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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 7, 2016

 Dear CCTMCers,

I'm Zhe, the new secretary of the club. Thank you very much for the support. It's a great pleasure joining the club.

Our Thursday meeting was fun as usual, with a lively team of new officers. Toastmaster Chami guided us in exploring 'How Family Background Could Affect Our Behaviour' (Theme). A big thanks to Chami for this fantastic topic. Guests and members couldn't help but shared many stories of their family.

Firstly, our table topic covered 7 topics including:

•‘If you were a boss, do you pick candidates based on their family background?’;

•‘Describe three merits your parents have that affected you’;

•‘When you become a parent, what family atmosphere you want to build for your children?’;

•‘If you had a chance to choose, which family would you like to have?’


Those speeches were given by guests and members. And Evi won the ‘Best table topic speaker’ for answering ‘What is the most beneficial lesson her parents give you’ and it was Independence in her case. Evi shared the story that she travelled on her own when she was only five years old – wow! Hmm, what were my independent stories?

Guests were also attentive - our Nigerian guest Emmanuel shared how his strict family background made him a pilot, a soldier. The table topic session was great fun, kudos to the well-selected topics, from Cathy Zhao. However, it was suggested that 7 topics were a bit over-loaded, which led us only 2 minutes break. Fortunately, we stole some time from a speaker, who did not make it to the meeting due to work.

However, we had myself (named Zhe, meaning philosophy in Chinese), delivering an ice-breaking speech, with the topic ‘The importance of communication’, which highlighted how social anxiety and nervousness lied in the way of career promotion, social interaction and relationship development, and saw the determination of solving the problem.

The second speaker Evi shared her three important things in life: food, family and freedom, which inspired a great number of audience. Dana, the third speaker, gave a lively speech describing her passion in life: food and freedom. Video games, particularly helps settle her nerves, when she seeks freedom. The perfect body language along with fantastic stories caught everybody’s eyes that we had to vote she the best speaker of the night. 

All in all, it was a night full of enthusiasm and support as usual. At the end of the meeting, everybody was invited to the CCTMC 10th anniversary party in the coming Saturday.

It was a busy week for CCTMC - anniversary party on Saturday and officer training on Sunday. Looks like it is going to be a better CCTMC year.






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