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First Month of New Term - Words from the President

I want to first congratulate the officers who have made possible the progress made within the first month.  I hope that these initatives have started to take CCTMC to the path of being a better club.

- Mentorship program is rolling along, esp. for the newer members.   Thanks to VPE Charly
- Committees with members joining.  Thanks to Charly and VPM Laura
- Improved scheduling with strategic purpose and higher quality.  Thanks to Scheduler Jennifer
- Formalized logistics (badges, sign-up, best-speaker voting, etc). Thanks to SAA Bill
- Improved membership process.  Thanks to Laura
- Our first training. Thanks to Charly and past VPE/current Webmaster Yann and to Jessie Zhao for her help
- Budgeting approved. Thanks to Treasurer Lisa.  Now we can start to purchase the items we need.
- Replenshment of library resources (will be done before August?).  Thanks in advance to Librarian Snow
- video-recording the meeting - thanks to Caesar (though we need a couple more people in case Caesar isn't here)

And Thanks to Connie our Secretary for her meeting minutes and inputs in the meeting

Let's not lose the momentum and make sure that these initiatives become part of the CCTMC culture.  And again, I urge all members to find ways to contribue to the success of the club.  With the wonderful efforts from you and these officers, there will be better things to come in the next 5 months.


July 9 Meeting: President's note

What a successful meeting!  I am absolutely floored at the quality of the meeting.  I hope the members who have been with the club for more than 6 months also felt this way.

Toastmaster Connie was absolutely excellent.  The introduction of the speakers and roles, and the transitions were  thoroughly prepared and professionally done.  Outstanding.  The new members Crystal and Vivian showed their passion in their role as Timer and Ah-Counter respectively.  Greeter Lisa was professional, warm and friendly to a record number of guests (10?).  Janet's Ice-Breaker was well-delivered--I see lots of potential in her.  Freddie cracked me up with his humor! I'm still laughing now.  Ivy has shown so much improvement, i'm almost crying.  And of course, Sarah was brilliant. I'm learning so much from her.  And all the evaluators, Jennifer, Caesar, Laura and Bill delivered helpful and most importantly - encouraging feedback.  The General evaluator Joanne is her wonderful self catching the details that could improve the meeting.  And last but not least, the Table Topics session lead by Jessie and evaluated by Harry:  one of the funniest 25 minutes ever.  

Thanks team for making this a wonderfully enjoyable night. 

Hubert Lin, President

Guests from H1N1 countries
Dear fellow members and distinguished guests,
On 11 June 09, World Health Organization (WHO) raised the Influenza A (H1N1-2009) alert level to Phase 6, indicating that a global pandemic was underway.
In the light of the current situation, China Capital Toastmasters Club strongly urges our members and guests returning from countries with community transmission of H1N1, to exercise social responsibility and take the following precautions:
June 2009 newsletter published

You can read our latest newsletter and you'll find great content on how to improve your speeches!
You'll read about our latest executive committee, new members, our past activities, a good-bye letter from our president Chris, and quality articles from Hubert, Connie, Justin, Laura, Ben and Mary.

Campaign Speech by next club President

When you first joined Toastmasters, what did you want to get out of it?   Has the club met your expectations?  

In my experience Toastmaster, especially CCTM, has the tools for us to become better speakers and leaders.  It has not failed me.  And as the president of the club, I will not fail you, and we will not fail each other.

Congratulations New Executive Commitee Members!

Last night we held out Officer Elections who will take the helm of the club starting July 1.  Congratulations all!

President: Hubert
VP Education: Charly
VP Membership: Laura
VP Public Relations: Mary
Treasurer: Lisa
Sergeant-At-Arms: Bill
Secretary: Connie
Librarian: Snow
Scheduler: Jennifer
Web Master: Yann

We have a new Division Governor!

Congratulations Sally!

At the Spring Conference over the weekend, Sally Li was elected as our Division Governor.   For many years, Sally has been a dedicated member, mentor and leader at our CCTM Club.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will do an outstanding job of growing the division, bringing substance, quality, value to the areas and clubs under her leadership.  And I also have no doubt, that she can count on all of our support to make her one-year term successful.  

This Term's Club Vision

It is fitting that I write this the day after Obama's inauguration speech, which is an inspiration for me to write and deliver better speeches at Toastmasters.  For this TM club, the officers also have a common vision, which was discussed thoroughly at last week's ex-com meeting. 

The club will have a renewed focus on evaluation, to make sure that all the speakers can take home something of value.  Stagetime is great, but constructive feedback is just as important for your development as a speaker.  We have begun taken action to realize our vision.  I hope that all the members attending the meeting this Thursday will begin to see the difference.   

So, it is also appropriate that the next meeting's General Evaluator is one of our club's best evaluator: Yann B. We will also have another very experienced evaluator, Inez, to evaluate a speaker’s #9 speech.   If only I had these two during my last performance review at work……

Enjoy the meeting, everybody.


About CC Chatter

Stop the Press!!!  There is a new section on the website.  CC Chatter.

This is a new blog by yours truly, the webmaster, that focuses on nuiances of speech writing and delivery.  It may include reflections on specific points in the speeches in the past meetings, or summary of what I have read and how it applies to my speech delivery.  I may also blog about the process of my speech writing and preparation.  The objective is to give the readers additional insight and perhaps feedback, on how they can improve their public communications. 

Check back often for new contents.  You just might find that extra idea for your next speech.

New officers for 1H 2009

   On Thursday 11th of December, we held our club elections for the next term's officers. Here is the new list of officers:
  President: Chris Drumgoole
  VP Education: Yann
  VP Membership: Kevin Lee
  VP Public Relations: Joanne
  Treasurer: Jessica
  Secretary: Selina
  Sergeant at Arms: Ben
  Scheduler: Connie
  Webmaster: Hubert
  Librarian: Sally

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