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CCTMC Meeting Minutes –August 27, 2015

Dear CCTMCers,


If we say our last week's Mandarin and Evaluation Contests was filled with loads of laughter, this week's English Humorous contest made me laugh my jar off the cheek. Even after I went to bed, I was awaken by my own laughter several times during the night.

In line with the forthcoming military parade, there were all together 5 contestants participated in this contest, likened to the stars of China's flag: A big star (Waves Zhang) followed by four little stars(Flora Tang, JJ Wang ,Cathy Chen and Joyce Zou) .


However, the sequence of the speaking order was reversed, the leading star was our charming and self-confident girl Joyce Zou. With her vivid delivery skills she brought to us such a humorous speech that the whole meeting room burst into laughter every few seconds and yet she delivered a meaningful message: Even if you gave out what you regard as the best it won't make any impact if it is to a wrong person. It is important that you give the right bait when fishing and most importantly, it has to be given to the right target . Totally agree, my dear!  :-)


Our second speaker Cathy Chen had shared with the audience her travel experiences in NZ. It was an exciting and fun journey to her, and yet it was also the trip that she learnt this valuable lesson: by traveling light you can travel further.


Our third speaker, JJ Wang, shared with us another hot topic: "Love or Marriage".

As a happily married woman, she tried to set up two singles because she thought these two could be a perfect match.

However the guy said:" The girl I want has to be a minimum 160cm high, has a college degree, under the age of 30 and she should not have too much love stories." when she offered him to help.

" Is that guy handsome? is him tall as above to 180cm? does he have a steady income? did he buy a house yet?" The girl asked when she offered the same help." Cause financial stability is very important for me." The girl continued.

"Isn't that a familiar scenario to many of you still single ones?" She asked.

"We always dreamed in having the best, but bear in mind, the reality is much uglier." She warned us.

She demonstrated her point with her own cases, she had been chasing after the same dream until she had entered the age of 38 and married to a man who was never in the picture of her dream.

"It was based on I knew that he is a decent man that I decided to marry him." She said. And it turned out to a happy marriage and her love to her husband has been increasing day by day. Good for you JJ! And I am happy for you!


Our fourth speaker, Flora Tang, brought to us a totally different experience "The moment of our happy old days"

She took us back to her junior high school time, the age of pure innocent. She recalled how little freedom she and her schoolmates had during those days under the current education system. When she recall the old times again, she remembered only those of the happy moments: the moment when she played the game of one hand rub the other leg with her classmate, even though she was punished by the most severe school master; the moment that her heart jumped fiercely the first time when seating next to the boy she liked.

Thank you Flora, for sharing with us the happy and fun moments!


Our last speaker and the big star of the night: Waves, brought us his "secret lover" to the light! LOL!  


With the same amount of water in one glass, there are persons who see it as a half empty glass and there are people who see the glass is half full.


A life of everyday struggling on the subway was a painful story to a lot of people who have relied on the subway to commute to the outside world every day. However, Waves made that journey into a love tunnel!

" It is a tunnel that can turn you into a skillful runner, a free style swimmer and a professional impromptu speaker". He said.

And congratulates to the people who likes to read on subway, it is a place that you can absorb as much knowledge as possible and plus, you get the chance to eliminate any neck problem by raising your head up to read.

"No matter how crowded and smelly the cabin is, so long you think positive, no place is a bad place. Even the road ahead of you looked dark to you, you can still see there is a light just in front of the tunnel not far away." He concluded.

What a great speech! And yet he made it so entertaining both of the ears and the eyes. Good job, Waves! Our star!


Now, finally comes to the moment to introduce our winners!


Dang, dang, dang.......


China Capital Toastmasters Club 2015 Fall Humorous Speech third place goes to:


 JJ Wang (applause please)


Second place winner: Waves Zhang (keep clapping)


Second place goes to:  Joyce Zou (thunderous applause )!


Big congratulations again for all these winners! The first two winners: Joyce Zou and Waves Zhang will represent our club to compete in the next level, the area level contest to be held in September 20th, next month. Let's wish them good luck and looking forward to hear such wonderful speeches from them again!


After such a fun yet stressful week, we deserved a break! Thus, my dear friends, please note that the weekly meeting on September 3 has been canceled due to the military parade .


See you all on September 10!



CCTMC Meeting Minutes –August 27, 2015


Meeting Overview

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 English Humorous Speech Contest  

English Humorous Speech Contest

Contest Chair

Ervlyn Young


Flora Tang, JJ Wang ,Cathy Chen ,Joyce Zou,Waves Zhang

First Place Winner

Joyce Zou

Second Place Winner

Waves Zhang

Third Place Winner

JJ Wang

Club Officials






VP Education:


VP Membership:


VP Public Relations:



Cathy Chen







Video master







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