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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –June 25, 2015

 Dear fellow CCTMCers, 


I feel honored to have the opportunity to serve as the club secretary for the next six months! :-) 

On this Thursday's meeting we had lots of fun. Those who didn't manage to come don't need to worry. I'm here to help you review the meeting highlights. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the atmosphere  became a little sentimental when our president Waves stood on the stage and announced that it was the last time in his term as the club president - though it is the tradition to step down in turn in order to allow other members to grow and to exercise their leadership skills. We will certainly never forget the times under his leadership, all the waves and laughter he brought to us. Thank you for all your efforts you made for our club during the past year Waves! And please stay with us as often as you can even now that you are released from your duties. We need your high energy and loud voice to bring in more waves of fun and laughter!  

We were happy that our cool humor king, Ocean(Dahai), was our toastmaster this week. I know your teeth have already shown behind your lips just when reading his name. Yes, you are right. Not only has he picked a great topic for the meeting but also exercised his humor throughout the meeting. Thank you Dahai, It is always much fun when you are on the stage. After his contribution, all of us grew aware why most of our members belongs to the emotional type rather than the opposite one!  ;-) 

Last night's Table Topic session was a great event for the eyes, too. Firstly, it was held by our fresh member Robin. Though it was his first time to act as the Table Topic Master, he appeared confident and well prepared. I don't know how he managed to do that, it rarely happened in our history that  the first two volunteering speakers took up the challenge to speak on the stage were both guests. And  one thing more – he proceeded to the meeting TWO BEST TABLE TOPIC SPEAKERS!  Well done Robin and keep up the momentum!  

Though we had already a lot fun during our first session, the speeches prepared for the second session were the peak point of the meeting.  

Ervlyn, as fresh and elegant as always, was the first to speak. Her speech title were the most familiar letters" CC". But instead of the well-known definition of "competent communicator", CC here stands for "Creative Charity". The idea came up years ago when she was still a college student. After seeing only one of her small efforts by giving an outfit to a house cleaning lady and how much such efforts meant to the lady, she realized to help people in need does not necessarily mean to stretch your hand to Africa or Tibet. There are guys who need help just around us. Since then, she started her charity project by handing over all the superfluous gadgets of her household to cleaning ladies, garbage men and other fellows in need.

 However, instead of accepting her gift with gratitude, the garbage man refused to take it.It was then that she realized even charity requires techniques and creativity. With the skills she had obtained from toastmasters -  inspiriation, body language and vocal variety - she successfully carried out her creative charity project and delivered the goods to other people in need.   

What a sweet hearted and creative donator. Thank you for all your efforts on seeking the ways to help people in need Evrlyn! Please keep up the spirit and wish your Creative Charity growing bigger and bigger to influence more people to follow up the spirit. 

Our next speaker, Dana, was in an even more dramatic position. She spoke under fire! In order to comply with her Public Relation project, she was to act as the agent of the government and to mediate with very angry people whose home plant vegetables had been plunked out by the city government and replaced with grass according to the “green city plan”. As a mediator sent by the government, she appeared calm, confident and well prepared. She presented to us some arguments well thought through – thus convincing everybody why planting grass in our garden is better than planting vegetables. 

It is not an easy job to work as government representative these days. But she acted very well and was almost able to make us believe in the goodwill of the city government. But as a common citizen, I personally think her speech would be more effective  if she also had brought along the solution on how those people who suffered the loss of  their food supply should be compensated.   

Like Una mentioned at the meeting, we had three totally different speeches last night each of which was unique in its own way.  

Our third and last speaker was Rosie. Her task was to sell an egg boiler in order to prove her persuasive speech projects. It was such an interesting sale conducted with the cooperation of our dear Profess Hale. It made the audience laugh without an end! And of course, she succeed in selling the egger boiler, in a way even the most experienced sales person would admire. Bravo Rosie! 

Even were behind our scheduled time due to the time breaking laughers. Our toastmaster and the treasurer Dahai managed to give us a clear and convincing  financial report. And we were happy to hear that our club is financially secured and as healthy as it has  always been. What a great night! I can't wait for next week's meeting to come!  

 See you next week!

  Cathy Chen

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –June 25, 2015

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