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CCTMC Meeting Minutes ľAugust 13, 2015


Dear fellow toastmasters,

How much do you love CCTMC?


 " Once a member of CCTMC, ever a member of CCTMC, alive or dead". These words of our Toastmaster, Cathy Li, show how much she loves CCTMC.

This Thursday was the last meeting she held for this club before she will go to study in the U.S.A.

In her opening speech for the meeting, she shared with us her journey through life since she came to Beijing and how CCTMC transformed her from a girl usually staying at home who would travel only between her working place to her little home in Beijing for years into a brave traveler who traveled as far as Northern Europe: Sweden, Norway and Denmark all the way alone. 

Now, she will take an even bolder step - she will pursue her study in the U.S.A for two years.

Dear sister Cathy, you are one of the best friends of mine in CCTMC and I have always been proud of sharing the same English name with you.

I know it will not be easy to travel alone and be a guest in a foreign country, but with your amazing personality and such a warm heart, I am sure you will soon make your way and enjoy an even brighter future. Go for it  dear! And please do come back to visit us whenever you can!

Ok, now let's get back to the meeting itself!

Thanks to our Table Topic Master Johnson the table topic session was definitely the highlight of this meeting. Waves of laughter have been caused by the ideas of : Travelling back to meet a most famous person in the history; Losing your passport in a foreign country; Travelling alone or travelling with friends? ......

What a funny session!

This week we had only two prepared speeches because Dahai couldn't make it to the meeting due to an emergency case.

Coincidently, the both prepared speakers today were doing the same "inspirational" speech though both kept close to their resprective speech project. More coincidently, both of them have presented the same concept of "self-realization", and for both of them CCTMC became the turning point on their way to self-realization.

" Why have you been chosen to play Hermione Jean Granger, Emma?" When invited on a TV broadcasting show, Emma Watson was asked this question by the hostess.

" Maybe because I am worth it".

" I am worth it!" What a powerful phrase it is ! It was said by our first speaker, JJ.

"Such a power is able to play a magic that can turn Cinderella into a princess. However, it is also one of the abilities most difficult to acquire if you have not been born with it".

This was particularly true in her case. Though a smart girl ever since she was born, lacking of self-confidence made her get a crunched back. For years she has been fighting for gaining more self-confidence and she finally made the decision to travel all the way across the ocean to the United States in the hope she would become a more self-confident woman. However, little progress had been made until the day she got to know CCTMC in Beijing.

It was this one year journey in CCTMC that has made her a more confident woman and now she is on her way to become an even better one. Well done, JJ and yes, you are worth it!

Our second speaker, Cathy Chen, shared with us a background story on why she decided to run the marathon on July 18, last month.

Compared to JJ's journey of self-acceptance, Cathy's road to self-realization was an even harder one. It took her many years to find the way through, and on the way she struggled, got frustrated and broken-hearted many times.

Eventually, on this Thursday, she proudly announced to her fellow toastmasters that she is now a quiet self-confident woman, and what's more, she is now able to look back with a smile! Congratulations, Cathy, you, too are worth it!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –August 13, 2015

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