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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –Oct., 22 2015


Dear fellow Toastmasters, 


Do you want to become a successful person in life and a leader who can have an impact on others?

Of course! You are a toastmaster - and becoming a leader is one of the reasons to join, isn't it?

Which are the special qualities a successful leader should possess, and what makes such leaders so charismatic that many people admire them, some even regard them as their soul mates and the guides for their lives?  

During her five minutes opening speech, Cathy shared with us the result of her five years' observations on the leaders of this club- the secret weapons they posses are.... dedication, perseverance and never ending improvement. 

 Cathy's conclusion from her observation was: A leader is never made in one day and that is why successful persons like Yann,Nathan and Abi, Evita  still come back to our meetings whenever they can. 

So, Dear fellow Toastmasters, Do you want to become a successful person in life and a leader who can have impact on others?

Try to achieve the qualities of these people: Dedication, perseverance and never ending improvement!

Abi, one of the core leaders of this club, has never disappointed us. This week, she led the Table topic session as her first show after her return. With questions such as: Define a Table topic speech in a humorous way and make us understand why it is called a table topic speech;

What was the most precious gift(experience) that you have got from CCTMC and lost it soon after?

Who else can come up with such unexpected yet funny questions besides "the Abi"!  Well-done Abi and a warm welcome back! :-)

This week, we had the pleasure of hearing three totally different speeches from three advanced speakers!

"Imagining the projector is on and there is a picture of a pair of jeans reflected on the wall". That was the picture our first speaker Jenny drew in front of us.It was the project No. 8, the Visual Aides that she amid to complete this week.  

During the speech she showed us the three most dear things she possesses and which were given to her by her husband, father and grandfather respectively.

With her vivid description and touching stories linked to each of those items, we observed how a cute little girl became a charming and lovable young woman. Dear Jenny, how lucky you are having experienced unquestioned love during the years of your growing up and from what I have seen and heard from your speech I learnt how much love you have for them: That pair of jeans, glasses and pencil and your most loved ones. What a sweet speech! Thank you for sharing with us ,Jenny!

Our second speaker Dahai had prepared for us an after dinner speech.  

When people describe me, they would say" Dahai is a man full of energy-negative energy"- That was how he began his speech.

" I totally disagree". He objected. " That was not true, I am just a honest man who l always tells the truth and gives a honest answer".

By demonstrating his defense, he shared with us the story of a war fought between him and Sam, a stubborn scientist and colleague.

"One day I received from him a three pages long email to propose a drug that had already been proved with no much value". He said.

"In order to convince him, I answered him back with even longer pages and more proofs that he was wasting both his time and mine". 

" I was just  honest, however, the answer of a honest man's opinion was to receive more emails of long and longer pages from him".

"Of course, each time, I managed to answer him back with even longer pages with more convincing arguments".

" So, you may imagine the heat of the tension between us which eventually was out of control so  that even both his boss and my boss were not able to control the situation. Consequently, both he and I were removed from the project". 

It was only until I joined the toastmaster that I learnt that instead of using my honest man reply, I could have used the sandwich evaluation technique. If I had the chance to answer him again, this will be my answer: 

Dear Sum, what a fabulous proposal that you have presented to us....However, one little problem....still......All in all, the idea was great and I......

Dear Dahai, I am sure Sam will appreciate your later version of your reply and write an even longer email to you,  this time, for appreciation!

Congratulations on successfully turning yourself to a man full of positive power!

Our last speaker, Joyce, had exercised with us again one more time her campaign speech to prepare for the big day to come a week later.

Though I had heard the speech one time already, but with the further improved content and her even more vivid delivery, I enjoyed it just as much as  when I heard it the first time. Same for  the audience, the whole meeting room  burst into laughter every few seconds and proved that it was a high potential Champaign speech. Go for it, girl! You'll get it! Good luck!

And fellow toastmasters, please give your best wishes to her and please cheer for her if you will be at the Tianjin conference next week!


What a funny night, and I am looking forward to the next meeting to come! :-)

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –Oct., 22 2015


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