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All About the Contest --- CCTMC Meeting Agenda Aug 4

 Dear all, 

our Speech contests will be held in exactly one week.  


"Are you ready?"

In fact, I have received all sorts of questions from our members since the day I announced the date :  


"What are the requirements for the contests?

How to make a humorous speech?  What are rules? etc... "


Hence, I decide to set a pre-contest meeting for this week, let's get some knowledge and prepare for the competition !


In this meeting I will introduce you the rules for the contests and as an "experienced toastmaster" who have joined the Humorous Speech Contests for three times, I will share with you my tips on how to make a humorous speech!


 For role takers and speakers:

If you have joined the Humorous Speech Contest before: Please share with us one or two tips on how your's understanding about the contest and how to prepare a Humorous Speech.


New about the contest? Let me know if you have questions about it and I will do my best to   


Come to join the meeting and let's get ready for the contest! 





Address: Qinggong Group Compound on Yaojiayuan Road,opposite to the petrol station next to Beijing Youth Daily Building. (Enter the gate, take the path on the right, keep walking straight to the end)

Time: 6:55pm - 9:00pm Every Thursday (Please come 15 min in advance to take your place and get ready. The meeting starts at 7:00pm sharp.)

China Capital Toastmasters Club

We help you grow and succeed.Speak up and take the lead.
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