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CCTMC Meeting Minutes November 27, 2014

Last week’s meeting really brought the spirit of thanksgiving to us. The room was full and Toastmaster for the night, Ervlyin masterfully kept the atmosphere burning high.

Ervlyin gathered thanksgiving message from all role takers and shared them with us. Many were mentioned, Max, Cathy Chen, Joyce, GJ, Jonathan, Julia, Yann and myself, but above of all, our president Waves, who got the most thanks but was unfortunately not there to hear them.   

The theme of the evening also resonated throughout the Table Topic session and Felix’s speech “Thank You, World!” that won the Best Speech award tonight. We also had an opportunity to hear icebreakers from two of our new members, Jannet and Will. Congratulations on your first speeches. Looking forward to hear more from you!

Don’t forget the elections for officer team for next terms are coming. They will be held on December 18. There is still time to make the nomination, so if you are interested in becoming a member of our officer team for the next term or if you would like to nominate someone to run, please contact President Waves asap.

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – November 27, 2014

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Table Topics

An exciting Table Topic session. Many hands were in the air, people were competing to get on the stage. Our Table Topic Toastmaster for the night, Jenny, led the session professionally. Her questions were related to the general topic of the meeting, some were very concise and for those that were more challenging she gave guidance by providing an example from her life. She also encouraged our guests to take part and three of them were on the stage. In the end, the best Table Topic Speaker award went to Roy and the Best Functional Role to Jenny.

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1.     Roy: Who is your Idol and what do you want to thank him for?

My idol is my father. We were not a very rich family, but my parents gave me all. My father pushed himself to do the best for me and our family. He was a perfect husband and a loving father. He encouraged me on every step of the way in reaching all of my goals. I want to be a person like him.

2.     Frederick (guest): Which day do you want to thank for?

In Sweden, on June 22 we celebrate Midsummer day. It is the day when sun is up 24/7/ We meet our family and spend time with potential new wife. It is a day for partying, dancing, drinking and eating. Even those shops that are open every day will be closed, so you should have your survival equipment ready.

3.     Ronnie (guest): Which difficulty are you thankful for?

I quit my job because I didn’t like it any more. I was asking myself existential questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I heading to? Once, on a website I read: Travel can help you understand yourself and the world. So I decided to go on a 2 month backpacking trip to South Asia. I went alone and on the way I encountered many difficult situations. Once we were even blackmailed to give money to some people. Because of this, my trip was sharply cut short.

4.     Anting (guest): We thank to our colleagues and friends all the time, but often we forget to thank our closest ones. Behind the camera are your most loved ones. Who are they and what would you thank them for?

They are amy grandparents. They are the people that raised me. When I was 3 years old, my parents had to go to Holland to work. They were working for the embassy and at that time they could not bring children with them. So my grandparents raised me until I was 11. They had a great influence on me.

5.     Jessica: Recently when I took a bus I fell down. My leather jacket was thorn, I it saved me from injury. I was thankful to it for saving me. Which object would you like to thank for?

The object I like to extend my thanks for is my badge of Zhongguancun TM Club. Since I joined the club I met many great friends there. They were always there to encourage me. This year I attended TM Qingdao conference with 4 girls from the club. We chatted all night long about the strong sides and weaknesses of each other. It was a precious experience and I could feel I made improvements.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: It’s All about Traveling!

Traveling has been the genetic code of my life. I was born in Suzhou and I lived there until I was 18 years old. Suzhou is a beautiful city and people who live there are usually content to stay there and rarely go out.

My life was different. Since I was little I traveled often to a village across the river to spend summer vacations with my father’s family. The nature and the village life showed me beauty and the life style I never seen in the city. This was my first step out of the home town and I realized I enjoyed living outside the city I was born in.

Later, I went further and further away. First stop was Nanjing. I finished college there and met my husband and most of my closest friends and earn my first wages as a teacher in the elementary school.

Although, my parents didn’t want me to move so far away, but preferred that I stay closer to them, after finishing my Master degree, I came to work to Beijing which is over 1000km away from my hometown. I wanted to experience more differences.

After arriving to Beijing, my husband took me to Tiananmen. I was struck by its openness. It was something never saw before. Apart from this my job required a lot of traveling to various places. It is related to airspace design, building roads on sky. With work l I have travelled to 29provinces. I enjoy every opportunity to enjoy local life and I love talking with my colleagues about the places they come from.

In spare time I also enjoy traveling. For short holidays my husband and I take car and go to the cities nearby and when we have more time, we often go to distant places. We love going to the exotic island and enjoy relaxing time and good food.

