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Welcome to China Capital Toastmasters Club


Welcome to the website of China Capital Toastmasters Club (CCTMC)!

Founded in 2006, CCTMC has been known in Beijing for its diverse membership and high standard of speeches and evaluations at weekly club events. It belongs to District 88, Area B1.

This is a great place to improve your public speaking and leadership skills!

People attend Toastmasters meetings to improve public speaking and leadership skills.  CCTMC enjoys a reputation of having the highest standard of club meetings in Beijing.  At our meetings we strive for substance and style in the speeches and applaud critical thinking and constructive feedback in the evaluations.   


We are a diversified club!

At the moment our members are from China, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Sari Lanka, and Serbia.  While many members are business professionals working in multi-national companies, we also have members who are architects, college teachers, government officials, social workers and TV program hosts.   

We are a club with honor!

Since 2006, CCTMC has received President’s Distinguished Club Award, the highest award granted annually by Toastmasters International, for nearly every single year.  CCTMC is also the home club of two champions in China: a public speaking contest champion in 2010 and an evaluation contest champion in 2009. 

Our club mission:

To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Welcome to visit us!

Through the years CCTMC has been recognized as one of the most professional Toastmasters clubs in China.  We welcome you to visit our weekly meeting on every Thursday night and see how we can help you become the speaker and leader you want to be. 


To find out where we are, please click on Map to CCTMC.

We look forward to seeing you at CCTMC!


Heather Wang


China Capital Toastmasters Club

All About the Contest --- CCTMC Meeting Agenda Aug 4

 Dear all, 

our Speech contests will be held in exactly one week.  


"Are you ready?"

In fact, I have received all sorts of questions from our members since the day I announced the date :  


"What are the requirements for the contests?

How to make a humorous speech?  What are rules? etc... "


Hence, I decide to set a pre-contest meeting for this week, let's get some knowledge and prepare for the competition !


In this meeting I will introduce you the rules for the contests and as an "experienced toastmaster" who have joined the Humorous Speech Contests for three times, I will share with you my tips on how to make a humorous speech!


 For role takers and speakers:

If you have joined the Humorous Speech Contest before: Please share with us one or two tips on how your's understanding about the contest and how to prepare a Humorous Speech.


New about the contest? Let me know if you have questions about it and I will do my best to   


Come to join the meeting and let's get ready for the contest! 





Address: Qinggong Group Compound on Yaojiayuan Road,opposite to the petrol station next to Beijing Youth Daily Building. (Enter the gate, take the path on the right, keep walking straight to the end)

Time: 6:55pm - 9:00pm Every Thursday (Please come 15 min in advance to take your place and get ready. The meeting starts at 7:00pm sharp.)

China Capital Toastmasters Club

We help you grow and succeed.Speak up and take the lead.
"One Bed in a Big City or One House in a Small City"



Dear all,


The National Holiday has almost come to its ending. I am leaving my house in my hometown for my bed in Beijing.

Chasing dream in another city is many people's choice. How many times have you questioned yourself about this fighting life style? What do you think, seeing others struggling, if you are a person with a house in a big city?

This week, I'm not going to bring chicken soup to the meeting, but want to hear different voices from role takers. Role takers, please let me know what's your point of view on this topic.

---TM Dana



CCTMC & Beijing No. 1 Joint Meeting Agenda, July. 30. 2015

what do you think you deserve?





There is one thing I am really sure: You deserve to enjoy the performances from national champions of international speech, Mandarin speech, Evaluation, 2nd runner up of table topic! Dear fellow Toastmasters,

What an exciting session is ahead of us – a joint meeting with our great friends from Beijing No. 1 Toastmasters Club (BJ No. 1)! We are so happy to have them to be our guests this week !

Dear friends,

If you truly believe you deserve enjoying the greatest performances from national champions, come to the joint meeting this Thursday!


Important announcement - Jan 1, 2015 Meeting Cancelled

Dear Fellow Members and Dear Guests,


Please note that January 1 meeting is cancelled due to New Year holiday.

The next meeting will be held on January 8, 2015.


We wish you a joyful holiday season, happy New Year and many inspiring speeches in 2015.



CCTMCOfficer Team

Excom Officer Team Election Announcement

Dear CCTMCers,

Have you ever wanted to have as many opportunities to speak as possible in every regular meeting?

Have you ever wanted to fulfill all of your visions and thoughts to make CCTMC a way better club for all of the members?

Have you ever wanted to get the most from Toastmasters and CCTMC?

Here the chance comes!

In December, the arena for the new leaders is open again - New Excom Officer Team Election is to be held on Dec. 18th of 2014!

The newly-elected officers will serve for six months in one term as usual, starting from Jan. of 2015.

CCTMC Meeting Theme for 09 Oct' 14


 As young children we all had dreams but as we got older somehow these dreams fell by the wayside. It’s time to awaken those dreams and reach for the sky. Join us as we rejuvenate and take claim of our dreams!


Toastmaster: Heather

Table Topic Master: Asanda

Prepared Speakers: Valerie, Lu QI and Rosie


Place: Qinggong Group Compound on Yaojiayuan Road, opposite to the petrol station next to Beijing Youth Daily Building. For more information, please check “Contact us” section on our website.

Time: Thu, Oct 09, 6:55pm - 9:00pm  (Please come 15 min in advance to take your place and get ready. The meeting starts at  6:55pm sharp).


CCTMC Meeting Announcement 18/09/2014 - Newbie

Dear CCTMCers,

I will be the Toastmaster this week.
Recently we have quite a few new members in our clubs, welcome you all!
So as a newbie, how can we soak in in an efficient and effective way, to an new organization, a new family, even to a totally different culture?

Therefore, this week’s theme is “NEWBIE”, let’s discuss together the know-how, as a newbie.

Role Takers, please share your golden tips in 1 or 2 sentences about:
How should a newbie do to melt into a group and grow faster? Or what have you done before to stand out, when you were a newbie to certain group/organization/culture, etc.?


1.     Answer me EXCLUSIVELY, with 1 or 2 sentences, the sharper, the better
2.     Answer me before the end of this Wednesday.

As usual, some members in our club will become the leading role in my theme, who are they?
Come over and I will tell you in person.

See you soon!


Change of venue for the 24th of October meeting

Please pay attention!!!

We will have a joint meeting with AmCham TMC 7-9 pm on the 24th of October, next Thursday.
Address: The Office Park, Tower AB, 6th Floor No. 10 Jintongxi Road,Chaoyang District, 北京市朝阳区金桐西路10号 远洋光华国际 AB座6层

Do NOT come to our usual meeting venue; it will be closed.

Important notice!!!

On 14th Feb, there will be no regular meeting in CCTMC due to the Spring Festival.
Happy New Year!

New officer team elected!

I’m excited to announce that we just elected our new officer team for the next term Jan 2013 – Jun 2013!

They are:
- President: Cathy Chen
- VPE: Frieda Li
- VPM: Jeri Weng
- VPPR: Demi Jiang
- Treasurer: Gary Gao
- Secretary: Rosie Ho
- SAA: Dana Lv
- Scheduler: Julia Tao
- Librarian/Webmaster: William Yang
- Video master: Nathan/Yann

The last position I list here is Video master. Nathan and Yann volunteered to do the video recording work for our club. Appreciation here! I'd also like to express appreciation to our current officers, for what they have achieved this term.

Let’s congratulate our new officers and give them the best wishes! I believe CCTMC will be stronger with their contribution!

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