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CCTMC Meeting Minutes 18 August, 2016


Dear fellow toastmasters:



Congratulations on the success of two humorous contests!



We had two winners on last Thursday's English Humorous Contest: Ervlyn Young and Cathy Chen!


Ervlyn won the prize with the topic 'Way Out' when she was talking about her exotic experience in an island with her American colleague Michael. Locals didn't speak English that made the whole experience tough, fortunately Ervlyn and colleague could always figure a way out in the end. Because 'every road leads to Rome'. Just keep calm and think, and think more.


With the topic 'The World's Best Salesman', Cathy Chen again walked us through an India Trip, and this time we were talking about the 'Indian Taxi Driver'. A group of charming people, as we've seen on the PowerPoint photos displayed during her speech. Indian taxi drivers keep their taxi cars clean and tidy, with good smells, and themselves neat, which made a difference from Beijing taxi drivers, who don't speek English and rarely smile, as she observed. These good sides of Indian taxi drivers should be encouraged in Beijing.


I made a humorous speech which was made up by a list of funny points. The topic was 'Culture Conversations', including a list of culture things including Southern Chinese, Northern Chinese, Western Chinese and Eastern Chinese as well as global cultures. Unfortunately there was no clear theme in the speech, though humorous, with scattering points, of adorable sides of each culture. It was still a personal improvement, with the ability to clearly deliver speech without checking written notes, like the other times.


A great amount of guests from other clubs attended the meeting, and actively participated many Table Topics. Abi led a good session comprising debates like 'Explain why you believe love in first sight' and 'Explain why you don't believe love in first sight', etc.



The contest was a good success. We look forward to better club meetings.

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