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CCTMC & Beijing No. 1 Joint Meeting Minutes –July 30, 2015

 Dear friends, 

what do you think you deserve? Happiness? Health? Love? 

These were the questions asked by our toastmaster this week, Frieda, who was once a member of our club and is now a member of our parent club -Beijing No. 1Toastmasters.

She definitely deserves to be the toastmaster of this week's joint meeting given she was once a member of our club and now of the two great clubs. Moreover,  it was the only Thursday night that she was  free from work throughout the whole year.

And for those of us who made the efforts to come to the meeting after a heavy stormy day, we deserved a high quality meeting, great speeches and loads of laughter! :-)

It was indeed a very successful meeting and the high spirit of energy flowed through the whole meeting and particularly heated up when the prepared speech session started.

Since it was a joint-meeting organized by the two clubs jointly, each role takers were well chosen, particularly, the prepared speakers: Two females, two males.

The first two female speakers were our guest speakers: Xin and Mia.

Xin brought us a very sweet and touching topic:" Say Thank you".

She had  believed that she was a person who was good in saying thank you until her grandma, the one who cared  the most for her, but to whom she never said that simple phrase 'THANK YOU', had passed away.

It was only then that she realized she had only been good in saying thank to the strangers rather than to those she loved and who deserved her thanks the most.

In order to avoid more regrets in the future, she started to say thank to her loved ones. As saying "thank you" has never been well implemented in the Chinese tradition, saying  " thank you" to our family members is not so easy as it should be and most likely we won't receive the same response that we wish or expect back from the thanked ones.However, she took the action and the result was great! She felt the even stronger love among her loved ones after speaking the words! 

Yes, let's  not forget to say thank to our loved ones whenever they have done something nice to us. They deserve to hear that! 

Thank you, Xin! For sharing such a sweet topic with us and for reminding us what was most  important in our life. 

Differently from Xin, our second speaker, Mia, had brought us such a drama!  A successful demo-case on how important  it is for a man to marry someone who knows how to handle the money well!

When her husband had been trapped into a fraud  by  text messages  the result of which was an apparent loss of RMB21,000 (though it was her husband's hidden money that she was not aware of at the first place) . With her rich experience in working for the bank, she successfully stopped the  break and prevented the money from being lost, instead, she had the money transferred into her account for supervising it better after the attempted fraud. Well done, Mia! You deserve being the guardian of the money!  ;-)

Now, turns to our brothers Felix and Johnson.

Felix presented  us today one of the most well known folk tales-Kua Fu chasing after the sun.

It was such a vivid delivery that we could easily imagine Kua Fu rose from a boy who had killed two giant snakes to the most powerful man in the whole continent after he grew up.

Of course, tragedy and  death were always the results when a man becomes too powerful and also arrogant and when he  stopped being aware of his limits. It was a tragedy but so enjoying for the eyes and ears when heard it  from Felix. Well done, Felix! Your deserve to be the best speaker for the week!

Our last speaker, Johnson,  was also working on one of his advanced speech projects. His task was to manifest  his idea with a demonstration.

He successfully complied to the project requirement in the famous ways of what, how and why: What is mindfulness, how it works and why it is so important. 

With the short meditation he instructed  us  to seek  our own mindfulness, I thought I was almost touched upon my own innate mindfulness. What a mind washing presentation you brought to us, Johnson. Brova and Thank you!

I usually would stop my writings here after reviewing the prepared speeches as I understand a too long meeting report would definitely bore my readers and  a smaller number would actually read  it after all. However, the evaluators of this meeting  certainly deserve a big 'WOW'! All the evaluations were done with great values and high proficiency. Well done, all of you!!!


What a great meeting we have had this week and I was amazed again with what a great power and variety can be generated when members of different clubs  join together! We should do it more often than two times a year! Yes, we deserve more! :-) 

I am looking forward to next Thursday! 


Sincerely yours,

Cathy Chen 


CCTMC Meeting Minutes –July 30, 2015


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