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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Apr.2. 2015


CCTMC Meeting Minutes – Apr.2. 2015

Toastmaster: Are you a perfectionist? Being a perfectionist might means you have high standards for everything, even picky and demanding. This complex of perfectionism may lead to procrastination, always waiting for the perfect moment to take action. But in fact, getting things done, and get started what you want to do, you will make progress out of practice, then practice and practice will eventually make you closer to perfection.


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The Complex of Perfectionism

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Cathy Li

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Rosie & Joyce

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Table Topics

1. Cathy Li: Do you believe in Mr.right ?

2. Robin: Should you encourage your children to strive for perfection?

3. Yuan (Guest): Is perfectionism a good or bad thing?

4. Cathy Zhao: Do you agree with the statement: Practice makes perfect.

5. Waves: What is a perfect speech?

6. Heather: Can you be a perfectionist and be happy at the same time?

7.Pro.Hale: Do you think perfectionist is procrastination?

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: The perfect kid

 Paherya was the perfect kid of others (别人家的孩子) when she was a child, and all her friends, classmates hated her for a long time. She was very good at school, good at study, good at performances, singing and dancing. She was the pride of her parents. But in 2005 when she graduated from high school, she disobeyed her father’s wish and chosen to study in international business management instead of medicine. Then later on, she disobeyed her parents’ wish again, she went to Holland for graduate school education other than the US.

Not being the perfect kid became the reason for every problem she might encounter at school or work. “Your life would be much better if you went to medicine school, if would be much better if you went to the US” was her father’s argument.

The life she has chosen for herself, taught her a valuable lesson. There is no perfect life; there is always something not perfect. By accepting this reality, that the un-perfect part will only give your place for improvement. Paherya is happy with what she is doing and happy with who she is, enjoy the process of improve life. And that is what all matters.  

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:

Cathy Zhao



Project No.1: Icebreaker

Speech Title: Finally it will come

Cathy’s speech was inspired by her trip to India, where she planned to release pressure from work and life.

One tour guide told her to enjoy the easy and slow life style and things will come naturally, which was unbelievable for her compared with the fast speed she had and target oriented life in Beijing.  Indians live a peaceful life even these in markets of tourist resorts, they are always patient and smiling instead of being pushing sales person.

A relax mind and keep doing what you are doing now will lead to good results. If you focus too much on the target and suffer from the pressure of the result, you will only make the process a challenging and miserable journey. Enjoy the process, keep a patient mind and the result will come naturally.


Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




Project No.6: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: What I’ve learned in 10 years in China

What Fred has learned in 10 years in China?

First lesson, there are still misunderstandings between China and rest of the world. In some foreigners’ eyes, China is a scary place; still have culture revaluation with overzealous people. Some Chinese thought England is foggy city, man wear long hat, and carry umbrella everywhere. (Which in fact like 100-50 years ago of England).

Second lesson is the importance of language. Fred used to use sign language to communicate with others. On his epic adventure in Xijiang, one night; he was kept awake by the sound of rats, chewing stuff. When he complained the situation to the receptionist, even he was very angry, the result turned out to be astonishing and laughable to the receptionist. “There are Tigers in my room, intend to say rat in Chinese.

Third lesson, look both ways when you cross the road.  Motorcar drivers literally carried everything with them; and they focus on phone calls, or even TV plays, while driving with fast speed.

Culture different is a huge topic and it was a fun journey to learn, and then find the similarity out of all these differences.


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Waves & Pro.Hale

Best Speaker:

Paherya & Fred

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Waves Zhang

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Jeri Weng

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Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu





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Julie Tao



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