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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Jan.15. 2015

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Table Topics

Q1: which one would you choose, deep sea diving or parachute jumping?

Frances-ca said that she prefers deep sea diving because she loves swimming since her childhood. However her friend had experienced meeting a shark while diving.


Q2:If you stand at the gate of a flying plane and is about to do a parachute jump, will you jump now?

Jason said that he will jump, because when he was watching the movie “Transformer” he think those soldiers that jumped from planes into battlefields are cool.


Q3:Do you want to learn to fly a plane?

Aljan said he is interested but since he’s got a fear of height, he won’t do it now. He enjoys the sight at high place as he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, so if he ever overcomes his fear of height, he will try learning how to fly a plane.


Q4:Waves just got his flying license yesterday and invites you to a flight, will you fly with him?

Una said that she loves flying because her father is a pilot as well as a flying coach. So it depends on where did Waves got his license-- if that’s reliable than she will go, otherwise no.


Q5:Will you try some weird food such as stinky tofu or insects?

Yuda said that she loves delicious food-- delicious, but not necessarily good-looking. She had tried both before and actually enjoyed them.


Q6:You are going to camp tomorrow, what kind of preparation will you do?

1.    Julia said she doesn’t like camping, but if she have to go, she wishes to use the chance to lose some weight. So she will call some friends and get some warm clothes.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 3: Get to the point

Speech Title: Mindset

The speaker talked about success, with research shows the most important thing for a person to be successful is actually one’s mindset.

The researchers put a number of children into 2 groups, one group was given the evaluation of being “smart” who are soon demotivated because they don’t want to fail and looked stupid, which is the opposite of “smart”. The other group was given the evaluation of be-ing “hard working”, and the kids in that group are significantly motivated because they think their success came from trying. Then the speaker gave an example of good graded students not earning good grades after went to college.

In conclusion, the speaker argues that successful person all works hard, Bill Gates, Beetho-ven, Micheal Jordan, they all work hard, and because of that, they succeeded in develop their unlimited potential and became successful.



It’s thought to be full of data or research results, but not so much of those, only one example for one point. However that makes the argument very clear. Few points to be improved includes speak out clearly of the point trying to make by this speech, and though the speaker’s gestures are vivid and helps demonstrate the point, it’s a bit too much, might distract the audience.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




Project No.5: Your body language

Speech Title: A litter monster

The speaker had a dream that one day his boss will give him a million dollars. But there is always a “little monster” stops him from advance towards his dream. This “little monster” is called fear.

He thinks he need to make some sound to drive away the “little monster”.

Then the speaker talked about his own story. 1 year ago, he made a plan of moving out of China, and showed that to his family and friends. But they didn’t gave positive responds. The little monster had visited him. But he decided to make his way towards drive it away. He made a step by step plan so he can achieve them relatively easier. And by achiev-ing each of those goals, he gain more and more courage, and courage drive away his fear. And he is now successful achieve that ultimate plan. In the end, the speaker calls on the audience to have dream and embrace their fear in order to achieve their goal.



The speaker had much improvement since CC1; he had very vivid gesture at the very begin-ning, but became less as the speech goes on. It seems the speaker gets a bit more nervous in later part of the speech, maybe better preparation and more practice can help him relax and make a better speech.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




Project No.10 Inspire your audience

Speech Title: When I should have a daughter

The speaker claims that she will be a better parent than her parents if she is going to have a child. She believes that everyone had this kind of thoughts, more or less.

As of herself, she won’t tell her child what to do, but she will pass some of her most useful advises to the child.

1st: Listen to your elders-- they are much more experienced

2nd:There is no such thing as “Superheros”

3rd:There is no Prince Charming, if she had a daughter.

Then she give a story of her own that when she was a child, she met a bully at school. She told her mother about it, and her mother told her not to run away from the bully. And she stood firmly.

Again she talked some more about what she had learned that might be good to tell her child, not to be peer pressured, not to be afraid of take risk, don’t went back home and so on.



The evaluator feels inspired by the speaker. The speaker made a good example of combining drama with energy, and creates a powerful speech. It is generally great but as a inspir-ing speech, few improvements can be made. The story doesn’t have a U turn model, and the speaker’s facial expression is always excited, sometimes you need to look relaxed and slow down so the audience could soak into the story for better inspirational force.

Prepared Speech #4

Speaker 3:




Project No. Adv. Humorously speaking

Speech Title: Husband instruction

The speaker asked the lady audiences 3 questions, and claimed that if the answers are positive, they need a product called: husband. Then the speaker explained what this product could do, how to purchase and how to do maintenance for this product. Then she gave examples of the multi-task capability of this product.

However this product is not perfect, it has it’s own flaws. It’s noisy at night, also produces byproduct--smelly socks. It also have the possibility of became addict to something, soccer, beer, or anything else.

So you have to make sure that your only reason to buy this product is love.



The story--and the entire speech-- is funny and attractive, which fits the project very well. Especially the punchline setting, we can tell it’s well designed to go along with cold face for the best contrast. The project re-quires an opening with personal story, which the speaker did well, and the speaker used some questions to help demonstrate her point. Maybe a bit more personal stories in the content of the speech could be better.

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