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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Feb.12 2015

Feb.12 was our last meeting before Chinese New Year. Toastmaster Fred originally from the UK, but he is familiar with both Chinese Culture and the Chinese Language. In his mind, the year of Sheep is a year with litter conflict and a hormones year. A person who is born in the year of sheep is characterized as caring, creative and well-mannered person. But both in the Chinese and western culture, spring is a time for rebirth and revitalization. Easter holiday is about coming back from dead; chickens & eggs are rebirth symbols. Flowers are blossom and everything comes back to life. Feeling warmer and warmer, people are also started to feel energetic, and charged to do something new.  


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New Beginings and Rebirth

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Cathy Li

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Lu Qi



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Table Topics

Table Topic master not only prepared gifts but also changed the session to allow al the audience to join. Each speaker need to act out on the stage of the place she or he originally came from and whoever guessed right will win a gift.

1.    Waves - What was the thing your parents round you when you were a child, what you would have done differently if you were your parents.

2.    Annabel- What was the thing you like to eat the most when you were a child and what is the thing you like to eat the most nowadays.

3.    Paherya - What was the song you enjoy singing the most when you were litter, what is the song you want to sing in the New Year.

4.    Danna - What was the thing as must do when you were a child in Spring Festival, and what is the thing you are going to try in this New Year.

5.    Lu Qi - What was the thing you master in the last year and you are very proud of and what you want to pick up in the New Year.

6.    Seara - What was the game you enjoyed playing when you were a child, what is the game you will play with your kids in the future?

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:



Lu Qi

CC Project No. 3: Get to the point

Speech Title: Fitness is a lifestyle

How fitness change Seara’s lifestyle?  You can always choose to watch movies, shopping or working on weekend.

Seara try to spend certain amount of time on the weekend in the gym last year. She felt like she is good at exercise and enjoyed the way in which fitness has changed her both mentally and physically.

While doing fitness, she has more time to think about herself, focus on herself, her body and her mind. It also keep her healthy, by doing fitness, she has reduced greatly the times she needed to see doctors. By keeping a healthy body and peaceful mind, she had more time to relax and enjoy the life she has.

The healthy life style generated from fitness benefit her a lot and she urge the audience to try to do exercise and like fitness.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




Project No.6: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: How to make a perfect cake

Making cakes and make perfect cakes are Una’s dream. She shared with us her experience of how to make a perfect cake.

First of all, follow the recipe, precisely. The person who wrote the recipe simple because they know how to make cakes, give the best descriptions for you to follow. Only after you have enough experiences by your own, you can twist a litter bit on the recipe and make adjustment which is suitable for you.

The second rule is good cake is not cheap. Good ingredient, fresh and in good quality are necessary to a good cake.

The third, cake cannot be rushed. You need to leave time for the cake to grow, to development to become better. Leave plenty time to make a good cake like nurturing a child with enough patience.

The last thing is, only make cake when you feel like making a cake. If you don’t feel so, just buy one from bakery to save trouble and time. Make a cake when you are inspired - feel like making it.

These rules are apply to other occasion, like toastmasters, we need to have the ingredient, recipe to follow, look into your manual before making speeches and decide which ingredients you want to use and how to connect them, make sure your speech is not cheap by using valuable ideas and inspirations, impact the audience, and have enough time to get prepared, to write it down, to practice it and then delivery it with your heart. 

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Paherya (Guest)

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Waves Zhang

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Jeri Weng

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Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu





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Julie Tao




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