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CCTMC Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2014 - Movie Night!

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!
What a night! This was a second joint meeting between CCTMC and AmCham Toastmaster Club (ACTMC). The meeting was held at ACTMC venue that is located across the street from The Place.

ACTMC was officially started in October 2013. It is a corporate TM Club opened to more than 1000 AmCham China member companies. Although a relatively new club, they already won the president’s selected distinguished club award. Friendship between CCTMC and ACTMC started immediately after the establishment ACTMC. We held our first meeting in October 2013 at CCTMC venue.

Tonight, our hosts welcomed us with opened hearts and showed us a warm hospitality. We hope friendship between our clubs will continue to grow and that we will have many joint meetings in the future. Thank you, ACTMC for a wonderful evening, we hope to meet you soon again!

Winter is the best season for movie nights and pop corn. Watching movies is Cathy’s favorite past times in cold Beijing winters so she dedicated this meeting to movies. For this meeting, watch of the role takers gave a suggestion and Cathy ended up with a list of movies to be seen this season: My Sister’s Keeper, Benjamin Button, My Neighbor Totoro, The Great Beauty, Sound of Music, Roman Holiday, Alice in Wonderland, Face off, Pursuit of Happiness, Hustle. Shutter Island, He Is Just Not That into You and Kingdom of Heaven. If you are stuck next time you are choosing a movie to watch, why not go for one of these!

Although we had only nine of our members present tonight they represented our club with great vigour. Tonight we heard one Icebreaker by ACTMC member Tom, two Project 4 speeches, one by Mark from ACTMC and one form our own JJ. The last speech of the night was also the one to win tht award for the Best Prepared Speech. It was Dahai’s final CC project The Best Sepaker of Yourself. Congratulations to Dahai on his award and on reaching this big milestone in his Toastmaster career. Well done!

In the end, a gentle reminder: Next week it is the election night. We will be choosing the officer team for the forthcoming mandate. If you still haven’t done so, please send your nominations to President Waves as soon as possible. Let’s choose the strongest team possible! See you next week!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – December 10, 2014

Meeting Overview

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Movie Night

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Cathy Chen (CCTMC)

General Evaluator:


Table Topics Master:

Jessica (CCTMC)

Table Topics Evaluator:

Graham (ACTMC)




Lintao (ACTMC)


Rebecca (ACTMC)

Ah Counter:

Will (CCTMC)

Table Topics

Everybody loves movies and it was not hard for our Table Topic Master of the night, Jessica, to get people to talk about film. In this very exciting session, Jessica touched upon different aspects of cinematography. She asked about the movie genres and characters, rating system, production etc. Some question were direct and some situational and volunteers from both clubs and guests managed them excellently. Felix’s humorous and well organized impromptu speech in the end of the meeting took the best Table Topic Award.

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1.     Una (CCTMC): Who is your favorite movie character?

It is the main character of my favorite movie of the year, The Great Beauty. He is a famous writer, at the peak of his career. He is living a full life in the high circles of Roman society. However, there is a constant feeling that something is missing. He takes on to a relentless search for the meaning of life and his perseverance is rewarded. What he discovers is truly beautiful. See the movie and discover what it is.    

2.     Felix (CCTMC): If you are going to the cinema, which type of movie would you choose?

I love action movies, especially if they are also funny. After a serious day at work spent in suit and tie, I need something that can relax me. Explosions and fighting are things that can cheer up every guy. If it is funny, even better. A movie that I liked is Tropcal Jungle. In this movie a bunch of famous actors play actors and because they are to spoilt during the shooting of a movie, director sends them to jungle. There they are attacked by group of gorillas and all they have to defend themselves are rubber guns. It is a very funny movie with a lot of action, the kind I would enjoy the most. .

3.     Roxanne (guest): Do you prefer to watch movies in company on by yourself?

Movies are part of my life. Whenever I have some questions I need to overcome I like to watch movies that relate to it. It helps me think over the issue and find the pieces of logic that can lead me to the solution. This is why I prefer to watch movies by myself instead of with other people.

