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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 23, 2015

Dear CCTMCers,


 There was a girl who had always been cautious about her imagine, both inner beauty and outlook, had gained 5kg weight in the past one year. You may wonder why and how come? 

That girl was our toastmaster of this week, JJ.The change started after she got married. since she got married, all the habits that she had practiced for years to keep her in good shape were suspended. 

It was this change that made her realized  that   "We have arrived on a daily basis". She concluded that the importance of maintaining a good habit is to keep exercising it on an everyday basis, no matter that habit is to keep yourself in a good shape or to continue reading books.


When the deluge came, not only were there few selected people but also a few selected animals that had the chance to go on board of the Norah's ark. So, animals  such as butterfly, platypus, termites, cat, etc, had been asked to present the reasons good enough to grant them a ticket on the boat. Thanks to our creative Table Topic Master Alicia,  the table session  contributed to the heat of our first session of the meeting.


This Thursday, we were pleased to hear three excellently prepared speeches again.

 Among them, two actually were provided with very limited time for the preparation since two pre-booked speakers had canceled their speeches. Others  were  asked to step in. Big thanks  to Jeri and Dana,for standing out when needed and presenting two wonderful speeches to  us.


Our  first speaker, Li Xin,  shared a thrilling though rather horrifying movie story with us, which he had just watched the night before the meeting . He concluded that  if  order was broken up,the world we are living would become a slaughter field, just like what  happened in the movie he had watched. Yes, let's keep the world in order!


Our second speaker, Jeri,  shared with us the conclusions  she had drawn  from her latest  travels. She is  a person who would always make plans before  actions, she used to spend months to make the travel plans each time before going on a holiday .The plans she used to make were so precise that she would know exactly at which time she would be passing by which street.

However, finally came  the time  she wants to make a change. As she realized that it was nice to have everything pre-arranged, however, such  travel  somehow missing of excitement.

 So, for her  last travel, she decided  not to make any plan at all. It turned out  surprisingly well. She found out that travelling without a plan enables her to travel in a more relaxed way and there were always surprises on the way. Good for you! :-)


Our last speaker was our beloved president Dana. So considerable a person as she always is. this time she presented us a brainstorming workshop on how to prepare a contest speech. It was a very thoughtful topic, given our contest season will  start again in two weeks .

She refreshed with us different sources on where we can get materials  to make speeches and she summed it up with four letters: GARS :Goal,Action,Result,So you can do it.

 I think I have already come up with an idea on what to talk about in my contest speech after hearing her tips.Thank you for the help, Dana!


What a fun and fruitful night again, I enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to the even more exciting one to come next Thursday!


Sincerely yours,

Cathy Chen 

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 23, 2015


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