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CCTMC Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2014 - Build Trust that Lasts!

Dear fellow CCTMC-ers!

Build trust that last! That was the theme of our last meeting. It started with an experiment that showed us how much hard work is needed to regain lost trust.

Great news opened this meeting, one of our dearest and most distinguished members Yann won 3rd place award on Qingdao Fall Conference of District 85 o for his humorous speech The Rush to Slow Down. Congratulations, Yann! Shame you weren’t there to hear the applause dedicated to you this week, but I’m sure there is more to come.

Not a lot of people showed up, but those that did definitely proved themselves to be trustworthy and reliable. Special thanks to all of those who took on themselves to cover two roles, namely our new member Fred, who wore hats of grammarian and greeter and Waves who gave us two evaluations, first for Table Topic Session and then for a speech.

As a greeter, Fred introduced Jannet who successfully jumped over the final hurdle towards CCTMC membership. She presented herself in one minute speech and answered all though questions put to her by more experienced members. But that is not all! She also took active participation in the meeting by taking on the role of Ah counter. Her efforts were rewarded as CCTMC membership was confirmed by the vote of our club’s officer team over the weekend.

Second part of the meeting was opened with my speech after which the real main course of the meeting was presented. Two training sessions, one on Toastmasters education track by out VPE Dana and in the second one by Joyce used Yann’s speech preparation as a case study to give us tips on speech writing and presentation. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems with projector, we didn’t have the chance to hear whole speech prepared by Joyce. We hope that technology will prove to be more reliable next time and that Joyce will be willing to share with us more about her public speaking experience in the future.

Tonight awards went to Dana for the best speech, Waves for his double evaluation, Joyce for best table topic and Fred for his double role. We also must not forget Ervlyin who did an amazing job as the Toastmaster, so that even with the relatively small audience meeting went on high spirits and good humor. Thank you all and congratulations on job well done!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – November 06, 2014

Meeting Overview

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Built Trust That Lasts

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Table Topics

In a great Table Topic Session, Sunil challenged the volunteers with some extremely interesting questions. Questions were straightforward and clear and t inspired our speakers to offer us interesting answers.

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1.     Chiara: Your best friend had a nasty break up with her boyfriend. What would you tell your friend to help her get faith back in men?

I would ask her to think deeply and answer the question: “Did your break happen entirely because of him or are you also partially responsible for it. Maybe you also acted childish sometimes. Try to think about his side as well. I hope you will grow out of it and find the person who will suit you better.

2.     Joyce: Boss micromanages you at work and it is driving you crazy. What would you say to him to get him to give you more responsibility and trust you more?

Boss, I like to work together with you and I appreciate that you check my work because I know you want me to do everything well. But, as you can see, I do things very well most of the time. I am patient and dedicated to work. I would appreciate if you could give me more space to finish my job. That way I will feel more comfortable and do my job better.

3.     Valerie: Who do you think are more trustworthy: people raised in the city or people raised in the country? Why?

I grew up in a city and I don’t know a lot of people who grew up n the country. I think that no matter in what environment people grew up, they are all capable of being trustworthy. In smaller communities people tend to know other people better and they have tighter connections and they are trustworthy within the group. In the city, people become trustworthy due to upbringing, personal morals and good people who influence them.

4.     Jessica: Who do you think are more trustworthy: men or women?

In my opinion, women are more trustworthy, but this is maybe because I know more women than men. Most of my friends are women and they always help me up when I’m down. I don’t have a lot of men friends because it’s hard for me to connect with men.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 5: Your Body Speaks

Speech Title: Good Morning, Belgrade

Every day, for nine consecutive years from 1975 to 1984, at 7 in the morning, words went into ether: Good morning, Belgrade! It was the opening line and the name of one of the most listened shows in Belgrade ever. His author was the write and journalist, Dusko Radovic.

And with these words the whole city would stop for five minutes and people would turn on volume on their radio receivers. Everyone wanted to hear what that crazy man has to say today. Many got up so early only to hear it. Some were running late for work because of it, some late for schools. It was also reported that taxi drivers in capital refused to take rides  at this hour so they could listen to the show in peace. 

What was it that made people to rise so early to listen to this show? Why has it become the topic of the day?

The answer maybe lies in the personality of its creator and the content he produced. It was a man of great warmth and of immense integrity. His mission was to wake up the sleeping consciousness and forgotten hopes of people. He talked about Belgrade, its people and life: of love, family, our virtues and weaknesses, stupidity, society, politics. He reminded people to appreciate the place they live in and the things they have and people around them. He reminded them that happiness is in small things.

