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CCTMC Meeting Minutes 14 July, 2016
Hello fellow toastmasters,

In the 14 July meeting, our toastmaster Chao used a quote from Bertrand Russell 'Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind' to guide us to discover the passion in life. And we were suggested to write down 10 things we feel passionate about, and the time we spend on them, and to share with people. Myself (Zhe) shared how grateful I am to enjoy my current life: get to work for the things I enjoy, go to do the things I like on spare time (tennis, fencing, museums & galleries, travelling, wine-tasting, etc.) after years' hard work on searching for what makes me happy, and accepting the compromises. A 'work hard, play hard' lifestyle means do what you like and do it well, live on your passion, not others'. 

Each role taker has shared their passion for life when introducing roles. Hana, the Grammarian, did an impromptu dance on Stage with Chao. Elegant! If you feel the vibe and confidence. We also welcomed our young guest Jack, who came along with his mum, to introduce his passion: public speaking and English. Well, glad to know the passion for toastmaster starts from the young generation now.

Our very well-selected topcis from Evi in the table topic session were intriguing and each discussion has inspired us in some way.  Irina talked the usual things on her mind during her commute to work: checking things around her, reading gossip news on mobile, etc. 'Study shows that what you think on your way to work indicates what you feel passionate about', Evi said. Oops. 

When answering 'Who is the most unpassionate person you met at work?', Flora had a word for us: Try to be passionate about the things around you. Well, we all get involved in unpleasant things and how could we cope with that? Remember, you are in charge of the things you want to feel.

Other topics are:
  • If you are guaranteed a 100% successful career, what career would you pick?
  • Who is the most passionate person you met in your career and why?
  • You were a successful footballer, and got injured unfortunately, what would you do?
  • ...

Fantastic topics, weren't they? What would be your answers? 

Our two speakers (Cathy Zhao and Candice) both gave extremely inspiring speeches, that have touched us. At the speech 'Don't procrastinate your life', Cathy Zhao shared her two sad stories: 1) delay of MBA paper; 2) an uncomplished visit to her passed-away aunt. It was just about the month, that she was just about to visit the aunt. Or was it another month between you and your visit? Don't worry dear, I am sure your aunt would feel your heart and wanted you to be happy. Cathy concluded that deep in the heart, we think the task is so difficult that we do not want to get started. But if we get started, we would find it easier and easier, and maybe enjoyable. She also suggested to publish the to-do list on social networks so that people would push you to get your things done, and it could be a mutual way to help each other overcome the procrastination. Not a bad advice, thanks Cathy!

Candice gave her 10th speech - Inspire Your Audience with the exploration of her toastmaster speaking club experience.  'My TMC trip' covered her development in public speaking and how talking with strangers helped. I found her speech impressively fluent. I have to admit, toastmasters club really helps.

That is it for our last meeting, fun? We look forward to seeing you.
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