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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Mar.5. 2015


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What is different now?

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Cathy Li

General Evaluator:


Table Topics Master:


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Table Topics

Table Topic Training

Yann gave training about How to Deliver a structure and professional table topic.

Advice 1: Practice Practice Practice

Advice 2: Do NOT jump into speaking

               Pause, look at the audience, open today language (open hands/shoulders) and then  speak

Advice 3: Brainstorming & control your thought process

               - Split keywords

               - Keyword evocation

Advice 4: Opening : do not answer the question immediately ( talk about the keywords first)

Advice 5: Table topic is a speech and need a structure

                Opening, 2-3 points, closing.

Advice 6: closing: quick summary, restate the message, if nothing else to say, just close

Table Topic Session

1.    Waves - Which app in your cell is your favorite?

2.    Yan (guest) - Do you like shopping online and why?

3.    Flora - we used to have red-envelop to put luck money, now we have digital luck money. Do you like this and why?

4.    Chiara- you are a sales man in an apple store, sell an iPhone to a 50 year old man.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:

Li Xin



CC Project No. 1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: All These Years

Li Xin painted a picture a mother sent her son away for work in Africa, with tears, trust and love in the heart. The single parent gave her whole love to the son. A few years earlier, she was forced to accept mandatory retirement, despite the fact she only make1500 yuan a month, she bought a suitcase cost 400 yuan, 300 yuan for a pair of shoes and gave her son 200 yuan before he left.

He was dispatched to an African country. After years of hard work, He committed two weeks, talked the bank manager into accepting the first Chinese company to be the 15 premiere customers. He became county manager of first project of  African country to make full payment before guarantee. Worked at a state owned company for 4.5 years aboard, with no burden of money has taught him to watch other people’s emotion before say something.  


Life in Africa was meaningful as well, lived with local village near the beach, and learned fishing, local cuisine. He also met a couple of oenologist to learn fun things of the ocean.

What he became now, he realized he didn’t changed that much in these past years and will never know what will happen in coming 10 years.   

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:

Lu Qi



Project No.6: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: Miracles

Do You believe miracles?

Lu Qi believes in miracles, something happened were against the odd, and there maybe someone, something up there secretly helping her.

In 2003 summer, she got admitted by her dream school Tinghua university, and she was very surprised because she believed she didn’t do well in the exams. The family celebrated by visiting their favorite noodle shop, and surprisingly the invoice/fapiao won 500 yuan lucky award. Two big surprises happened in a row. It’s must be a miracle.

In 2001, when the family  visit Leshan and saw a fortune teller aka a monk, after carefully read Lu Qi’s Bazi (personal information), the monk revealed to her mother she will be in an accident in two month and it’s related to transport. Of course the monk had solution for this, which cost 800 yuan. Had seen such kind of tricks, she and her mother didn’t pay for the cure.

Nothing happened in the next two month. One day, her mother bumped into another monk who told her the same thing, but the reason no accident happened was because Lu lost her bike. She did lost a bike.

 Miracles are miss interpretation of probability by bias memory and good wishes.

She studied hard for exams, and the 500 yuan fapiao is only out of many fapiao buried in the memory. Everyone was expecting she lost her bike to save her from accident, she believed the story.

Believe in miracles means good things can happen to her, if well behave, will get good result in return. Believe in miracle give hope when you were at your down point and remember these good memories.


Best Table Topics:

Waves & Flora (Guest)

Best Speaker:

Lu Qi

Best Evaluator:


Best Functional Role

Jeri & Dana

Club Officials


Waves Zhang

VP Education:


VP Membership:

Jeri Weng

VP Public Relations:

Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu





Video master



Julie Tao


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