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CCTMC Meeting Minutes November 3, 2014 - Goals

Hello All!

Toastmaster of the day, Francesca, inspired us to think about our goals and thought us a lesson how to reach them. Main thing to do is to think well about the goal and ask yourself is it worth it. If you decide it is, sit down and to an extensive research, find out what is the best way to reach your goal. There is no need spending a lot of time doing things that don’t lead you towards achieving the desired result, strategize to make the goal worthwhile. Then make a vision board to keep you on the tract and tell people around you about the goal. They will be there to encourage you and give you support at the time of weakness. Indeed a worthy lesson.

Bu the end of the meeting we heard goals and goal reaching tips given by many of our members. Somehow, it turned out that the most wanted and at the same time the most difficult goal to reach was losing weight.

But this is not the only goal both our members and our guests are striving to reach, the goal that brought us all here tonight is improving ourselves and our public speaking skills. And thanks to this tonight we had a chance to hear three great speeches. Fred shared with us the secret of keystone habits, Debbie told us why French people are so remarkable and Yann gave us a dramatic account of his journey to Xinjiang. Yann’s speech won the hearts of the audience and won the award for the best speech.

Will, one of our guests came here tonight determined to step on the Toastmaster track and in his dedication in the same meeting jumped over two hurdles of our recruitment requirements: participated in table topic session and gave one minute self introduction. Congratulations Will!

I don’t know about you, but my goal for next week is to come to Toastmasters meeting and take up a role! Get in touch with our Scheduler Heather, maybe there will be some roles available for you as well!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – November 20, 2014

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In words of Table Topic Evaluator Jeri, this evening Dana was a model Table Topic Master. She picked people with no active role in the meeting to take the chance to make impromptu speech. Under her warm encouragement some of our more timid guests broke ice and get on stage. Not to mention her efficiency, she managed to squeeze in six speakers in her time window. Fantastic Dana, we should all learn form you!

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1.     Chiara: What is the most difficult goal you set for yourself until now?

Most of the girls want to be more beautiful and more elegant. This was also my wish, so in order to reach it, I decided to become slim. My goal was to lose 2.5kgs. Iwent on a strict diet. It was hard an tiring to stick to it. I felt grumpy because i was always hungry. I couldn’t focus in class. One day I realized: Why suffer??!!! I don’t need to be so slim to become beautiful and elegant. I already am elegant and.... beautiful…

2.     Will (guest): What is your goal in TM and how are you going to achieve it?

Reason I am here is my big goal. The ultimate question was: How to make myself happier? One of the things I want to do is leave Beijing, but if I want to do things I want after I leave I need to get new skills. I need to improve public speaking, communication and leadership skills. A friend told me Toastmasters is the best way to do it and after postponing it for one year I finally came and although I only have two more months in Beijing, I would like to join.

3.     Julia: What is the proudest goal you achieved?

I got married 2 months ago. All girls want to get married. Some succeed earlier and some later. I was one of the lucky ones. I got married before 30. It is not easy to get married in Beijing - there are many girls and not a lot of men. I met my husband on a dating website. After 2 months we started dating and 2 months later we got married. We made the decision in one day. This is the proudest goal I achieved in my life.

4.     JJ: Is there any goal you achieved you would like to share with us and who would you like to thank most?

My goal was to start my own business. I talked with many people about it. Some thought i was crazy, some thought it was a great idea. But that was it. In 2012 I joined a course during which mentor urged us to pursue our goals. And I did it. I started a business – teaching English on wechat. It is still on small scale but I found myself in it. The person who supported me most and helped me deal with problems I encountered on the way was my husband and he is the one I want to thank the most.

5.     Allen (guest): What was your goal for today and have you achieved it?

I don’t have a goal for today. What I wanted to do is to have dinner, but I didn’t have time to do it after work. I was in a rush to come here to visit your club and meet new friends. I am going to Dubai soon, so I have to improve my speaking skills.

6.     Amy (guest): Do you review your goals? If yes, how, if no, why?

Every school term I have a goal. If I succeed, I am happy. If I fail, I think how I can succeed. I rethink what I did and I try to find the direction that would lead me to my goal. I always review my goals.  

Prepared Speech #1

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CC Project No. 2: Organize Your Speech

Speech Title: Keystone Habits: One Small Change for Big Results

What did you do in this morning? Had breakfast, brushed your teeth, gone to work? What did you do yesterday morning? Something similar? It is habits that make up our lives. And by making some changes in your habits, you can change your life.

