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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 2, 2015


Dear CCTMCers,


Can you imagine how our beautiful, elegant Ervlyn would look like if she lived in the prehistoric era? If your answer was no, you can imagine what have you missed!

What kind of the animal you would like to be if you could make the change? That was the question to the theme.

Our Table Topic Master Jenny wants to be a rabbit and she brought to the zoo to the heat by asking all the volunteered speakers to pick a note with a name of the animal written on it. Instead of telling us the name of the animal that he or she had picked, the speaker was asked to imitate the sound and the movement of the animal so the audience could guess what the animal in question was. So, you may further extend your imagination on how the turtle, crab, fish, lion, wolf and tiger sound and move like! What a fun session, thanks again Jenny!


Dahai, another rabbit dressed in white had to beat the bell so hard in order to break people from their heated conversation again and again  back to their seats so the second session of the meeting could start in time.


This meeting we have two prepared speakers but only one was prepared as Cathy Chen was to speak under a fire! According her speech project, Cathy Chen had to deliver a seven minutes speech without knowing what would the topic be until being called up to the stage.

She had been asked to provide suggestions on how to prevent animals from further extinction.

Firstly, in order to ease her nerves and hope to relax the animals on watch, she tried to compose a joke though not so many people seemed to get it. The joke was: When she was in Chengdu to see pandas, she was shocked when she was asked to pay RMB1300 in order to hug a panda and to take a picture. She argued that she had never been asked to pay even when she hugged a foreigner!

She came up three main factors that caused the endangering of our beloved animals. Namely, invading and destroying of the forests, their homeland, air and water pollution, hunting animals for food and furs.


Only if we can stop killing them and provide them with a safe and friendly living environment, soon a day may come that we might be charged even if we wanted to take a picture with cats and dogs.


Our second speaker Flora was concerned about a different problem - the slowing down of Chinese inbound tourism industry when compared with the fast growing outbound tourism market.

She summed up with three main factors of the problems and offered the resolutions to recover the overall national image with the hope to turn around the current situation:

1. Improving the air quality and reducing pollution,as more and more foreigners have dropped the ideas to come to China due to the concerns of their health due to air pollution.

2. Increasing the transportation operation standard and capacity - She pointed out how much room for expansion in transportation industry there is by just one example: The United Sates has 15009 airports base VS China’s 202. 

3. Improve the overall service standard - English speaking service and correct translation of the signs should be fully applied throughout all main tourist sites.


Thank you Flora for all valuable suggestions to the undergoing tourism industry. I am sure that our tourism industry will become more successful when these measures are carried out.


Except these two speakers, we also heard a special farewell speech from our beloved honored guest Fredrick, known to most of us as Professor Hale. He has been with us for nearly four years and had supported our meetings more often than many of our registered members.

Sadly, as a foreigner who lived in China as a guest, the day to leave eventually comes. Fredric, thank you for all the excellent speeches and great support you gave to us. We wish you all the very best and even sweeter future ahead.


You took a wrong guess if you think our meeting ended with this!

The meeting has been further extended for almost two more hours, only moved to a more comfortable room with delicious food served. Just one more reason not to miss the meetings!  


What a fruitful night and I am looking forward to seeing you all again next Thursday!


Cathy Chen



 CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 2, 2015


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If I were to be an animal........

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