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CCTMC Meeting Minutes – Apr.9. 2015


CCTMC Meeting Minutes – Apr.9. 2015


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Anyone can cook

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Table Topics

Table Topic Master brought vegetables & food to the stage, topics are all related to them.

1. Paherya: Who you want to invite to dinner party and why?

2. Garfield (Guest): Introduce Mr. Carrot to CCTMCers

3. Waves: Introduce pumpkin to the audience

4. Emma: After dinner party, make a speech to thank a special guest.

5.Cathy: what’s you find relaxing and challenging beside cooking?

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: At the age of 30

A saying goes; man should be independent at the age of 30.  Robin just reached the age of 30, want is his epiphany toward life?

When he was a child, he dreamed to become a super hero. As time passed by, the goal changed to be a good man for the family, who take care of both children and parents, a person family member can rely on. It’s important to be a better self, to take more responsibility. Whenever we face difficulties, we need to slow down and retrospect. In the meantime, challenge ourselves to do new things, to get a better understanding of ourselves, and recharge the energy. Gradually we will gain more confidence, patience and passion, with this; he can be a better family person. A better self is more important to be the hero who saves the world. 


Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




Project No.7: Research your topic

Speech Title: A Brief look into Chinglish

Long time no say, people mountain people sea. Chinese has contributed to the development of English language, up to 20% of the whole world’s contributions.

JJ gave vivid examples of Chinglish and illustrated the reasons why such words came into use. They are generated from different accent of Chinese and speaking English, incorrect pronunciation of words, or vocabulary misusages and word-to word translations. Creation of new words in recently years and misguiding translation software also generated more Chinglish.

The traditional Chinese way of teaching English, which focus on reading instead of practical use of the language like speaking and listening skills, are the main reasons behinds Chinglish. It is also how we would reduce usage of Chinglish by using the right teaching methods.


Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




Project No: Adv.11.5 Bring History to life

Speech Title: The old world met the new

Hometown is a popular topic to break the ice and building connection between strangers. Does the meaning of geography only limit to this?

One day in November, 1532, the New World and the Old World met…A band of Spanish mercenaries and adventurers, led by a retired army captain, Francisco Pizarro, had been travelling in search of gold and glory for two years. As they travelled, they found evidence of a large native civilization, when they reached the edge of the mighty Inca Empire.

By that time, the Inca Empire was enormous. It stretched along the length of the Andes, from modern-day Ecuador to central Chile, a distance of 2,500 miles. The Incas caught a sight of the extraordinary conquistadors of Pizarro passing through their land. A messenger rushed back to give the news to Atahualpa, the emperor of Inca. Atahualpa is camped in a valley of Cajamarca, guarded by an army of 80,000 men. The said “A group of strange-looking, part human, part beast strangers are coming!”

The intelligence described “Those people are wearing wool on their faces, like a lamb or like, they’re just like an animal. Then they went from one place to the other wearing on top of their heads a little pot that has never been used for cooking.” Atahualpa was treated as a living god, a son of the sun itself. He’s in Cajamarca on a religious retreat, giving thanks for a series of recent military triumphs. When he heard about the progress of the Spanish soldiers, he chose not to have them killed. Instead, he sent back a message “Invite them to join me in Cajamarca, as quickly as possible.”, because Atahualpa had an idea that these Spaniards were not gods but sub-humans.

Pizarro and his men arrived on Friday November 1532. Atahualpa was in a plaza preparing for the ceremony to celebrate the recent triumphs. He left his armed warriors who had accompanied him. His immediate party still numbered over seven thousand but were unarmed except for small battle weapon intended for show. Atahualpa's attendants were dressed in what were apparently ceremonial garments.

The Spaniards concealed themselves within the buildings and alley surrounding the plaza. Pizarro ordered his men to remain silent and hidden until the guns were fired. At the signal to attack, the Spaniards unleashed gunfire at the vulnerable mass of Incans and surged forward in a concerted action. The first target of the Spanish attack was Atahualpa and his top commanders. Pizarro rushed at Atahualpa on horseback, but the Inca remained motionless. The Spanish severed the hands or arms of the attendants carrying Atahualpa's litter to force them to drop it so they could reach him. The Spanish were astounded that the attendants ignored their wounds and used their stumps or remaining hands to hold it up until several were killed and the litter slumped.

168 Spaniards attacked the imperial army of the Incas in the highlands of Peru. Before the day was out, they had massacred 7,000 people, and taken control of the Inca Empire. Not a single Spanish life was lost in the process.

Why was the balance of power so uneven between Old World and New? The big victory of Pizarro is due to the scornfulness of Inca Empire. But the deep reason for their scornfulness is innocence. They’ve never seen white men or people carried by their animals before. The horses that had already been used in Spain for 4,000 years seemed so exotic to the Incas.

The shape of the continents, their crops and animals could explain all. The fates of Human societies could not be found in the geography. Professor Jared Diamond developed a highly original theory that what separates the winners from the losers is the land itself.

Prepared Speech #4

Speaker 3:




Project No: Adv.5.3 Sell a product

Speech Title: Breathe clean air


Best Table Topics:

Garfield (Guest)

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Waves Zhang

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Jeri Weng

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Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


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