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Take a Walk on the Wild Side by Waves Zhang
Sunday, 28 September 2014

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

by Waves Zhang


Why should we join the Contest?

1)     Someone mentioned that there is Density in our lives.

If you read many books in 10 years, these 10 years will be far more valuable and longer than the 20 years of the others who haven’t read at all. Because you know more about the essence of our life by taking the shortcut  books. As the old Chinese saying goes, there is gold and beauty in the books. This is what is called the Density of our lives.

Likewise, as a Toastmasters member, when we join a contest, the density of our TM journey will be reinforced. The contest is the shortcut for us to learn more about the essence of Toastmasters.

2)     If every speech in CCTMC regular meeting is our practice, then the contest will be our Show. This means that for only 7 minutes on stage, there will be innumerable times of preparation off stage. Excitement, Pressure, Competition, Nervousness, Anxiety, Torture, Desperation, Inspiration, Hope, Perseverance, Refinement, Expectation, and finally Readiness and Confidence. This roller-coaster of emotions with a variety of different ingredients, which feels exactly like constipation, is the bonus we get for joining the contest.

Alright, if you don’t join, you can’t feel and benefit from this experience whatsoever.

3)     Actually, all of the feelings described above are only the landscapes along the contest journey. The ultimate destination of this journey is to know more about ourselves. Actually, the contest, the competition and all of the audience out there, as a whole, is just a mirror, through which we can see more clearly who we are. It’s a journey of discovery, exploration and fulfillment!

With times over times’ of refinement, we even get fed up and sick with our speech, and yet, when we keep working on it, we can see the real us. The depth of the potential we have probed in ourselves in the contest goes far beyond any other occasion.

Eventually, it’s only our true selves who can come to the rescue. 


Does the result really matter?

1)     First and foremost, in CCTMC, frankly speaking, the club contest level is equalized with the contest of division level, in which the competition is super fierce!

Here in CCTMC, Yann, who once won the Champion of Evaluation Contest in China, First Runner-up of International Spleech Contest in China, and countless times of Finals of National speech contest before, joins contest every time, for sure!

Here in CCTMC, like this spring, from hundreds of clubs across the whole China, there were only 15 contestants got into the final of International English Contest, Table Topic Contest and Mandarin Speech Contest. And among these 15 contestants in the 3 final contests, 2 of them are from CCTMC.

So here in CCTMC, even when you lose, actually, you lose nothing

2)     Some members told me before:”If my speech sucks, I will lose my face, or I will lower the quality of the contest in CCTMC?

How big your heart is, then how big the arena will be.

Put your heart into preparation, rehearsal and delivery of your speech on the stage and the quality will be there.

And in the meantime, we may really lose our face in the contest, on the stage, in front of huge amount of people. If it’s the case, congratulations! You win! Toastmasters is a place where you learn and have to learn by losing face. It means we are stretching hard our comfort zone, it means we are challenging deeply our limits, and it means we are incubating a new competence.

The more you lose your face here, the more you win!

In a word, contest is the accelerator of our self-growth Take it or leave it, it’s up to ourselves.

3)     Last but not least, the result does matter, for everyone. And yet, the key is in what that result is? The one that judges gave us? Or the one we have measured by ourselves?

We know better than everyone, the kind of obstacles we have conquered, the kind of effort we have given and the kind of breakthrough we have made!

So if we are satisfactory with ourselves, and we have improved compared with the us of yesterday, it will be OK!

Therefore, we should try our own best!

Then the result is all about ourselves It has nothing to do with the others!


Who should join the contest most?

The members who haven’t joined contest before!

Senior members, like Yann, Joyce and Dana, if I suggest them not to join the contest, they will kill me! Because they all know deeply about benefits they can get from the contest!

So here I strongly suggest the members who never joined contest before, to give it a shot.

Besides the ones who signed up already, Una, Yaxiong, Julia, Chiara, Rosie, Sunil, Lu Qi, Jenny, Dahai, Joy, Rene, Wang Xi, Chiara, Zoe, Debbie and JJ, go for it, then you will see a different yourself!


All in all, it’s all about believing in ourselves!

Let’s give it a bold shot in the contest, take a walk on the wild side, and challenge ourselves deeper, together!

See you in the contest!

What We Can Learn from last CCTMC meeting
Thursday, 21 January 2010
Dear CCTMC members,
I am writing to share a few reflections I have about the club meeting last Thursday.
As I mentioned earlier, I would like to promote the culture of thinking and applying what we learn at Toastmasters to our life and career.  Here are a couple of things I picked up at last meeting:
1. Give a summary at the end of our talk
In oral communications, people often only remember what you said at last. Therefore it will be helpful to have a recap (summary of key ideas or messages you have covered) in the end.  This will not only leave people the impression that you can speak in an organized way, but will also make listeners remember your points deeper and longer.
New Year Message (By President Nathan Zhang)
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Dear members of CCTMC,

Happy New Year!
First all, I want to say ‘thank you’ to each of you for choosing to stay with CCTMC during the recent club split.  As new president of CCTMC, I am grateful for your decision and I appreciate your faith and confidence in CCTMC.
At the start of a new club term (January to June 2010), I have a few messages for you...
A strong membership base
CCTMC is a club well known for its member’s quality.  Although half of the members will move to CHIC club in January, we still have a highly passionate, professional, diversified, and strong membership base.
Good Jokes are Re-Written
Friday, 18 December 2009

This past Thursday, Dec. 17th, I delivered the speech #5 of my Advanced Humorously Speaking Manually.  I completed this fun manual in a short 8 weeks span.  Ever since I entered and lost the humorous speech contest in Fall of 2008, I began to take interest in enhancing the humor in my speeches, and slowly becoming more analytical with process of making people laugh.  But it is during these 8 weeks of writing hundreds of punch lines and failing in half of them, that I have begun to grasp some of the basics of developing humor.  In this article, I will elaborate on one of my key reflections.

Open Vs. Closed Body Position
Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It is not just my opinion.  There is a study on this.  I found this article during my normal bedtime reading. 

"The Influence of a Communicator's Body Position on Opinion Change in Others", Hugh McGinley, Richard LeFevre, and Pat McGinley, Journal ol Personality and Social Psychology, 197S, Vol. 31, No. 4, 686-690

Abstract:  Investigated whether, while discussing his or her views, a communicator who exhibits limb-outward or open body positions would effect greater opinion change in an addressee than a communicator who exhibits limb-inward or closed body positions. 96 female college undergraduates whose attitudes were premeasured perused an attitude questionnaire of a female student and then viewed pictures that were taken of her while she discussed her beliefs. Some Ss viewed open body position pictures of the communicator, while others viewed closed body position pictures.


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