“Who doesn’t have in his head, he has in his legs. Who doesn’t have in his legs, he has it in his wallet. Who doesn’t have in his wallet, he must have something on the side. And who doesn’t have it on the side – he might find something in his urine. There is no one who has nothing whatsoever.”

What people reacted to was his sincerity, warmth and love of life. He understood human weaknesses and talked about them with no judgment. He was simply one of them. Listening to the show, people would chuckle a bit, nod their heads a bit and their spirit would rise. They would be ready to face the new day with more vigor and courage.

. In this way he could and did say many things that nobody else dared to. His opinions that touched upon politics were sharp and he minced no words, and in old Yugoslavia that was not just a joke. His outspokenness that eventually brought the show to its end in 1984. That morning, his comments on politics provoked the government and upon the request of the Belgrade Communist Committee the show was taken off air. This decision was received negatively by the public, and eventually he was asked to return and continue the show. He declined saying “I may be a small man from the radio, but I can’t be turned on and off with a push of a button”.

Things he said in his show were later gathered and published in a book titled Good Morning Belgrade that remains to be a classic read in Serbia.

There are some special people who are able to inspire people to do the right thing and Dusko Radovic was one of them. It feels that there are less and less people like this in the world, but we mustn’t give up. Maybe if we try hard we can even become one of them ourselves.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:





Speech Title: Toastmasters Education Program

After entering you enter Toastmasters education program, most people feel uncertain about their journey as a toastmaster.

There are two tracks you can follow, communication and leadership track.

Communication track starts with Competent Communicator manual. It consists of 10 projects that guide you through the basic skills required for being a good public speaker. After finishing all 10 projects, you will be awarded the title of the Competent Speaker. This will quality you to go further on this track beyond CC. Following this, program consists of 15 manuals that cover different aspects of successful public speaking, such as Entertaining Speech, humorous Speech etc., each consisting of 5 projects. You are required to pick two of the tracks and after finishing them, you will be awarded Advanced Communicator Bronze. After this you will go further, taking up the projects from another two Advanced Communicator Manuals and after finishing them you will be awarded the Advanced Communicator Silver. With two more manuals covered, you will get the award of Advanced communicator Gold. This is the highest you can go on the Communication track.

Second track is the Leadership track. The progress is similar to the communicator track, with the difference that following the Competent Leadership Manual there are two more levels up, Advanced Leadership Bronze and Advanced Leadership Silver.

What follows is the merge of these two tracks into the title of the Distinguished Toastmaster. Some Distinguished Toastmasters go through the whole education journey more than once, because they are aware how much they gain by making all the steps.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:





Speech Title: Learn from the World Champion

On Qingdao Fall Conference of District 85 our Yann won the 3rd place for his humorous speech The Rush to Slow Down. Before his performance, Joyce and Yann took the workshop with Ryan Avery, the 2012 World Champion. Using the newly gained knowledge, Yann shaped up the final version of his speech.

In this training session, Joyce played for us video of Yann’s speech and led us through improvements he made while preparing the final version of his speech. Unfortunately, there were some technical problems with the video which consumed a lot of time

After seeing Yann’s speech, Joyce went on to guide us through the improvements, point by point:

First rule of speech writing: Speech is power. It should be simple, impactful and relatable.

This could be achieved by using the following guidelines:

1.     Organize speech in the following manner:

Speech should start with a brief introduction, which would be followed by three stories, each related to the speech topic. Main message of the speech – core message should be echoed after each story thus reinforcing the strength of the speech message. Speech should be rounded up with a brief conclusion. 

2.     Don’t be the hero of your speech. It might sound like you are preaching. Instead, choose another character in your speech to deliver the key message. In that way, audience will be more inclined to accept the message.

3.     SMILE

S – Simple story

M – Mistake Made

I – Imitate

L – Laugh

E – Energy

Sadly, before having explained us the concept of “SMILE” time run out and Joyce was unable to finish her presentation. Joyce made her sincere apology and shared her lesson learn of the day is do rehearsal the whole process for every presentation in order to make it successful. 

We hope to have the opportunity to hear all Joyce had to share with us about how to make a good impactful speech.

Best Table Topics:


Best Speaker:


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Best Functional Role



Club Officials


Waves Zhang

VP Education:

Dana Lv

VP Membership:

Ervlyn Young

VP Public Relations:

Francesca  Geary


Una Miskovic


Jenny Gu


Qi Lu


Heather Wang


 Valerie Van Kerckhove


Yaxiong Zhang



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