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CCTMC Meeting Minutes, May 26th. 2016

Theme “Hug Your Pressure”


Tonight’s meeting was a special one, because we could also call it a ladies’ night, where are you guys? :D


We had three guests tonight, but none of them was the first time guest:

Susan, it was her second visit, she liked our atmosphere, so she came here again, but her pure purpose was to look for her sunglasses which she left in the meeting room by accident last time, I call this fate, brought her back to us again.

Smile, it’s her fourth visit, but her last visit was several month ago, she also liked our atmosphere and professionalism. On the way back home, we were together on the subway line 10, she said she would like to try a table topic next time, to challenge herself.

Hana, it’s her fifth visit, our potential high quality member, who has already applied to join us, and seized the opportunity to be a table topic speaker every time. As far as I could remember, she won the best table topic speaker three times already. Another CCTMC world champing is on the way.    


Table topic session: Hana& Abi won the best table topic speaker


Joyce: Suppose a friend of you named "Pressure", please tell us a story behind the name.

She is lucky to have a friend called pressure, because pressure gives her motivation, to help herself to grow up to become a better one, and she is willing to share more with others to help them to become better themselves.


Cathy: What kind of things can bring pressure to a monk?

Cathy’s repeated my question to buy more time, and her answer is “woman”, woman could bring pressure to a monk.


Hana & Abi, suppose Hana is a company HR, and she has to fire Abi.(Note from Flora: this is a very impressive and professional conversation, but I will only select part of it )

Hana: blaaaaa, the industry is not performing so well, so company have decided to cut off your entire section, which means your position is no long available, blaaa. It is a good step for you to move forward, to explore yourself, a better growth.

Abi: I have heard rumors about this, but you know I have been working in this company for more than 10 years, and I have completed innumerable projects in this section in the past years, all good records. Company has many other business units, I believe with my perfect performance in the past, I am able to take the challenge on other positions. Blaaa.


Hana: I believe so, I know you so well, and I will try my best to help you, thank you!


Irena: When your ex-boyfriend was under pressure, how did you help him to get rid of it?

For male, the pressure always comes from career or work, Irena told us a story her ex-boyfriend was looking for a new job and was under big pressure, she just comforted him like she was a little baby, she told him she would support him no matter what happened, and she didn’t go to details about everything, just told him she was there to support him.


Lena: If your parents ask you to go back home and stay in the same city to work, how you going to handle that?

She said, love is not about staying together, but about good communication instead, so she calls her parents about 3 times a week, and buy them clothes or household, to express her love and care.


Prepared speech session: the winner is Rosie


Lena: Change Habit

In Lena’s speech, she shared with us the following theory:


       l           l

       l           l



When we plans to do something we are not encourage to nor so willing to, we could us this theory, give us a reward if we do that. With several times repeatedly doing the same thing, it will become a habit.



We all know that Rosie was an English teacher in a public school, after 4 years teacher journey, she felt boring, empty and have nothing to teach the students, so she quit her job and became an interpreter freelancer. As a freelancer in this position, she has to work in different industries, work with different people from all around the world, which means she needs to learn industrial knowledge every time, recite technical terms, and fight which variant accent. All these have brought her pressures and surprises. The result is she likes the pressures and surprises a lot, she likes the challenge, on the other hand, she can make the stories into speech and bring us entertainment.


Some suggestions from the members on how to get rid of pressure:

²  Listen to music

²  Think of high-pressure situations as a fun challenge, not as a scary threat

²  Remember that this is just one of many opportunities in life

²  Focus on the task at hand, not the results

²  Let yourself plan for the worst case scenario

²  Only focus on the things that you can control

²  Remember previous successes you have achieved

²  Take a ball into your hand and squeeze it  

²  Reduce the pressure by confiding in someone

²  Do something you like for a short time

²  Think of your body is ready to face the challenge

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