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CCTMC Meeting Announcement 25/09/2014 - Firefighter

Dear All,

What we discovered during this meeting was that CCTMC is a club of firefighters. Our members are always ready in crisis to jump in and take a role to ensure a smooth and successful meeting. Some of our members proven it tonight, Debbie agreed at the last second to take the role of the Grammarian and Jenny who jumped in to count the Ahs and Ehs. The guests were no exception. William, once our member and now our guest, took charge of the stop watch and time management. Thank you all!

The meeting was opened a reminder of our club’s latest achievements. Three of our club won three first places in the Area B2 contact: Cathy Chen in Mandarin Speech Contest, Dana in Evaluation contest and Waves in English Humorous Speech Contest. Congratulations to you all! You make us proud!

President Waves also extended special thanks to our members who helped the organization of the contest, namely, Valerie as s Contest Chair, Francesca as Journalist and Rosie as Judge.

He also reminded everyone to bring their CL manuals to the meeting and advance further with their competent leadership programs. By following the program you can grow further and improve your leadership skills. Use your manuals, don’t leave them to sit at home!

Due to the October Golden Week holidays, there will be no meeting next Thursday, October 2. Take the time to relax and brainstorm new exciting speeches and get ready to get back on stage on October 9.

For scheduling a speech, contact our great Scheduler Heather.

Enjoy the holidays!

CCTMC Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2014

Meeting Overview

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General Evaluator:

Cathy Chen

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William (guest)

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Table Topics

Ervlyin really knows how to provoke interesting answers by putting people into difficult situations and asking them to spring up with quick solutions. Check out her imaginative questions below and the great responses from tonight’s table topic participants:

Participants, Topics and Speech Sum-up

1.     Debbie: You are a Toastmaster of a meeting. Suddenly, there is a power cut because of the strong rain. What would you do?

Gentlemen, who would like to go out and buy candles for tonight so we can hold our meeting despite the power shortage. Guys say: “We have no money!” Lu Qi, you are our club treasurer, can you allocate some money from he budget for it?” “Yes!” “Great! Then, gentlemen, please go and buys some candles. That way we can hold a memorable meeting under the candle light!”

2.     Yaxiong: First choose a partner. It will be Waves. Yaxiong and Waves, you are soldiers ina war. We need a volunteer to go and sacrifice himself for the team. Discuss and decide which one of you will do it.

Waves: I should do it! I have lived a long and full life. I am satisfied with it. I think it is time for me to go and you can stay and continue the good work!

Yaxiong: First thought I had when I heard the question was: “It should be Waves!” He is very brave and generous and he would be happy to give his friends a chance to survive. Now, I will change my mind and put selfish thought away. We need more brave and selfless men like Waves around, and I choose to go and sacrifice myself and inspire others.

3.     Alfred (guest): Your father is ill and in great pain and he has only two more months to live. He asks you to help him end his life earlier. What would you do?

I would keep company with my father. I know he suffers a lot. That s why I would come to him and tell him stories, read to him, help him. I would spend last two months of his life with him. I think it would bring him comfort and spiritual cure. I would definitely not do anything to end his life.

4.     Heather: Today it is a joint meeting between CCTMC and the best clubs form the U.S. The locker is locked and there is no one who can break the lock. What would you do?

Why today? And on my birthday!!! What am I doing, I am smart, I should not despair. I can use some of the things in our classroom as props. Like these forwers, they are of different colours. They can be used instead of cards for timer. And the bell… I would instruct timer to make some clicking sounds to mark the end of the speech. I would inform everyon of new signals and the meeting can go with no problems.

5.     Gao Ying (guest): You are rushing for an important job interview. On the way you meet a grandma who tells you: “I have stomach ache, please take me to hospital!” What would you do?

Helping others is important, so the answer is I would call the interviewer and explain them the situation. I would tell them that there was a real emergency and try to postpone the meeting for another time. I would make sure they don’t think it is just an excuse.  

Prepared Speech #1

Speaker 1:




CC Project No. 2: Organize Your Speech

Speech Title: A Toast to the Women of The World

Women issues and gender equality are still unfortunately in focus of the world debates. Recently Emma Watson made a speech for UN concerning this burning issue. Women are fighting for may things. In some parts of the world girls are dying because they want education.  The fight for gender equality is far from finished.

With this in mind we should also stop sometimes and think of the women who fought this fight for us and changed our lives. I will mention one of them.

She was born in a village in 50s. She had big dreams. She persuaded her parents to send her to study. However, she met a boy, and a baby followed. She dropped out of school and became a housewife. Second kid came soon after that. Her marriage was a disaster. Her husband was abusive, she had no job. She was desperate. She wanted a divorce despite the prejudice of the society towards the divorced women. And she got it. She moved to a big city and found a job. She continued her studies and after a while got the degree.

As a mother, her first goal was to get the education for her children. She knew that that was the key to may doors. And she worked hard to reach that goal. This woman was my mother.

How often do you take time to appreciate the women in your life and how often do you think about the difficulties they are facing when juggling family and career? Don’t forget to show your appreciation for their sacrifices and achievements. I want to do it now, bu raisint this imaginary glass to all of them! Cheers!

