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CCTMC Meeting Minutes- Oct. 09 2014- Dreams

Everyone has a dream; be it to be a teacher or to marry a generous man! These dreams are ignited in us when we are young but for some reason as we get older, they not only change but a lot of them fall off the wayside.

Heather opened this inspiring session by telling us how her dreams have changed over time. Currently, her main dream is to be the best at what she does! Way to go Heather.

The pollution did not dampen the spirits of the members as well as the guests who came to share their dreams and rejuvenate them. The night got exciting as we moved on to the Table Topics session, which was led by Asanda. We had a total of six speakers during the session who all shared around the theme of dreams. Our guest for the evening Bin Bin also realised her dream and challenged herself to take part! Yann did it again by taking the title of best table topics speaker after his moving motivation to a group of students who failed their Gaokao.

We had a total of three prepared speakers. Valerie started us off with a three-step approach on how to kill a mosquito. This approach also works well when you want to succeed in life. Second speaker for the evening was Lu Qi who told us about her escape to the wild side in her speech titled ‘Me vs. Wild’. After spending some time in the wild, Lu Qi learned that getting close to the wild was not as fun as she’d hoped it would be. This taught her to cherish her life as it is.

Last speaker was Rosie. Rosie delivered her CC10 speech! Congratulations! She completed the CC manual on a high by encouraging us to enjoy the ‘garden’ of our age and not have regrets about growing old. This speech also won her the best speaker of the evening award. Double congratulations to Rosie.

In the final minutes of the meeting our VP Public Relations Francesca announced that we will have our first outing for this quarter in the coming weeks. Due to bad weather and pollution, the activity will be indoors and the suggested activity is bowling!


For another exciting meeting, join us next week!


CCTMC Meeting Minutes – October 09, 2014

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Table Topics

This very energizing session on what dreams are or ought to be was lead by Asanda. Asanda started us off by exclaiming that we needed to be more excited and rejuvenated and she led us in a very warm round of applause. This got the room excited and there were volunteers from every corner of the room!

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1. Rosie

Dare to dream: Today you have one dream that is coming true. What is that dream and why that one?

To be an interpreter is Rosie’s long standing dream. It was a dream that got re-ignited when she was given a chance some years ago to interpret for someone, albeit for 3 minutes! Rosie spoke about how important it is to always keep your dream in mind in everything that you do and work towards achieving it. And guess what Rosie’s realised dream is… Being an interpreter at this years’ APEC meeting! Okay maybe that will be next year… Good one Rosie!

2. Roy’

Right or Wrong: You cannot share your dreams with others because you might curse their realization.

Roy gave us a telling account on how in Chinese society it is believed that when you share your dreams with others, you are actually ‘improving’ your chances of making it come true. When a dream is shared, you are able to have people on your side who share the same dream as you or who might have a vested interest in you making your dream come true.

3. Debbie

Everyone has a dream: True or false in your opinion and why?

“Even a thief has a dream to not get caught,” was the closing of Debbie’s speech. This profound closing was a culmination of an eloquent speech on how everyone ought to have a dream and that indeed everyone has a dream.

4. Bin Bin

Acceptance: Which dream did you have to accept will never come true and how does that make you feel?

Bin Bin shared a very personal dream of her late father. After passing away unexpectedly, Bin Bin used to dream about him and his return only to realise (and accept) that he was not coming back. For her the realisation of this as the new reality propelled her to live her life with acceptance.


Make it happen: What have you found to be the greatest obstacle in making your dreams come true?

Gary touched a nerve when he spoke about how his dream is to come to CCTMC every Thursday (it is the best club after all) and how sometimes it does not work out that way. But even though it doesn't always turn out the way we set our dreams, the fact that we have the dream means we know when we are not achieving it.


6. Yann

Say it to stick: You have two minutes to motivate a group of students who have just failed their Gaokao exam and they feel their dreams to a good life are gone.

Yann started us off well when he said that failing is part of life and that does not mean much in the bigger scheme of things. He told us that exams or even university is not all there is to life; the likes of Steve Jobs never completed their tertiary education. He said the students should take this as an opportunity to see what is important to them and rather focus their energy on carving a different pathway for themselves.

He ended on a very high note by reminding that the closing of one door simply means the opening of other doors; we just need to pay attention and change direction accordingly. This very motivational speech won Yann best table topics speaker for the night! Way to go Yann!



Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. __CC05:

Speech Title: Bzz

Bzzzzz- the most dreaded sound to any sleeper! Valerie opened her interestingly titled speech by exclaiming how one day she was woken by the sound of a mosquito, much to her dismay!

This episode propelled her to follow a three-step approach to defeating these miniscule blood suckers.

1. Arm yourself with the right weapon; in this case a 40 kuai mosquito racket

2. Master your terrain: to be able to find a mosquito, you need to be attentive and be as sharp as a hawk.

3. Be decisive; you have to match its’ decisiveness.

Much to Valerie’s delight, she was able to find this mosquito next to the pillow!

Valerie then went on to liken the approach of defeating a mosquito to that of succeeding in life. In life we need to equip ourselves with the right ‘tools’ in order to succeed, be it technical skills, etc. We also need to understand the environment we operate in in order to come up with fitting ways to reach our goals. And lastly, we need to be decisive and grab opportunities when they come our way!

A full-proof strategy that we all can learn from!


Speech duration: 06;20

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:

Lu Qi



CC Project No.__CC05_:

Speech Title: Me vs. Wild

Lu Qi opened her speech by asking the audience about a character on a Discovery Channel wild life show. This ignited an interest in not only the said show but how Lu Qi likens herself with the wild.

Well, her escape to the wild side happened recently when she went on a trip to Bali. Much to her delight, she stayed in a room next to the wild. Even the bathroom was in the open.

The excitement of experiencing the wild had a few surprises in store for Lu Qi. First, she found her t-shirt that she had hanged to dry full of ants. The second surprise was being woken by the sounds of… yep, you guessed it, geckos! As if that was not enough, she also saw a spider big enough to cover the palm of her hand snuggled right by the restroom! Having a spider occupy such a prominent space meant Lu Qi was on constant alert when needing to use the restroom.

Lu Qi concluded that as much as she had been excited about escaping into another life: the wild life, it was not as much fun as she had anticipated.

Moral of the story: Cherish your life as it is.


Speech duration: 06:02

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




CC Project No.___CC10:

Speech Title: Seize it while you can

“Are you afraid of getting old?’ asked Rosie as she opened her speech and grabbed the attention of the audience.

To further reinforce this question, Rosie showed a picture of herself when she was 20 years old (seven years ago). For her the picture and the woman she is today look completely different. The subject of getting old was brought up by a group of students that Rosie overheard saying a 27-year old Korean actor was “really old”. Lucky for her she didn't share her age with these students.

Their comment urged her to march to the hair salon armed with a picture of a 20 year old Rosie and the instruction to the hairdresser was simple, “make my hair exactly as it is in this picture!” The quest for youth did not end there. Rosie also went shopping for clothes that typical 20 year olds wear but none of these interventions worked.

The real intervention came from an older colleague who happened to overhear Rosie murmur to herself how she can never look 20 anymore. She (the older colleague) told her to take a picture of herself and when she is 40 she can look at it and she will realise that at 27 years Rosie was indeed young.

To this, Rosie opened herself to enjoying the ‘Garden of 27’: a garden filled with everything great for a 27 year old. Today she looks at herself in the mirror and she sees a confident woman.

Rosie ended on a high when she asked the audience to each take out their cellphone and take a picture of themselves and indulge in some self-promotion mantra.


Speech duration: 07:28

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Dana Lv

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Ervlyn Young

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