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CCTMC Meeting Minutes,Match 24, 2016

The theme is “Overcoming your weaknesses”

First I want to list some common weaknesses and provided solutions from the role takers:

The common weaknesses are: Laziness, procrastination, impatience, public speaking, being easily distracted.

Solutions provided by some members:

To overcome laziness and procrastination:

1.       Many of us like to make many plans and list many things we want to do, but we might fail all of them---An effective plan should have smaller goals and rewards. Instead of giving up and feeling sorry about yourselves, you should reflect the problems and plan and start making a new and better one.

2.       Instead of complaining and feeling sorry about yourself, find you a partner to overcome it together.

3.       Buy a gym card (maybe an expensive oneJ) if you are too lazy to do exercises.

To overcome over-emotional or judgmental:

By meeting more great people, seeing the world, understanding the importance of respecting others’ opinion and lifestyle, putting your attention on the others and knowing them, show empathy and understanding to them.

To overcome bad behavior:

Ask friends or the experienced for suggestions.

To overcome public speaking:

By joining CCTMC, not only stay here to watch and learn, but also push yourself to jump onto the stage to “lose face” and practice.

Last but not least, I want to quote the word of tonight” Transform/transformation”, which was come up by our grammarian Johnson. There are specific things you can’t change or overcome, such as your growth environment, your working experience, or to say your past, but you can make transformation, by changing your recent living environment, change your job to a totally new industry, and so on, and even to transform your weaknesses to strength in a way.

Now here comes the shining points of tonight:

Shining point No. 1: The table topic questions created by Alex (Hope I could make you understoodJ)

The theme of tonight is about weaknesses, he created 9 jobs (taxi driver, fire fighter, waiter, salesman, fitness coach, etc.), every speaker was supposed to be the character assigned by him (Monkey King, Po from Kungfu Panda, Hulk, Harry Potter, Flash from Zootopia, Zhongji Song from Descent of the Sun, etc.), then the speaker chose a job and interviewed the job by sharing the character’s strength and how the weaknesses could be overcame.

This was so ingenious, so tempting, so popular and so uncontrollable. I have never seen so many people raised up their hand a get the chance to speak one the stage. 


Shining point No. 2: LOVES

An excellent speech is not a speech only about the speaker himself/herself, or the structure, or the skills applied by the speaker, but the key message, the soul of the speech, and the gain for the audience. After enjoying Evi’s wonderful speech “Understanding Misunderstandings”, I have kept the five letters in mind---LOVES, L stands for Listen, normally, most people don’t listen to understand but listen to reply, which is not right, we should listen intently; O stands for observe, we should observe the visual picture; V stands for verify, we should verify if our audience are comfortable with our message; E stands for evaluate, we should think carefully before answering; S stands for simplify, we should speak slowly, do not use ambiguous words.

Shining point No. 3: Learning a new language is not only about the language itself, but also the culture behind it.

Charmanda shared his own experience of learning Chinese, he applied three examples in this speech, vividly and full of humor. The third one was about the word “Miss”, the direct translation in Chinese pinyin is ”Xiaojie”, but in Chinese culture, “Xiaojie” alone been used kind of means “prostitute”, which is impolite to use it. So if we want to learn a new language, we should study the culture at the same time or in advance.



[One of my foreign friends had also asked me the same question, here is my answer for your reference: 1. Add her family name in front of “Xiaojie”, for example, Miss Li, you should call her “Li xiaojie”, which will not cause any trouble at all; use “Nvshi(女士. The pronunciation of the letter ‘v’ is like the letter ”u”  in the French word ‘salut’, check it with your Chinese friend if you don’t know., same as the word “Ms.” ]

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