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[CCTMC]CCTMC Meeting Minutes ľAugust 6, 2015

 Dear friends,

Do you feel lucky today?  

"What is your luckiest memory in life?" Our Toastmaster this week, Felix asked.

To him, luck is important as it can change one's life and as well history. Consider how Thomas Alva Edison would have been able to invent the lighting bulb if he had not been hit by a stroke of luck? And what a misfortune would that be for us if he hadn't?  I totally agree!

And personally, luck has been with him  all the time lately -  since his boss was away lately that he had  the chance to be the toastmaster for this week. Though unfortunately, the boss was back just the day he should serve the Toastmaster role. Consequently, he has been called to a suddenly arranged meeting before he should be off from work. However, it was again with the good luck that he made it to the meeting eventually, regardless of being late.   

Compared to Felix, luck was not with Roy this Thursday, as he has been detained on work and arrived to the meeting too late to serve his role. 

Luckily, JJ stood up in the last minute to take over Roy's role and hosted the Table Topic session. Though she had very short time for preparation, she brought us some very well-thought topics related to luck. The topics were so attractive that an intense competition among the audience arose, several people of whom stood up for the chance to speak instead of waiting to be called up by raising their hand. Bravo, JJ! You were the winner of this Thursday!   

This week we were lucky to enjoy three fabulous speeches again! 

Dear friends, have you ever experienced a culture shock?  


Yes, life is just like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get. Indeed, you never know what you will get when you have missed the right turn.

Such story happened to our first speaker, Paherya when she was still an oversea study student in Holland 6 years ago. One day, on her way home, she mistakenly turned into a street which she never thought to enter.

She looked up when she realized that she must have turned into a wrong street: from the windows, she saw nude female bodies were looking at her with big smiles.....

In a mere second, she fled away like a scared rabbit.

As a student and a young female from China, a scene like that was such a shock to her. But with some time and after she had gained more knowledge of cultural difference, she started to have a better understanding of human basic needs and she learnt to see things from different perspectives. What a brainstorming sharing! Thank you, Paherya!   

What have you been drinking today? Our second speaker, Seara started her speech with this question.

Water? Wine? Coffee?

"Have you ever wondered why you chose a certain type of drink and how it can benefit to you?"  She continued.

" Let me provide you with some good tips for a day's nutrition!"

In only seven minutes, she introduced to us three drinks that can bring up our energy throughout the day both nutritionally sufficient and tasty. She has not only submitted us some abstract ideas but literately taught us how to make them! How lucky were we ?! Thank you for sharing ,Seara! 

Our third and last speaker, JJ made a persuasive speech this week.

 "How much time do you spend reading every day?" Following up with her topics as of last week, she continued her speech on the concern we might neglect reading these days".

"How busy exactly are you? Would you be busier than the Jews or Chairman Mao? The Jews made up only  0.2% of the whole population and yet they were among 98% of the Nobel Prize winners".

"And, Chairman, Mao, who has dedicated his whole life and dragged China out from the darkness to the brighten.  A person busy like him never stopped reading a day. The only thing occupied his rooms were the books and wherever he went he would always carry some books with him. Not only one, but two baskets of books".  

"Have we no time for books?"

What a persuasive speech! Well done, JJ and congratulations for winning the award of the first speaker of the week!  

What a lucky day Thursday is! I am looking forward to the next one! 

CCTMC Meeting Minutes –August 6, 2015 

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