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The Value of the Competent Leader Manual

Do you like your boss?

This was the question long-time CCTMC member Yann posed in a short speech at the Aug. 12 meeting, encouraging our club members to pick up and read the Competent Leadership (CL) manual. Many bosses cover up their inadequacies through arrogance and trying to belittle their subordinates. If you want to be a better leader than your boss, Yann said, the CL manual can help you.

CCTMC Well Represented at Club Officer Training
Club officer training for new Executive Committee members was held July 24th at the Motorola offices in Beijing's Wangjing area. More than 50 people from 10 Toastmasters clubs joined the training, led by Division Governor and CCTMC member Ceasar Zeng.

CCTMC's representation was outstanding for two seasons. First, CCTMC was the only club to have all its official club officers (plus the scheduler and librarian) attend the training. Second, numerous other CCTMC members were involved in the training, including five taking roles as trainers.

New officers for 2H 2010
Fellow CCTMC members,
After a heated election tonight, the new club officers have been elected and they are:
President: Sally Li
Vice President Education (VPE): Yi Daehyon
Vice President Membership (VPM): Alex Jin
Vice President Public Relations (VPPR): Graham
Secretary: Max Zhou
Treasurer: Gary Gao
Sergeant at Arms: Cathy Li
Scheduler: Elaine Li
Librarian: Elaine Luo
Webmaster: Yann
Please join me to congratulate these new club officers.  They have demonstrated a strong commitment to CCTMC and a passion to serve fellow members.  They are very competent people and I am confident that they will make CCTMC a stronger club in the new term, with the leadership of new President Sally.
Congratulations Sally, Yi, Alex, Graham, Max, Gary, Cathy, Elaine Li, Elaine Luo and Yann.
News from Shanghai conference

Fellow CCTMC members,

This is big news - Bill won the Championship of Mandarin Speech Contest held in Shanghai last night!
Bill wowed the audience of over 300 people with his winning speech "The Art of Being Led" and emerged the 1st place among the six contests from different divisions in China. His presentation is just amazing.
Please join me to congratulate Bill. By the way, I know Bill didn't sleep well last night - he was laughing all night in bed :)

Some more good news from the contests in Shanghai - Yann won the 2nd place in the district level international speech contest this morning.
Please join me in congratulating Yann. Another trophy in the highest level contests in China District within seven months.  Well done Yann!


What is your ROI in Toastmasters
Fellow CCTMC members,
I am writing this email to re-state the message I delivered at the meeting last Thursday:
"What is your ROI in Toastmasters?"
For those who were not at last meeting and don't know about ROI, it stands for Return on Investment (投资回报率).   I would like to ask you again:
"What is your expected Return on Investment in Toastmasters?" or simply put, "What do you want to get from Toastmasters?"
This is a important question to think about, because you have been investing your money and time in the club.
The money you spend
Every six months you spend 480RMB on membership. If you are new members, you pay 200RMB more.  This doesn't include the taxi fare, subway fare, bus fare or fuel (if you drive a car).
The time you spend
For each meeting: 2 hours meeting time plus 1 hour in travel (at least)
For every month:  9 hours (let's say you attend 3 meetings each month)
For every six months: 54 hours
If the hours are converted to working days (each working day is 8 hours), every six months you spend nearly 7 working days on Toastmasters meetings.
This is a lot of time...
CCTMC members going to China finals in Shanghai
Fellow CCTMC members,
Good news.  CCTMC have two 1st place winners in the Division level contests held last Saturday:
Yann - the 1st place in the international speech contest
Bill - the 1st place in the mandarin speech contest.
Please join me to congratulate Yann and Bill.  They have brought honor and pride to CCTMC again and proved that CCTMC is one of the strongest TM clubs in north China.  Yann and Bill will represent Division B in the District level contests to be held in Shanghai in May.
Hubert, although finishing as 2nd place in the international speech contest, delivered a truly powerful, touching speech.  I was sitting around his wife during his speech and was seeing that his wife was moved into tears.  His mandarin speech, which was about his wedding preparation experience with his wife, was also incredibly good and touching - considering that he was not a native speaker of mandarin.
Well done, Yann, Bill and Hubert!
CCTMC&CHIC joint training Apr 4th, Sunday

Our first training session in 2010 is arranged on Apr 4th, Sunday, with CHIC club together. The training room may be in Zhaolong hotel. Depending on how many members registered for training, we may move to another place. Please reserve your time for training and register online ASAP http://www.editgrid.com/user/joannew/Apr_4th_training_registration.
The training is free to members, paid by clubs. We will serve formal members of CCTMC and CHIC first. If there's still space for guest, guest need pay for the training cost (TBD, RMB30-50) by themselves.

Time: Apr 4th, Sunday
Place: same meeting room as our TM meeting beside ZhaoLong Hotel
Cost: Free to CCTMC and CHIC members; RMB 30 for confirmed guest. No more seat for other guest.
9:30 - 11:00 How to Communicate with Your Western Manager by Melanie
11: 00- 11: 15 Break
11:15 - 12: 00 Effective Evaluation by  Nathan
12:00 - 12:15 Break
12:15 -1pm  Speaking for REAL by Hubert

Please arrive on time, we have very tight schedule. The room will be open at 9:00. 

Pan will be the toastmaster and Janet will help prepare cookies. Laura Qin is the prime to contact if you have any question on training on that day.
Thanks all the trainers and the assistants! Enjoy the wonderful training!

Area 21 spring contest
Fellow CCTMC members,
This is to let you know that the Area Level Speech Contests will be held this Saturday morning and you are invited to come:
Date: Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm
Venue: 16th Floor, Caterpillar Tower, Wangjing, Beijing (Please see the attached map for detailed directions)
- Location:  Room 1601, Caterpillar Tower, 8# Wangjing Street, Chaoyang District
Reflection from President

Dec 31, 2009.  It is the last day of the year, and the last day of my term as the President of CCTMC.  I have gained so much in the past 6 months: the experience, the skills, and most importantly, the fellowship with my team and members.  I believe the other officers have also felt the same way.  All of the members have worked together to bring the club to new heights.  I believe the concept of fellowship is taking root in the culture of CCTMC, and I have high hopes that it will continue and become a pillar of what will always make this club special. 

Sept/Oct Newsletter

I want to thank the Newsletter team, headed by River, coached by Lynne Fix, and the writers: Lynn Gao, Crystal Fan, Allan Wan, Vivien Xu.  This is the product of their great team work.  Great job team!   (Sept/Oct Newsletter PDF )

Upcoming Speechathon

We are hosting our very exciting Speechathon on Sep. 12th (Sat.) in Nortel  from 10am to 12am.  Guests are welcome!  Excom meeting to follow

Highlights of the event:
1. Instead of General Evaluator, we will have a Master Evaluator, which would make the evaluations more professional.
2.You will be able to enjoy 6 completely different styles of speeches including an Advanced speech delivered by our Division B Governor Sally Li.

Direction and contact details:

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