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Open Libary, Hangzhou, and Waves - May 16th, 2012

Fellow CCTMC members, 

There are three things I am very excited about, regarding the meeting tomorrow:  

1. The Open Library! 

CCTMC is one of the few TM clubs in Beijing that have a library.  However, since I joined CCTMC three years ago, the items in the library have never been displayed openly to members.  Members only see a list of the books and videos and decide which one to borrow. 

Tomorrow, the items in the libary will be displayed openly for the first time, thanks to our Librarian Ann. 

Please arrive early to select the books and DVDs you would like to borrow.  But don't forget to bring some cash.  The deposit is 100RMB per item.  Please see Ann's email below.  She also included a quote at the end of her email: "There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them" 2. 

What did they learn in Hangzhou? 

Last week Abby, Angela, Cathy Chen, Frieda, Jeri, and Lisa attended the District Conference in Hangzhou, the highest-level Toastmasters conference in China.  At the meeting tomorrow, Angela and Frieda will share with us some of their take-away from this big learning feast. 

These six ladies are now back to Beijing but I heard that their hearts were still in Hangzhou :).  I just can't wait to hear what they have to share with us. 

3. What is Waves like in the hat of Toastmaster? 

We all know what Waves is like, but I am still curious about what he will be like tomorrow, playing the role of Toastmaster for the first time (If I am not mistaken).  Can't wait to see him chairing the meeting and hearing what he has to say about "Optimistic People". 

See you guys tomorrow. 



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