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New Year Message (By President Nathan Zhang)
Dear members of CCTMC,

Happy New Year!
First all, I want to say ‘thank you’ to each of you for choosing to stay with CCTMC during the recent club split.  As new president of CCTMC, I am grateful for your decision and I appreciate your faith and confidence in CCTMC.
At the start of a new club term (January to June 2010), I have a few messages for you...
A strong membership base
CCTMC is a club well known for its member’s quality.  Although half of the members will move to CHIC club in January, we still have a highly passionate, professional, diversified, and strong membership base. I would like to mention a few names:
- Veteran members who have tremendous experience to contribute: Sally, Joanne, Ben, Lisa…
- Loud, crazy and entertaining members: Caesar, Louis, Allen, Hubert …
- Contest winners who excelled in different contests: Yann, Bill, Nathan…
- Cultural, career and communication trainers and consultants: Anne, Sarah, Nathan …
- Highly promising new members: Abby, Gary, Novia, Susan….
While I did not list all the names, I wish to say that every member in CCTMC is important and special.  I have written in the attached file what I have observed about every one of you.  You may have a look…
Vision and plan for the term (Jan to Jun 2010)
As I mentioned in my campaign speech in December, a lot of good practices and traditions of CCTMC will be preserved, such as mentorship, training, team building, and giving recognition to members.
In the new term, the Excom (executive committee) team will also do the following:
1.     Develop members to become better evaluators.  Being able to give useful and constructive feedback to people is a valuable skill to our life and career.  In the new term there will be training and coaching on how to be a better evaluator.
2.     Promote Leadership manual.  In the new term there will be a drive to help members develop leadership skills using the Competent Leadership manual.
3.     Help members to apply what we learn in Toastmasters to our life and career.  Many skills we practice and learn in TM are transferable skills.  In the new term Excom members and I will share insights and experience on how to use the skills we learned in TM to help our life and career.
Although CCTMC and CHIC are two clubs, these two clubs will not function alone, as Hubert wrote in an earlier email.  In the next few months there will be joint events and trainings organized for members of both clubs.  Members of each club will still be able to see each other, laugh together, and learn from each other.
Me as the new President
Although I have been with CCTMC for only a few months, you have already seen my style.  While I am not as ‘cheap’ as Hubert, I will do my best to be ‘cheap’, as I do believe that having fun in meetings is a key element of club success and I will strive to maintain a fun environment in the club.  As a business communication consultant and a Toastmaster for three years, I will also share with you my experience on becoming a better communicator.
Outlook for the New Year
When I am writing this letter, snowflakes are falling down from the sky and the whole city is coated in white.  As the Chinese saying goes, 瑞雪兆丰年 (a timely heavy snowfall promises a good harvest).  I have faith that that every one of us will have a good harvest in CCTMC in the new few months, and I look forward to being with you, laughing with you and growing with you in 2010.
Thank you.  I wish you and your family good health and prosperity in 2010.
Nathan Zhang
China Capital Toastmasters Club
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