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CCTMC Meeting Minutes 4 August, 2016

 Dear fellow Toastmasters,


It will be a big week for toastmaster speaking club next week – The Humorous Speech Contest!


Are you ready?


Let's try to catch up last Thursday's meeting. We had a huge group of guests and members and many of them were from other toastmaster clubs.  We welcomed Alex' and Yann's return. As a grammarian, Alex taught us a word 'guffaw', which unfortunately was a little bit under-used in the evening. When giving a Grammarian report, Alex caught a western guest using the word incorrectly. Well, truly a difficult word, but I am glad I learned it! Actually we had a guffaw when western dude made exaggerate performance on the stage during the table topic role playing. We do need diversify our meetings' atmosphere! 


The whole evening was about the upcoming contest and the table topics covered all types of situations under pressure before exams. We are actively looking for participants in the humourous contests for the next two weeks, please get in touch if interested. 


We had two speakers: Zhe and Evi. It was my Second Speech - Organize Your Speech 'The relationship with parents', which is sadly poor-delivered due to under-preparation. The evaluator Abi saw my potential and then suggested a second try. Such a shame to have wasted a chance. Topic is good, but preparation is more important.


Evi easily well-performed with her Seventh Speech - Research Your Topic 'The science of storytelling'. A good story would help you sell things easily. The whole speech was fluent, nature, great and, easy. I guess we all need more practice to make speeches appear easy to the audience, a sign for sophisticated speakers. If your speeches are not torturing the audience, congratulations!




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