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CCTMC Meeting Minutes Apr.16. 2015


CCTMC Meeting Minutes – Apr.16. 2015


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Stories in Hospital

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Pro. Hale





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Cathy Li

Table Topics

Topics are scenarios related to hospital.

1. Cathy Zhao: When you see people jump the queue, what will you do?

2. Jaron (Guest): You baby is having a fever and you have been waiting for 2 hours, what will you do at that moment.

3. Cathy Li: You are visiting your grandma at the hospital and she suddenly fainted when a young doctor is checking on her, what will you do?

4. Yann: You are the doctor in previous scenario, the patient’s family is blaming you for the grandma’s sudden faint, what will you do?

5. Joyce: You friend who need to take care of many patients and has lots of pressure and senior doctor won’t able to help, she wanted to quit the job, what will you do?

6. Daniel: A senior doctor who has worked for 20 years, but is salary is still very low, what do you think about situation?  

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:

Cathy Zhao



CC Project No. 2: Organize your speech

Speech Title: Delivery for online shopping

Did you shopping online on Nov.11? What is the impact after the order? Tones of packages need to be delivered to everywhere in the country and lots of courier have to work overtime for this big sale event.

This peak season for sales and delivery, especially after Nov.11, might cause some problems.

There are some temperate hired couriers, and they will out of work after the peak season. The health issue is another problem, to save time and delivery all these packages as expected, couriers are work at the expense of their own health and safety.  Couriers drive motorcycle which might cause safety issue if they work overtime and don’t have enough time to rest, increase the potential traffic accident.

There are shopping mall, also has promotions for big sales, which might reduce the pressure on couriers. Being a litter bit rational while you shopping on line would be helpful.  

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




Project No.7: Research your topic

Speech Title: Heath must come first

6% of American people exercise for 30 mins or more each week, average American eat 100 pounds of sugar per year, 6 pounds of broccoli. 1/10 parents in UK, believe Coca-Cola count as fruit like vegetable. It’s much easier and cheaper to buy fast food than organic and healthy food. Heath is a worldwide issue.

Fred spoke from his personal story, a few years ago, he stuck with Baozi, which might seemingly save money spent on food, but in fact, ended up paying double or even more to see a doctor. Sleep won’t help to rejuvenate the energy; you will easily get hurt and get affected. All these damage the immune system.

Unhealthy life style need to be changed. Genetic changed food, food pollution and manipulate food chain, bringing us back to the old way of eating and living. Eat fruit and vegetable, drink water, eat enough protein, to calculate the calorie needed and eat based on this. Regulate the food you eat and do more exercise whenever have chance to keep yourself heathy.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




Project No: Adv.15.2 Leave them with a smile

Speech Title:

Rosie wanted to bail out from delivering a speech in the club. But she wasn’t successful from being checked by another member, asking why she cancelled the speech.

The truth was simple, didn’t prepared. – is this an excuse? The concerned members threatened not to give any evaluations for her future speeches she didn’t show up.  Didn’t want to miss the chance of such important evaluation, Rosie show up and make the speech happened. What the outcome of these situations?

You do not make promise if you didn’t prepared, and if you make a promise, you keep your promise.

If you really want to break your promise, you need to have a better excuse.

You will never find out how much potential you have until someone push you to do something.

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Best Functional Role

Prof. Hale

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Waves Zhang

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VP Membership:

Jeri Weng

VP Public Relations:

Una Miskovic


Cathy Li


Jenny Gu





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Julie Tao





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