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What We Can Learn from last CCTMC meeting
Dear CCTMC members,
I am writing to share a few reflections I have about the club meeting last Thursday.
As I mentioned earlier, I would like to promote the culture of thinking and applying what we learn at Toastmasters to our life and career.  Here are a couple of things I picked up at last meeting:
1. Give a summary at the end of our talk
In oral communications, people often only remember what you said at last. Therefore it will be helpful to have a recap (summary of key ideas or messages you have covered) in the end.  This will not only leave people the impression that you can speak in an organized way, but will also make listeners remember your points deeper and longer.  
At last meeting, Abby (member) and Alex (guest) were among table topics speakers.  One thing they both did was that they gave a summary of their key messages at the end of their 2-minute talk.  Caesar was evaluator for Justin's prepared speech and at the end of his evaluation, he also summarized Justin's strengths and areas for improvement in a few brief words.  This made Abby, Alex and Caesar's talk quite stand out.
2. Be a really attentive listener
At last meeting,  The best Table Topics Speaker voted by the audience was a guest named Iris (girl).  In her speech she surprised us by telling many details of an ice-breaker speech (given by Susie) she heard a few months ago when she was visiting CCTMC for the 1st time as a guest.   I think many people, particularly Susie, were impressed by the attention Iris gave to the speech and her excellent memory.
The lesson here is that if you give people your full attention and be a good listener, you can win people's heart.
3. Mention in your resume that you are a Toastmaster
At last meeting, our Toastmaster Yi told us that recently he got a job offer and one reason he got the job was that the employer saw in his resume that he was a Toastmasters member.
Today in Beijing, Toastmasters is being better known and recognized by more and more people, particularly HR people.  For those who haven't heard about Toastmasters, if you tell them what Toastmasters is about they would be interested and feel Toastmasters is a professional organization.
So if you are looking for a job or even a career change, mentioning Toastmasters membership in your resume will help job application.  If you are now or have been a club officer, mentioning that will add even more weight!
4.  Learn to be funny
At last meeting I delivered my 1st humorous speech 'Shopping with a girl' and later I was told by many people that my speech was very funny. Some members even asked me who was that girl in my speech and whether that girl became my girlfriend or wife!
Humor can be learned.  In many people's eyes, I am quite a serious person.  In Toastmasters I am learning to become less serious.  Thanks to the humorous speechs I have heard in CCTMC, I am picking up the skills and spirit of being funny.
Here I would also like to say a special 'Thank you' to Hubert.  I was evaluator for Hubert's humorous speechs three times but the truth is:  I got most of my inspirations and learned many of my skills from him.  Thank you so much Hubert, I am getting cheaper now.
Last, I would like say that it's really great fun to prepare a speech and deliver one.  It's a wonderful experience.  In the near future you will hear more humorous speeches from me.  This I promise you...and it will be your loss if you miss my speeches.
I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on this Thursday.
Nathan Zhang
Club President
China Capital Toastmasters Club
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