Most fascinating part about traveling is that you can always expect the unexpected. Through travelling we are trying to learn how to deal with the frustrating side of live and keep memories of happy surprises.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2: Will




CC Project No. 1: Icebreaker

Speech Title:  From Happy to Happier

If I am asked to summarize my life in one word, it would be “happy”. My life always seemed to be trouble free. My parents were teacher, and as a child I spend a lot of time in a library reading books and making paper cuttings. I was a traditional good boy and had good academic scores. I was one of the best students throughout my education and won many awards and mu cuttings became well known. My parents were proud of me because of this.

Later on, I often received praises from my colleagues for the professional attitude to work and my dedication. Everything was going well. Sometimes I thought that maybe I will live happily ever after, like people in fairy tales. But three years ago something happened. It was about my job. I let a team on an important project and we were about o finish it successfully, when I got a sock. The VP of our company got arrested. All our projects were gone with the wind. It was first time in my life I felt so crushed. I spent over one year on a project and got nothing. Then I started thinking further. What should I do now? After two weeks I found a solution. I took a course about achieving happiness. I spent over one year learning and practicing skills in the course. One of the most important skills is about dealing with so called “bad things”. We cannot change things that happened, but we can change how we look at it. For example I was really hurt by the failing of my project. But it was also a great opportunity and gift for me. It was the first time in my life I realized that I need something that can make me happier and first time I noticed that the happiness I experienced before was given to me by others, by their good evaluations, and not by me, by my own evaluation. Also, it was the first time that I learned to look at things from the positive side.

In the future, I will try to be myself, find out the things I really want to do, enjoy the here and now, the progress, not only the result and feel the power of now, and eventually make me form happy to happier.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




CC Project No.3: Get to the Point

Speech Title: Who Said Life Was Meant to be Fair?

“Who said live was ever meant to be fair” was a line in Desperate Housewives. It stike me like a lightning, instantly flashed back memories from 20 years ago. I was a student at Wuhan Foreign Languages school, one of the most prestigious high schools in China. Most of its students are spared of the notorious college entrance exams.

I always dreamed of doing to Zhongshan University in Guangdong. Even though many universities organized interviews I stayed put, waiting for my dream school. When the day finally came, I performed really well. I was picked together with another student form my class. However, the happiness didn’t last long. The teacher from another class replaced me with a student from his class. He insisted that it would be fair only if the professor would take one student from each class. So, the opportunity to enter my dream university was gone forever. Who said life was meant to be fair.

Still, there was one more way for me to get in. I sat down and weighted my options. I could go into another university exam free or take the entrance exam for my dream school. Thinking back, I should have gone for the first option, but I didn’t. As perfectionist I went for the second option. I took on preparing for the exam. The result was not excellent, I didn’t pass with flying colors and I had to pay extra money to go for a second tier university in Wuhan. The result was defeated self esteem, defeated moral, expensive tuitions. So my colleague years were very unhappy. Who said life was meant to be fair.

Indeed it wasn’t, some was born with silver spoons in their mouth, and some never even got a chance to be born. Some although very gifted were materially deprived. Life was never to be fair. The main thing to think about is what kind of attitude to take when hit with this unfairness. Person’s character is not determined by how he enjoys victory, but how he or she endures defeat. Throwing yourself out of misery and achieving something big is what counts. My suggestions are, let go of the past, and grasp the moment, plan the future you wish and follow your own path and stick to it.

Prepared speech #4

Speaker 4:




CC Project No.6: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: Thank You, World!

Today is Thanksgiving day, an important holiday for people in North America. As a Chinese I don’t have many reasons to celebrate it, but I do. It is a good opportunity to express my thanks to whole world and opportunities I had in my life.

I learned to cherish my life before I was born. My mom found out she was pregnant when she was about to be promoted in her company. So she decided to have abortion. She went to the hospital and filled in all the forms. She was in line waiting for the surgery. When they called my mum in, the women who was scheduled before her was screaming like she is tortured in hell. This scared my mum away and I was born after few months. Ever since I learned this story, every year for my birthday I say to my mum: Thanks mum for not killing me. So I learned to cherish my life.

But that was not the time when I learned how fragile life could be. In my class there was a pretty girl in my class. She was so weak and fragile. She never took PE class and we didn’t know why. One day ambulance came and took her to hospital. Then we learned that she had heart condition CHD. After that she recovered but she was not able to return to school. Until then I started to appreciate my life and understand value my health. So I stopped playing around, risking my body and health. I want to say thank you for my good genes and for being born healthy and didn’t get injured.

Later I went to college and got into the exchange program that enabled me to go to study in U.S. for a year. There I lived with great American family who treated me like one of their own kids. That year thought me how diverse this world is. There are so many things that even they contradict to each other they are not right and wrong, they are just different. This year changed my life totally. And I want to thank to all people I met in this year who thought me abut diversity and equality.

There are so many people I want to thank that I cannot list them all. I want to than those that I love and also those that I hate. They all gave me something. Thank you World, thank you All!

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