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CCTMC Meeting Minutes 22.Jan.2015

CCTMC Meeting Minutes 22.Jan.2015

The meeting on Jan.22 was full of laughers and tears and beautiful songs.

Our Toastmaster Francesca soon will leave China. She shared her life chapter in Beijing, how it was started, the middle and the end. You never know what will happen in your life, its full of uncertainties, but who you are as a person is something inside of you, and that define the chapters of your life. She met CCTMC, joined the family, overcame her fear and finished her CC-10 speeches, took inspirations from the club, with great gratitude she folded the chapter with an excellent performance as a Toastmaster.

We should all cherish the goodness you have and the people around you, with each other, encourage ourselves to be a better person.

Thanks for being here with all CCTMCers, both Francesca and Will. We wish you all the best.

The meeting ended with two songs composed by our officers, members and guests sang for Francesca and Will.



Francesca, Francesca, Francesca, wish you all the best.

We will keep you in our heart, for wherever you are;

Francesca, Francesca, Francesca, wish you all the best.

We will keep you in our heart, for wherever you are;



Hey, Will, Dont you forget; Our big family, is CCTMC

Remember to let her into your heart; Then we can start to make it better;

Na na na, na na na, na na na, Hey Will; Na na na, na na na, na na na, Hey Will.


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A New Chapter

Word of Day

Ifhad done, would have done



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Table Topics

1.    Chiara: What is the chapter that is unfolding in your life now? How do you entitle it?

2.    Robin (Guest): Who is the most important person in your current chapter?

3.    Kreran (Guest): Is there anybody or anything that you’re expecting to come in your life? if Yes, what/who is it?

4.    Callia (Guest): Some choices in life are so important that they could totally change the route of our life. What’s the most difficult choice you’ve made and what has changed since then?

5.      Guest: Some event could change the history, if you didn’t come to CCTMC, what will you be doing tonight?

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. _6 : Vocal Variety

Speech Title: A litter angel

6 year ago, Will got his litter angel-his son and his life has been changed from then on, sleepless nights to take care of the cry baby took him a lot of effort. But he has started to learn, why the baby never stopped crying, its the only language of a baby to express himself. As new parents, Will and his wife have to guess the meanings behind these cries. In the meantime, it was a fun journey of discovery. Will has made huge progress to sing songs to his son, and it made him ready to join The Voice of China someday.

The baby brought great joy to Will, and the family is filled with laughter. The first time the baby call Ba Ba, the first walk, the first time the baby use a spoon, the first time of everything made the whole family a joyfully place with these valuable memories.

They say parents are the best teacher for the children, but in fact, children also helped the parents to grow.  Will played his cellphone almost 24 hours a day, but taught his son its not a good habit. One day his son asked Why you play your phone if its not good for you? The question really made Will think about what he should do to set a good example for his son.

A lifelong book with a litter angel- a child is the most happiness chapter in his life.

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




CC Project No._6__: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: Dream

Do you have a dream?  JJ asked, Its an old question, but its also so young and vibrant, enlighten our though and imagination. What more important is, are you living your dream?

Its easy to have a dream, but not easy to work on your dream, not easy to change your life, There are hardships, frustration, failures and pains on the way of pursuing your dream. But we should stay with the pain, welcome it and its maybe a blessing in disguise.

We all should find our own Passion and Strength. JJ has been through two painful transitions to become a teacher teaching English via wechat. She has changed from Law to English, when she was an associate attorney in Washington DC, she questioned whether it was the life she wanted, make a living and die? Some personality tests told her, she is a healer or an artist, far from lawyer. A decision has been made, despite how painful it was. JJ became to a teacher, which she is good at.

Later on, she found out, the students were suffering from lacking professional training, stuck with bad pronunciation or bad habit of speaking English. Then JJ found the opportunity to help these people, and to be the person to make the changes. The convenience of using wechat to record and respectively listen to the recording made it possible to live her dream.

Its important to really think who you really are, because you have the dream and you have the ability to make the dream happen.

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




CC Project No.__14.1_: Mastering the toast

Speech Title: Whats your moment here?

Jeri did her Advance manual- Special Occasion series. She made a toast for CCTMCs 9th birthday and she recalled the special memories/ moments she has experienced in the club. The favorite moment was once in the year end party, she had the fever that day, but members were wear red&white in the holiday style,  with nice food, games, friendly chat, CCTMCs healing power had drove away the fever.

Like most of us, we are aiming to improve our public speaking and leadership skills, but in fact, what CCTMC bring to us are beyond these two skills. It can be breakthrough for business opportunity like GJ and Joyce, it can be highlight or a nice chapter in your life like Francesca, or it can be a self-discovery process, like Waves found the poet in him.

CCTMC is a long story book, and every members and guests are writers, but what we get is depend on yourself, you are the person to write the chapters of your CCTMC book. Whats your moment in CCTMC? Make every moment count and with CCTMC to its 10th, 11th birthday.

Prepared speech #4

Speaker 4:

Cathy Li



CC Project No.14.1: Mastering the toast

Speech Title: Be there for you

Cathy made a toast on her best friends wedding. A friend she has since high school, when there was no one willing to be her friend. Her friend just transferred to the class, and signed by the teacher to be her desk-mate. From the most eccentric student in the class, a loner with no friends, she gradually accepted the friendship and changed. Her friend was always there for her whenever she needed since then.

As Cathy put in this way, I know, you have found the right person for you, he is the person you can trust, the person make you happy. I know this because you have found the best of me when I was at my worst years, so I know he will be always there for you, like you have done for me all these years

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Callie (guest) 

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Club Officials


Waves Zhang

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VP Membership:

 Valerie Van Kerckhove

VP Public Relations:

Una Miskovic


Cathy Li








Dana Lv


Julia Tao





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