesting to students?


Evita believes that the best way to relay any information is by telling stories. History enables us to better understand each other and she is certain told through compelling stories, history would be interesting.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:



Rosie & Yann

CC Project No. __CC03:

Speech Title: A cup of water

Asanda started off by telling the audience how strange she found it that people don not like talking about how much money they have or how much they are making. Growing up she used to hear all sorts of sayings around money:

·       Money is the root of all-evil.

·       Money does not grow on trees (that was her mothers favorite one).

This made her very interested in understanding money and why people love it so much.

In her quest, she found that money is not the be-all and end-all of life as she used to think. She found that if you define yourself by how much money you have, or don't have; you will live your life in fear and stress.


Speech duration: 07:10

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Jeri & Joyce

Advanced 1.1

Speech Title: The ugly little duck

All parents love their children and Lisa’s parents were no exception. But as to be expected, when Lisa was born (one of six girls), her parents were hoping it was a boy!


Growing up she had a dislike to two questions: What’s your name? As well as ‘How many children are in your family?’ These tended to open her up to ridicule from other children. Having regarded herself as ugly (and others seeming to agree), Lisa decided to change herself, especially the way she looked.

She evolved from skinny and dark to fat and light skinned and the potential love of a boy turned south, ending before it even started when the boy said she looked like a panda!

Speech duration: 06:45

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Ervlyn Young

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