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CCTMC Meeting Minutes- Jan.29.2015

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – Jan.29.2015

French are always romantic while Chinese are always hard working? These kind of biases or stereotypes are largely generated from misunderstanding or jumping into conclusions without thorough understand of the subject. It was what Toastmaster Rosie shared with us.

In the table topic session, Table Topic master Ervlyn upgraded the theme by listing 5 different biases, testing the speakers’ response when they face the biases.

We had two very different styles of speeches, Fred use very vivid words, told us the stories of his life in China. Jessica kept working on ACB project 1 (technical briefing) and delivered a product briefing speech. We had a workshop by trainer master Joyce this week, reveal her secret of keys of evaluating to motivate, how we set our tone when we make effective evaluations.

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Xin Li

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Table Topics

1.    Yann: Athletes are strong in their muscle, but weak in their brain. How would you response to this bias.

2.    Gary (Guest from Shijiazhuang TM club): You want to be a zoologist in the future, but your father said, if you spend too much time with these animals, you will lose the ability to communicate with people.  How would you response to this bias.

3. Cathy Li: You husband is a high ranking manager in his company, persuade him to quit his job to take care of kids  at home, persuade him that being a full-time father is as prestigious as being a manager.

4. Holiday (Guest): You’ve been dreaming to be a psychologist, but you dad said he doesn’t want you to spend too much time with these crazy people; you will be crazy as well. How would you response to this bias.

5. Seara: You want to be a world class model, but your mother told you it’s not a good choice because models are not given enough food to eat  because they are supposed to stay in good shape and it’s bad for your health. How would you response to this bias.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 4: How to say it

Speech Title: An English man in China

How Fred memorize his speech?  Use mind map!

In a hot, mid-August day of 2004, Fred landed in Shanghai, started his 10 years life in China. The preconceptions he had for China started to be smashed. China is not a tropical country, but he felt like in Vietnam; China is a developing country, but airport is better than Heathrow airport in London. The street in Shanghai was feast for senses, by street sides; there were large tray of red lobsters and others delicious foods, birds in cages singing, exotic animal kept in glass box for sale. Eating experience in China was so different, while they were eating steam Baozi, the TV was roaming programs with sounds (Chinese words) he didn’t not understand.

Later on, Fred moved to Chongqing, a damp and grey city almost the same as England, met people with different color and personalities. His friend Sausage once told him, Chinese are communist who still read Mao’s litter red book. But these notions quickly changed, he started to learn the similarity between two countries, same kind of idioms, like “the customer is always right”, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. As he learned about the language and made more Chinese friends, he found out both English and Chinese people have the same dreams and aspirations despite the differences.

Over 10 years, Fred’s preconception disappeared, and he is looking forward that China’s preconceptions about westerners disappear we well.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Cathy Li

Adv Project No.8.1: The technical briefing

Speech Title: Product Briefing

This was the 4th time that Jessica delivered her  Advance manual project 1. All her ACB 1 speeches combined would form a complete company presentation. Congratulations.

I was amazed by how  Jessica could memorize all these jargons and technical  items, while still keep the speech in a very systematic and informative way.   

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:


Workshop : OK Model- the key of evaluating to motivate

Evaluation workshop.

What are the ultimate goals for evaluation? It’s to motivate the speaker to do a better job next time, to get improvement.

What is the key of evolution to motivate?  The OK Model tell how to set your tone, how are you going to say to person.

Four OK models —-Tone setting  ( I - Evaluator, You- Speaker)

1.    I am not ok, you are ok. 

You should be a strong and confident evaluator, build the credibility of an evaluator. ( You should feel ok as an evaluator)

2.    I am ok, you are not ok.

Being a strong evaluator doesn’t mean that you act very bossy and aggressive and the speaker is wrong. Don’t be too judgmental

3. I am not ok, you are not ok.

     Do not feeling like everything is wrong and accuse you and speaker or audience.  

4. I am ok, and you are ok.

     Set the right emotion while you make evaluations to motive the speaker.  

What to say is important, but how to say it is equally important, as an evaluator, your vocal variety and body languages will define your tone and emotion, you need to act like you are deliver a speech. Appreciate tone setting is from the bottom of your heart, care for the speakers by using encourage tone.

Besides setting the right tone, try to give specific and constructive (instead of general) comments, use simple and clear words (instead of big words), don’t pointing fingers and tell right and wrong, your job is to motive the speaker to be a better speaker.

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Yann and Gary

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Cathy Li

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Waves Zhang

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Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu








Julie Tao


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