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CCTMC Meeting Minutes 19th Nov.2015

Dear fellow Toastmasters, 

It was a raining and cold day this Thursday and only few members were present but those who came to the meeting found that the meeting room was not at all cold! In fact, the heat had been driven to higher and higher degree.

Have you made any plan for this year at the beginning of this year? The so called" New year Resolution: To start a new career, to lose some kilos, to find a boy/girl friend or get married.etc...."

"I did and it was such a shame to look back again after ten months" That was how our toastmaster of the week, Holiday, started to introduce to us the theme of his meeting.

in fact, at the beginning of the year and under some influence he had made a long list of the goals that he wished to achieve for this year and it was hurting to see the list again and find out most of the goals remained mere goals. 

That was why he picked this topic for the meeting, share the lesson he had learnt from his own experience: So much we wanted to change and however we planned, we shall check them and review them on a regular basis and from time to time or it will soon be forgotten.

What about you? fellow Toastmasters, Which were your goals to be achieved  this year and how far have you come to achieve the goals?

As a financial adviser, our Table Topic Master Heather's goal was to help as many people as possible to manage their money healthily and smartly.

With the well-through topics: Are you good in managing your money? Is money management equal to money investment? How do you define financial freedom? These questions not only entertained but also questioned us to make thoughts on do we really know how to handle our money. Well done job, Heather!

 The prepared speech session was a bit special this week as two out of three speakers were unprepared! They have been invited to conduct a pressure speech.

Their speech outline was given at the meeting by the Toastmaster with two key words: "Future and Courage".

Our lovely Chiara, brave and confident as she always is was the first one to present her speech.

it was such a smooth delivery that no one would judge that it was an unprepared speech if we had not been informed in advance. Though only in a short seven minutes she pictured to us a vivid story of the dream of a little girl for a bright future. Bravo Chiara!

 The second speaker Cathy Chen shared with us her dream for the future, too! Though the dreamed future was only an embryo to her now. However, one thing that she was certain about was in order to embrace a brand new future she had first to have a clear cut  from the past: the old life pattern, the job that she disliked for so long. 

It was never easy to make a life changing decision and that requires a lot of courage but Cathy is heading on her way , to the uncertain and to a brighter future. Let's wish her good luck!

Our third speaker, Fliex shared a personal story with us" How he mastered the art of English"

With his vivid delivery that we got to know how he started to get acquainted with the English language and how he made himself distinguished from the others. Well done, Felix!


What a funny night again and thank you all for making it happen! 

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –19th Nov.2015


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