Keystone habits are kind of super habits. A change of a keystone habit can create a ripple effect that will have a positive effect on the rest of your life. It can be exercise, writing a journal or any of the number of things.

For me it was daily exercise. Before, I used to be out of shape. I was slightly depressed, lived a life with no goals. My life was work, home, wechat and sleep, over and over again.

One day, I stared going to a gym and started daily exercise. After a while I thought, now that I have done this, I should try to eat healthy as well. So I went on a diet. After that, it just made sense to stop smoking. Soon I started getting more sleep and waking up full of energy. I even managed to meditate before going to work. Change in one habit changed my whole life philosophy. Before I was a pessimist, now I became an optimist. I got in touch with my body. I started valuing life. I was grateful for my existence. I saw how fortunate I was to be born as a while western male and realized that I should give something back. So I joined a philanthropic group that helps the blind.

My intention is not to say what I great guy I am, but to show how far I have come, by making a change in my habits. I am asking you to do some research and spend some time discovering your key stone habit and how it can improve your life.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Cathy Chen

CC Project No. 4: How to Say It

Speech Title: France Vs. Ocean

What do you think of when you think of France? Perfume? Wine? Coffee? These are all the things that represent French culture. however, they didn’t not originate in France. o take one by one.

Perfume. It was created in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In 12th century, n the time of the Crusades West got to know it. Somehow it got to France. Using the same ingredients, French people made the best out of it.

Coffee is very popular in France. Hemingway was a frequent visitor of Paris cafés. However, coffee was first made in Ethiopia. Later Western people learned ways of coffee making and in France it was perfected and made famous.

Wine. French have many kinds of wine. When a guy wants to make romantic atmosphere, he would invite a girl for dinner and order a bottle of French wine. Wine is the identity of French people. But it was invented in Middle East. After it was brought to France, it’s climate and geography made it possible for them to create the best wine in the world.

These things were not invented by French people, but they improved them and then made them part of their culture. It is important to be able to embrace other civilizations and learn from them.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




AC Project No.1.5: Speaking After Dinner

Speech Title: Journey to the West

At a dinner party in 2002, I was talking to a friend about the differences between China and West, when he said to me: “You know, this term West, it is just the matter of perspective. Europe and America are West, but Xinjiang is also west!”I jumped: “Yes! That is true! Why don’t we use our next holiday to go west, to Xinjiang!” It was agreed, and for the next holiday we went to the most western point of China, beautiful old city of Kashgar.

It is situated on the very border between China and Afghanistan. During the road trip we took, the guide looked towards mountains overshadowing the city with uneasiness. We asked him why and he said. Afghanistan is right there behind. We didn’t know what to make of it, should we run far away scared by the terrorists or become excited and try to cross them in hope to catch a wanted criminal. Staying put seemed a better option and we decided to go on with our road trip. Due to the closeness of Afghan border, security measures in the area are very strict. Police and military is everywhere and in order to be able to drive around this area all drivers have to have at least ten different licenses. Unfortunately, our driver had only about seven of them. However, the guide said not to worry, everything will be fine if we are not stopped by the police. What were the chances? So we went on, driving through the magnificent Xinjiang scenery.

Then, suddenly, in the middle of the night, we saw the police on the road, waving for us to stop. The driver stopped, but not close to the police, he stopped about ten meters before we reached them. Tension started to grow. What will we do, the driver doesn’t have all required licenses. The guide stood up and sad, I have them, don’t worry. He went out of the car and walked over to the police. There was some argument there, but we couldn’t hear what about. Then we saw the guide coming back and sitting into the driving seat. Then we realized. he didn’t know how to drive. He tried to start the car few times and failed, policeman became suspicious so e walked over and asked what the problem was. No problem, at all, the guide said. The car is old, that is all. So he tried again, and smiled. Time was running out, he had jst one more chance. Who knows what would happen if he didn’t succeed. But he did. He managed to start the motor. Still, he didn’t know how to change gears. The car was dragging in the first gear making a huge noise. We were sweating nervously, waiting to pass the police. Finally we made it, and we could start breathing again, relived. Later I remembered my friend’s words: It is all about perspective. To us in the car it was obvious that the guide had no idea how to drive. But policemen outside with the light of the car in their eyes couldn’t see that there was anything wrong at all. In their eyes, he was just a regular driver guide.

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