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CCTMC Meeting Minutes, Match 10, 2016

Today’s theme is “How to overcome human’s greatest fear stage fright?”


Instead of exposing the shining moments of the meeting, I want to bring up the answers from some of our experienced members.


From Chao:
To reduce stress before speech: 

1. Get prepared in advance, eg by writing down the outline. 

2. Rehearse the speech, especially the opening, which helps build up confidence. 

3. Learned from Yoga: take a few deep breaths.

From Ervlyn:
Nervousness is inevitable. Juz pretend to be not nervous and one will unconsciously feel more relaxed.

From Heather:
Prepare more and rehearse more. Practice kills stage fright.

From Johnson:
Not try to conquer but live with stage fright, focus on what we should be doing- present our story and thinking.


From Felix:
I was never too nervous on the stage, as I'm not really afraid of loosing face by nature.


From Charmin:

be prepared, not afraid to make mistakes, focus on the present, arrive early to get familiar with the setup, start with a question, dialogue and build connection.

From Candice:
Calm down, deep breath and try to review the speech contents, forget nervous

From Joyce

The overwhelming desire to learn and grow make the stage fright offset.

From Una:
Taking about the topics she understand will make her feel the stage fright the least.

From Irina:
Get well-prepared and rehearse several times.

From Dana:
When nervous, taking breaths doesn't work. Only friends' strong and tight hug will help her out. Perhaps it's because she knows no matter what someone is there to support her.


From the answers above, you must have found your own solution to “Stage fright”. The next step is to step onto the stage and try it!


Next is the knowledge to gain part:


Table topic session

Best table topic speaker winner is Gavin, a guest from Guangzhou Zhongshan TMC.


Heather will open a cosy and homing restaurant as her first business, because she likes cooking;

As a success business woman in the near future, Flora’s strength is that she will never be tired at work, she is a workaholic. While her weakness is that she might not be tough enough to her employees if some of them make mistakes.

Gavin will hire his relatives but not outside experts as team leader if he would expand his business, because his relatives are more trustful and it saves cost.

Our guest Sophia will open a “Chamber of Secrets” style coffee in the hutong, sale nice and cheap coffee, she is a big fun of Harry Potter.

Lena’s last career which she likes but never want to start is chef, she is a foodie, just want to enjoy the food.


Prepared speech session:

The winner is Charmin

Candice’s topic is” Gain for FTE (Full Time Employee) ”

As our club economy Ph.D. she is an expert about economy and capital, tonight she taught us how to make money in the stock market. Everyone listened to her carefully with ears up. She suggests that the FTE should choose medium-term & long term investment, because our time is not flexible to enter and delist the stock market at proper time. There are three suggestions which will help to result better in the stock market: 1. Choose high potential products; 2. Choose a proper time to enter the market; 3. Adjust yourself.


Charmin’s topic is “Love/Care/Appreciation”

Again, I was touched by Charmin’s speech, positive and educational. We should express our love warmly, openly, appropriately and timely; showing our love likes put money in the bank, the more you give, the more you gain.



Felix, is as energetic as always, his project No. is Adv. 11.5: Bring History to life. He brought a sea battle during the World War II, used lots of technical terms and weapons, which is not easy to follow. But from this speech, I found out that Felix is really a study lord.

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