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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Feb.5 2015



We had a very productive meeting with inspirations from our toastmasters, evaluators and speakers. 

Take aways of the meeting: 

Toastmaster Lu Qi: 

“ What is your comfort zone and how you plans to step out of it? As the toastmaster of today's meeting, I brought these strategic questions to our members, and got some very good speeches in reflection of positive thinking. Being conscious of the action patterns and the boundaries which limit our vision is the first step to expand our comfort zones. Toastmasters is exactly the place where people challenge themselves. We share the joy of self-fulfillment and improvement. I always feel recharged after some good laugh.” 

Sally Li: From comfortable to uncomfortable needs courage, from uncomfortable to comfortable needs allowance and acceptance. We've all taken the courage, now we need to allow us to be what we are in this moment. 

Ervlyn: Find what best fit for you, duplicate and then sublimate.  Being strong doesn’t means you cannot cry, being strong means you can find solutions for your problems after crying. Being strong means you can endure hardships agains all the odds and always look for what fit you the best and being yourself.  

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Comfort Zone

Word of Day

against all the odds


Lu Qi

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Cathy Li



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Table Topics

“ Seriously humorous” Table Topic master Jeri said, it was exactly because of staying in her comfort zone, that she has been more times of a TTM other than a table topic speaker. It’s take courage to step out of your comfort zone and delivery a table topic speech. Applause for those volunteered themselves for table topic speakers. 

Julia : What was your most stressful moment in toastmaster club, and what have you leaned from it. 

Paherya (Guest): What was the last time you said “No, I can not” and why?

Waves: if there are no limitations that you can try whatever jobs you want, what you will choose and why?

Connie (Guest): What was the bravest thing you have done in your life?

Chiara: What is the thing you don’t dare to eat in your life and reason behind it. 

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 5: Your body speaks

Speech Title: Power Poses 

What is your pose when you seated? Are you folded over and make yourself small or seat back and spread your body? over 50% of our communication is none verbal, so even when we are not talking, our body are communicating for us. When we feel  positive emotions, our body general goes up, eye brow rise, mouth rises,  or hands go up, on the contrary when we feel negative emotions, we make the opposite poses.

Body languages are inborn, even people born blind, will do the same poses as people who isn’t blind when they experience positive emotions. These poses and gestures are not limited to human kind but also apply the same principal in animal kingdom. Animal used body language to show dominate or submission by posting their body into different type of poses. 

Recently research shows our body language can change the way we think. When you are happy, you smile, but in another way around, if you make yourself smile, you will make yourself happy. This can be used in stressful situations which you can use your body to change your feelings inside and make a different. You should put your body in power poses for just 2 mins before these stressful moments, it will have significant change your body hormone and make you fell positive and assertive. when you are in a power negative situation,you can try to make some power posed to adjust the power dynamic and swing things back to your favor. 

it’s can also apply to toastmasters, before your deliver a speech, make your body language works best for you, make power poses to release your tension and make you more confident. 

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Cathy Chen

Project No.8: Get comfortable with visual aids

Speech Title: In search of identity 

What is the happiest moment for the life of a couple?  Getting married? Hearing the first cry of their baby. Ervlyn shared a story, 30 years ago, in a dark rainy day, a husband was expecting his first child, but he got a really sad news, that the new born boy was died 5 mins after birth. The sadness of the couple was recovered by having a baby girl some years later, and the baby girl was Ervlyn. 

The regret of the death brother never leave the family, what the girl repeated heard from her parents was “ If” ,“If your brother still alive” “ if your brother still alive, he will be a strong man, a person protect you”.She could not help wondering whether her parents love her brother more than she or maybe they just love boys more than girls. 6 year old Ervlyn decided to be a boy, as strong as her brother would have been, wanted her parents to love her as they love her brother, despite the fact her parents didn’t mean that at all. 

So she set up tough rules for herself, there were no skit, no princess’ dream and no cry. Just imagining what Ervlyn looked like back then, how different it would be from the smart and confident lady we see today. What was the turning points? Her roommate in China, an Vietnam girl, the very first person told her. “You are not yourself, you are trying to be someone else, you are trying to step into other person’s shoes. You should be honest with yourself and find your self, find your identity.”

But how to find your real identity?  She have learned  to look for what fit best for her and then replicate. Find what fit  you the best and make you comfortable, then copy it and make it to your own. The next step is sublimate, make your own best. 

Her friend told her, Being strong doesn’t means you cannot cry, being strong means you can find solutions for your problems after crying, Being strong means you can endure hardships agains all the odds and always look for what fit you the best and being yourself.  

And that’s why we see the smart and confident Ervlyn before us. 


Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




Adv 1.1 The Entertaining Speech

Speech Title:Some thoughts on comfort zone

Dahai described himself as a man with narrow comfort zone. or should say, hugging zone.  

when he was in Germany 3 years ago, he found out if he didn’t set out the comfort zone, he couldn’t do simple things like greeting or farewell. When we first meet someone, shake hands is the common practice, but after two person get familiar with each other, is that means a hug should be in order? This question had driven Dahai crazy. One time, a female friend pulled his hand, which he has prepared only for a handshake, pull his body closer and gave Dahai a big hug. He had literally fall into the lady’s arms very uncomfortably. 

The real question was, how to define the familiarity between two persons?  what if you were preparing for a hug, but the other person was simply waiting for a handshake? How to avoid such kind of situation? Dahlia worked out a perfect method : walk slowly, get one arm ready, don’t pose it as high as the pose of a hug, in the mean time, carefully check the hands of the person you meet, figure out that person’s intention and before it too late, change your one raised arm pose to a firm handshake with two hands holding the person’ hand. 

The most fun hug story Dahai had was, he got a “lady to man” kind of hug from his male Iranian colleague. Dahai was totally shocked, not only thrown out of the comfort zone, but flew across it and landed on a panic zone. 

sometimes, once there is a hug, there is alway a hug. There are also times, some people are just “unhugable”. When we set our comfort zone, expand border of the zone, just don’t lose the virtual of our goodness and be comfortable about it. 

Prepared Speech #4

Speaker 4:



Lisa Zhang

Adv 8.2 The proposal (8-10mins, 3-5 Q&A)

Speech Title: An introduction 

Jessica kept on working her ACB technical presentation project and made an introduction of technical solution to the non technical audience, which is very informative and knowledgable. She got very constructive suggestions from her mentor Lisa after her speech. Keep on doing and let's see your progress. 

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Best Evaluator:

Waves and Lisa 

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Club Officials


Waves Zhang

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Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu








Julie Tao







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