Prepared Speech #2

Speaker 2:




CC Project No.5: Your Body Speaks

Speech Title: Too Fat for Passion

When I was four years old, my dream was to become a princess.

When I started on ballet class it seemed to me my dream came true. I got my firs tutu and I looked like a princess indeed. But soon I discovered that in the class I was treat like anything but a princess. The teacher was strict and had a wooden stick: “Plie, relevé, plie, relevé… Suck in your stomach!” I also got my first “fat” comments. The teased me to be a “little Buddha” because of my big belly, but I was still enthusiastic about the dancing.

Soon I moved to the next school, but it only got harder and the teachers were still the same strict ladies with wooden sticks. Still, I endured all the comments and followed my passion.

After it, I wanted to go to the theatre school. You can imagine the face of my Asian mother when she heard what I my dreams were. Her expectations were different and she gave me no support. Instead, all I got was another “fat” comment.  

But I went to Australia and enrolled a theatre school. We were dancing six hours a day. Tap, jazz, ballet, everything… The comments were still the same – “fat”. “At your size, how can you manage to jump so high?” And such. I talked even with a friend who was facing the same problems in a school in England. When she auditioned for a scholarship, she discovered that the major comment on her performance sheet was “Overweight”.

How can a passion be related to the size? How can you be too fat for passion? You can’t. As long as you heart is big, your passion will flow!

Prepared Speech #3

Speaker 3:




CC Project No.6: Vocal Variety

Speech Title: The Person Who Changed My Life

Kelang is a college student. He is really confused about his life. While he was young, he developed serious interest in music and started composing music. He can play music all day and be happy. The major he is studying does not interest him. One day, he decides that he wants to quit college and dedicate his life to music.

Making a living by music is harder than he thought. He writes some nice songs and plays them in bars but never get the chance to be picked up by a music producer. Seven years goes by and he is still worthless as a musician struggling to make his ends meet. Just when he lost his feith in life he saw an ad calling for musicians to perform to the kids in an orphanage for free. Ho gto the job and started paying. However, the kids didn’t pay full attention to him at all. He is one man enjoying his own performance.

One day, during the performance, he noticed there is a girl in the audience who really listened. One week later, after finishing his performance, there was a sudden fire alarm. He saw the girl, she was crying “my brother is still in there…” Hearing that, he rushed back to the building in fire without hesitation. He managed to bring out the little boy in his hands but never managed to wake up in the hospital.

The girl was so touched and thankful to the hero. For all her life, she thought she could never found a reason to live. But now, to carry on the hero’s dream, she decided to learn music. Decades later, she became a nationally well-known musician. He was the most important person in the girl’s life as she confessed in media interviews, but he never knew. This is a story from a Japanese novel I recently read.

We are all trying so hard to find the meaning of life, the purpose of living and ways to realize our dreams. We are all dreaming that one day we will finally become someone who presents great value to the society and being recognized. Have you realized that maybe we are thinking in a wrong way? Do we have to make marvellous achievements in order to have a valuable and meaningful life? Not really. In fact, the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the words you say, may influence other people in the ways you are not aware.  You never know how big a influence you are creating on other people’s lives. It’s like throwing a stone into the water, and you will see the waves expanding from the centre to a vastly wider scope.

Prepared speech #4

Speaker 4:



Lu Qi

CC Project No. 9: Persuade With Power

Speech Title: Are Children Little Emperors in Our Society?

In China children are often described as Little Emperors. There are 6 adults to one child, his parents and his grandparents. The child is in the focus of them all. They invest everything into child, they spoil him, give him all the best.

Often, question is raised whether these children will be able to take responsibilities in society because they are so spoiled. However, I think that children are most disadvantageous group in our society today.

I have a son. One day, he got ill and we took him to the hospital. The doctor prescribed him a drug. This drug was completely wrong choice for my son. Why? Firstly it was a table, an oral drug. The kid was vomiting, so how could the drug stay in his stomach to cure him if he throws it up? Secondly, the drug was in a form of a tiny pill of 10 mg. However, the proper dose for children was 6 mg. It was virtually impossible to cut this little hard pill precisely in this proportion. One would even need to have some special tools to do that.

But the doctor is not the one to be blamed. She had no choice. Pharmaceutical industry doesn’t make the special drug suitable for children.

In USA, FDA approved 27 new drugs last year of which not even one is for children. The problem lies in the investment return ratio. The expenses for development of paediatric drug are much higher than those for the same drug for adults. However, the returns are much lower. In the environment of market economy, we cannot expect the pharmaceutical industry to sacrifice their profit, so we cannot put the blame on them either. Still, governments can sometimes interfere and improve market outcomes in order to promote some products that are of social interest.

Not only in healthcare, but in every aspect of our society children are marginalized. Maybe n family life we spoil them, but on the level of society they are still disadvantageous group. What we need to do is first, understand the problem and then, find the solution for the system  

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Waves Zhang

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Dana Lv

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Ervlyn Young

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Francesca  Geary


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 Valerie Van Kerckhove


Yaxiong Zhang



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