4.     Allen (guest): You just got awarded Oscar. What would you say to the audience?

After making the announcement about the winner of Oscar, Allen moved on to expressing gratitude to all that made it happen: CCTMC for giving him the courage to get on stage, directors for giving him the chance to play in a classic movie, Titanic in which he played the role of Jack, screenwriters, colleagues, the whole team.

5.     Alex (ACTMC): Today there is a movie rating system that has a purpose of protecting the younger audience from adult contents. How do you feel about it?

I think it is great! Kids don’t know what is good and bad for them, so we need to protect them. If we don’t they can grow up to be bad. It also helps me choose movies. I don’t want to watch dirty movies. I won’t be able to sleep after it. So I think that the ratig system is good an very useful.

6.     Diana (guest): You are preparing to make a movie. Choose the crew from the audience and tell us why.

This was a very challenging question for Diana who was our guest tonight. However, she took on the challenge bravely and picked out some of the people in the room she knew form before to take part in her movie. There was an applicant for the lead role, but he was rejected. Instead, Diana chose a girl seated next to him, because she was beautiful. For the lead male role she needed a handsome guy so she chose one of our most handsome guests.

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:



Ervlyn (CCTMC)

CC Project No.1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: What Friends Are For

Icebreaker is the first of the speeches on Toastmasters CC track and it is common for the speakers open their TM career by giving the narrative of their life so far. Tom, on the other hand, chosen to tell us the story of friendship between him and his high school classmate Dave. It is a story about an unreliable friend who in the end turned out to bring in the romance into Tom’s life.

They met at the rehearsals for the school play. Dave was not bad kid but he was a bad student, but he was an excellent actor. In a few months of rehearsing together, Tom and he soon became fast friends. The play was a success and they even won prizes at the regional contest. They remained good friends until the end of the semester, until the graduation. After the graduation, Tom went on to the university and Dave started working. They lost touch for a while and Dave hated his job and having adventurous spirit wanted to leave his job and try something totally different – go to Japan to teach English so he got in touch with Tom who spent a year in Japan a year before. Tom got on plane with him and helped him get started, find the apartment and a teaching job in Japan.

After graduating from the university Tom also got the opportunity to go to work in Japan. Once he was there, he went on to find Dave. Dave was still there living a happy life, still teaching English. After meeting again, Dave sold to Tom a motorbike that broke down immediately and eventually turned out to be stolen. Tom was angry and decided not to have anything to do with Dave again. But after a while Dave came back apologizing. As a way of redemption, he introduced Tom with a girl. After two years, this girl later became Tom’s wife and they are still happy together. 

Giving people second chances can give us a chance to see their better side and you yourself can get something out of it, maybe even a beautiful romance.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:



Cherry (ACTMC)

CC Project No. 4: How To Say It

Speech Title: Annual Bonus And Happiness

In her speech, JJ compared four different scenarios. Main character of the story, Mr. Wang receives his annual bonus, total 10.000RMB. In first scenario, his bonus is significantly higher than the bonuses of his colleagues. He is smug and celebrates the bonus by taking his wife to an expensive French restaurant. In second scenario, he receives the same bonus as his colleagues. The celebration is on, only it is moved to a local Sichuan restaurant. Third scenario shows Mr. Wang receiving slightly less than his colleague. He is disgruntled and only orders take away. In final, fourth scenario, his bonus is five times lower than that of his colleagues. Very unpleased he gets some and scolds his son. This time, there is no celebration. The amount of money he received is the same, so why such different reactions of our main character?

