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CCTMC Meeting Minutes, Match 17, 2016

Theme” Office Gaffe


Before Chami started his first TM role journey, our VPE Abi gave him an award for his excellent and effective performance of his CC menu, Chami completed his CC 10 projects within 3 months. WOOOOOOW, including many times “BEST PREPARED SPEAKER WINNER”, BRAVO, BRAVO


Tonight we had five guests: Tinka, this was her second visit, her first was three years ago; Annie, who has joined our 2015 year end party, she is a good dancer; Daniel, the only male and most shy guest of tonight; Hana, who was brave enough to join the TT session; Zhe, the most “serious” female of tonight. 

Table Topic Session:

The best speaker is Yann.

For Yann, the last thing he wants to see in the office is that his employees browse irrelevant websites at work time.

Richard only wants his girlfriend be joy. It is so nice of him.

Alicia’s ideal working environment is with nice boss and colleagues, there is not only work but also fun.

Waves allows office romance, as long as you can reach your goal and will not affect your efficiency, performance and dream.

Annie’s happiest day at work was that day her clients expressed their care to her when she guided them to the Forbidden City without having breakfast and felt sick.

Hana would follow up with one apologize message if she send a dinner appointment message to her manager by mistake.

Prepared Speech Session:

The best prepared speaker is Cathy Zhao.

Cathy Zhao’s topic is “Commute by Bike”. In her speech, she explained why we should commute by bike, to reduce traffic jams, to help reduce air pollution, to keep heathy by riding bike, and have a green life. She used many data: as of last September, there were 50,000 public bikes located at 1,700 stations in Beijing; the first hour is free to rent a public bike and cost 1RMB for the further hour each, no more than 10RMB for the whole day. She ended her speech with this appealing sentence: If everyone counts others to change, there would be no good result, we have to do it ourselves, to make difference to our life, and make difference to the world.

Chao’s topic is “Monkey King in Love”. She addressed the folk tale” A Chinese Odyssey《大话西游》”, vividly and with a variety of gestures and body language, I was totally attracted by her performance. 

The hero of this movie is Stephen Chow, a famous comedian in China, but he starts to direct movies recently. For foreign members who have never heard about this Movie, I have attached the link from Wikipedia which has detail introduction about the story. You could link the story with Chao’s performance when have read this.


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