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Excom Officer Team Election Announcement

Dear CCTMCers,

Have you ever wanted to have as many opportunities to speak as possible in every regular meeting?

Have you ever wanted to fulfill all of your visions and thoughts to make CCTMC a way better club for all of the members?

Have you ever wanted to get the most from Toastmasters and CCTMC?

Here the chance comes!

In December, the arena for the new leaders is open again - New Excom Officer Team Election is to be held on Dec. 18th of 2014!

The newly-elected officers will serve for six months in one term as usual, starting from Jan. of 2015.

1.   Why does Officer Role mater?

Toastmasters is a place Where leaders are made, if you are a great speaker, you may not a good leader, but if you have become a great leader here, you must be a great speaker.

I have seen, heard and felt that.

How much you love CCTMC,

How much the sense of belonging you have been holding to CCTMC,

And how much you want CCTMC to become even better!

Now, no matter you are a "newbie" or "veteran" in CCTMC, if you want to fulfill your self-development in terms of public speaking skill set and leadership, and make CCTMC an even better place for all of the members, stand up to serve as an officer and take more ownership for CCTMC!


2.   What are the officer roles?

The officers to be elected are:

Officer Role

Incumbent Officer



Waves Zhang


Vice President Education (VPE)

Dana Lv


Vice President Membership (VPM)

Ervlyn Young 


Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)

Francesca Geary



Qi Lu



Una Miskovic


Sergeant at Arms (SAA)

Jenny Gu



Heather Wang



Yaxiong Zhang


Video master

Valerie Van Kerckhove



To better understand these officer roles, you can speak to the current officers for the advice and information. You can also click this link below to get a general idea: http://www.toastmasters.org/Members/OfficerResources/ClubOfficerResources/ClubOfficerRoles.aspx


3.   Nomination

Please contact me of your nominations by phone call/short message, email or WeChat.  You can nominate yourself or other members for the above officer roles.  Every member of the club is eligible for any officer role. 


4.   What if we know nothing about the officers?

No worry, the incumbent officers and Division Governors will organize specific trainings for the new officers accordingly!


5.   My personal feelings as an officer:

1) We will have quite a lot of learning opportunities as club officer. In Toastmasters we all learn by doing. I have served as an officer for 3 times during the past almost 3 years in CCTMC. Every term I obtained different experiences and skills. It was great and I have made friends with so many excellent Toastmasters members.  Especially for this term served as club president, I am really feeling that CCTMC is like our kid, I have tried all my best to contribute to make sure it can grow in a healthy way! And in return,

I have learned and grown a lot as well,

I have broadened my horizon,

transformed my mindset of Toastmasters and CCTMC,

and stepped onto the national speech contest stage and seen a way bigger picture !

2) For the functionality of club officer, the work is basically about oral, WeChat and email communication. Each officer is in charge of one part of the club’s work. It’s a great platform to communicate with different members with different background, both inside and outside of CCTMC.

3) We can also contribute your strength and ideas to the club in a more efficient and effective way. As a club officer, you are more easily to contribute your thoughts and proposals, and then let it happen. We will have opportunities to make CCTMC even better!

If you are interested in running for any officers, nominating any member, or any question, let me know.

CCTMCs future will become better and better, because of YOU!



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