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How to be a new member?

You must complete a paper membership application and inform either the Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, or, the President of your desire to become a member in the club. You can contact our VPs in the contact page.

At either that meeting or the next meeting, you will be given one minute to speak to the club to inform the members of your desire to join and the benefit you hope to achieve through your membership. The club members will then vote on accepting your application for membership and you will be informed by email before the next meeting of the outcome of the vote.

Upon being voted into the club as a new member, you must pay a non-refundable membership fee (see table of fees below). In addition, all new members must pay a one time New Member Registration Fee of RMB250. Renewal of membership will be RMB600 for every subsequent 6 month period.

NOTE - You must pay your New Member Fee and Membership dues within 30 days of being voted in as a member or your membership approval will be rescinded.

After being voted by existing members to be accepted into China Capital Toastmasters and paying your dues and, you will become a member in the club. This will include gaining formal membership in Toastmasters International as well as the local club. Members can participate in all aspects of the program, including serving on the Executive Committee, and voting on all club matter.




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