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CCTMC Meeting Minutes, January 28, 2016

Tonight, our PhD in Economics Candice lead this meeting. Although she is a relatively new in CCTMC, and this was her first time playing a role, she just made it.


Table topic session:

Best Table Topic Speaker: Felix

We found out that:

Felix wants to have “Flight Superpower” if he were allowed to choose one.

Ella will always follow her heart.

Tiger wants to conquer himself whenever he faces problems.

Marvin made “a book of love letters” as the birthday present to her girlfriend last year. He kept all love letters, so considerate and romantic.

Evita refused all the decisions from her parents no matter they were right or wrong. But in retrospect, some decisions were good for her.


Prepared Speech session:

Best Prepared speaker: Chami

Marvin: Secrets to secure a personal life Key Points of  his speech: 1. Many of us have lost their personal lives as a cost of responsibility, including myself once. 2. But many business leaders have actually proved that it's not necessarily the case. 3. Their secrets are getting up early. 4. Three tips to achieve that: 1) Get to bed early and avoid stimulation 2) place your clock somewhere out of reach 3) get some energizer 


Evi: My Ideal City

Key points :

 Lessons from different countries shehas lived in the past to look for her ideal city to live in. Evi learned about multi-culturalism from living in South East Asia, need a "thick skin" to live in Western countries such as US and Australia, and rich Chinese history from Taiwan and China. She is still searching for that ideal city, but she know these are what she thinks are important


Charmin: Secret of Motivation

It's about motivation with empathy, Charmin told us how the military leaders motivated soldiers in the past, his vivid story telling and perfect vocal variety hooked our attention, so charming!


Flora: VR&AR

Flora told us what is VR( Virtual Reality) and AR( Augmented Reality), with visual videos and pictures. She also shared her opinions about the future application with these high technologies.

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