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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 21, 2016

Fellow CCTMCers,


This week our meeting was led by our professional, elegant and energetic Toastmaster of the week Evi. She presented a topic on a place where all of us are living and which is worth to be further examined-“Beijing”.


What is the reason that has kept you staying here until now? What do you like and dislike about Beijing?  


Of course, all of us have our own answers to those questions. After hearing the answers from the members at the meeting, I came to a conclusion that we chose to come here mainly looking for better opportunities and pursuing our dreams. But it was the people and the friendship that kept us staying.


Our table topic session was again a highlight on the first half of the meeting. Echoing the Toastmaster, our Table Topic Master Chao prepared very interesting Beijing related questions for the participants, and through these topics we got to know:


-The one reason that has kept Dana staying in Beijing for three years was simple but sweet: It is because of CCTMC, our beloved club!


-After moving back and forth around China, our guest Terry had already made some good friends in China, particularly in Beijing.


- Michelle, another guest and a toastmaster from a member club not only knows Beijing, the city very well, and as a mother of a younger kid, she even knows every playground in Beijing!


- Chami’s understanding of improving the quality of Beijing: It is the people who are the fundamental force making a difference to the world surrounding us. And it is the responsibility of each of us to reach out when see people who are in need of a hand. I can’t agree more with you!


Te second half of the meeting was started with an interesting scene: Cathy Chen was trying to sell one of her products to the other Cathy (Cathy Zhao) in the club.

She was obviously very confident with her product and indeed successfully concluded the deal by selling the product to her.


But Cathy should be careful: No matter how good you believe your product is, you should always be patient and listen to your customer and learn to find out your customer’s needs first!


Our second speaker Hana, a Beijing born native, though her speech was supposed to be her ice breaker, e.g. her first speech after joining the club. But she proved to be already a seasonal speaker.


She shared with us stories about herself. From her speech, we got to know why we should always pursue perfection, since you will be rewarded by your hard work.

Just as she described in the speech: I laughed out loud in my bed years ago when I realized that I have two full days off when most the people in China had to work six days a week in those days.


When you are good enough and managed to get enrolled to the list of the world top 20 %, you will for sure enjoy a much higher standard of life than that of the majority.


However, regardless how high she had stood up already and what a prestigious life she is to have, she had never stopped further improving herself. That was why she joined toastmaster; for she wants to further perfect herself and in addition, she is looking for a platform allowing her to share her richness of life experience and wants to help training the youth of today to reach their greatness.


Head off to you, Hana, you are now a model for me for pursuit my perfectionism!


Again, congratulations for successfully completed your first toastmaster speech and looking forward to hear your next!


Our third speaker and the biggest winner of the night, Chami really touched my heart tonight with his powerful speech.


I always enjoyed his speech and admired his energy on the stage. But it is from this speech I fully realized the difference between an experienced speaker and the national champion.


From his sincere and yet powerful speech presentation, I got to understand better why it is important for us, as toastmasters, to join the district conference and how much we can benefit from it.


So, for those of you who have missed his speech this week,to answer you the question: why we should invest thousands of our RMB plus a precious weekend to attend the conference?


His answer was: That is a chance for you to meet with great people, to hear great speeches and which will enable you to fully realize your own greatness.


For him, only after attending the district conference can one proudly claim oneself to be a real toastmaster!


What a wonderful speech! Bravo Chami! I am looking forward to seeing you there in October then!


Thanks Evi again for brought us such a fun night in Beijing and I am looking forward for the next week to come!



Cathy Chen


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