People’s happiness is sometimes not based on their own achievements but on the comparison with other people. They can feel happy because they are better than the others and sad if they are worse off than the others. Not only that this kind of comparison is wasting time and energy, it is also belittling. Comparing ourselves with others usually bring more pain and unhappiness. If we want to be happy, we should be more tolerant and grateful for what we have and not waste time on comparing ourselves with others.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:

Mark (ACTMC)


Felix (CCTMC)

CC Project No.4: How To Say It

Speech Title: A New Beginning

Mark opened his speech with an account of his last few days before this meeting. He was reluctant to take on the obligation to make speech on tonight’s meeting. It turned out that he was right to be so. One by one the working and social obligations were piling up until he was left with no time at all for preparation. In the end, he came unprepared. However, his speech flew smoothly as if he spent considerable time preparing it.  

Mark shared with us the story about how he found a new job and how he is now at a new beginning. The opportunity for the new life and new job came to him during one of the AmCham Toastmasters meeting. He met a person who offered him a job. All went smoothly and he soon got the offer to take a position in a company that is going business between America and Cahina. At his new position he gets full exposure of business life in China and a benefit of working with American companies. He is learning new things, making a living and meeting new friends. Although there is a lot of pressure but he is very happy with his new job and is very excited to have started it. He is excited to start his career in China. Next week Mark will sign his contract and make sure that he stays free on Wednesdays evening so he could attend meetings at ACTMC.

Prepared speech #4

Speaker 4:

Dahai (CCTMC)


Graham (ACTMC)

CC Project No.10: Inspire Your Audience

Speech Title: The Best Speaker of Yourself

It was a big night for Dahai. He finished 10th project of his CC manual. His intention was to inspire the audience and he managed to achieve this by employing humor, generating empathy and using great presentation skills he accumulated over time. In his speech he pondered the question of how important it is to be the best speaker of the meeting and how it can be achieved. And he sure achieved it tonight with his speech The Best Sepaker of Yourself.

When he came to Toastmasters about one year ago, he thought that becoming the best speaker of the evening was very important. He also thought that in case one follows the manual requirements, prepares well enough and do your homework, anyone can be the best speaker. Soon he discovered it was not so.

First rule he learned in his drive to become the best speaker of the night was: “The more serious the topic is, the less likely you will be voted for the best speaker”. You can never be the best speaker if you make the audience more depressing.

While speech topic is something you can decide on, there are some other things you have no way of influencing. You cannot decide who will be the other speakers. In or club there are speakers who are very talented and if they get out on stage, undoubtedly they will win the award for the best speech. Only thing you can do is to relax, and enjoy their performance.

Dahai is strategist, so he managed to find a way to reach his goal and win the award – he will participate in the Chinese speech contest. Some of or most gifted speakers don’t speak Chinese, and even those who do won’t take part in this contest. So Dahai prepared well, chose the best topic, made everyone laugh during the entire speech. he was sure he will win and was waiting for his name to be read out. However, it didn’t happen. Dahai was furious, he went to the judges, and they told him that the reason he didn’t get the prize was that he overstepped the time limit. Rules are rules! Even if he was the only speaker he wouldn’t have gotten the award.

He was frustrated and confused all until he realized some things. Firstly, there were changes. When he made his first speech, he was nervous, now his hand’s weren’t shaking any longer. Before it took him a whole week to prepare a presentation for work, now he does it in half a day and he remembers to content of it much easier. It is not important to be the best speaker of the night. What matters is to be the best speaker of yourself. Imagine there is three of yourself: one as you were one year ago, one as you were six months ago and one as you are now. Notice the improvements and follow the change in yourself, in your work and in your life, which is the objective of all of us who attend these meetings.

Best Table Topics:

Felix (CCTMC)

Best Speaker:

Dahai (CCTMC)

Best Evaluator:

Graham (ACTMC)

Club Officials


Waves Zhang

VP Education:

Dana Lv

VP Membership:

Ervlyn Young

VP Public Relations:

Francesca  Geary


Una Miskovic


Jenny Gu


Qi Lu


Heather Wang


Valerie Van Kerckhove


Yaxiong Zhang



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