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New executive committee for 1H 2012
Starting from the 1st of January 2012, this is the team that will lead our club to new heights:
President:Nathan Zhang
VP Education: Jeri Weng
VP Membership: Frieda Lee
VP PR: Charly Chen
Treasurer: Cathy Li
SAA: Sue Wu
Secretary: Christy Wu
Scheduler: Heather Wang
Webmaster: Michelle Liu
Librarian: Ann Lee
No meeting on the 6th of October

ATTENTION! No meeting on the 6th of October!

Due to October national day holidays, we are NOT going to have our regular meeting on Thursday the 6th of October 2011. Our next meeting is on the 13th of October.
A Brilliant Ending - A Brilliant Beginning by Frieda
Dear Fellow TMers,
We concluded our contest last night, and i say, Were we brilliant, or brilliant, or what?
Here are some laughing points that I will remember forever: Waves used his greeting+evaluation technique after a fight with his girl friend: “Honey, thank you for your talk just now - You used body language and vocal variety extremely well; and if I were to give you some suggestions, I’d say that we are together because we want to live happily together, not to win a fight.”
President's words on the contests

Fellow CCTMC members,
I would like to say a few things about the contests in the past two weeks.
Number of contestants
A total of 15 members in CCTMC competed in the contests of different kinds:
Chinese humorous speech contest - 5 contestants
Evaluation contest - 9 contestants
English humorous speech contest - 8 contestants
This is just marvelous!

Mandarin speech contest report by Frieda
WOW! Tonight's meeting deserves an amazing "WOW"!
This is Frieda reporting from a night of splendid speaches and after-speech-gossip session. I am still too excited to sleep.
"In this world, there is women, men and women engineers" - Aaron reveals the secrets of engineering life which he left behind; "I am sorry if you are born with a pretty face", Julie says, "and for those of you who has an ordinary face, you are more likely to be adored."; I feel terribly sorry for Flora who had to go through anxiety attack for the last two weeks in preparation of the speech, and i feel terriblly jealous when her speech won the 2nd place in the Mandarin Humorous Speech! and, guess what, the Guy who always wear a neat shirt and tie, turned out to be the funniest guy on stage and his niece's iconic/photogenic gesture later became popular in the meeting - everyone, young or old, male or female all mimic her niece; and, and, our humorous star - Charly, or "Nini Ba", finally met "Nini Ma" in a dark and rainy night under embarrasing situation.
How Should We Respond to Unhelpful Evaluation

How Should We Respond to Unhelpful Evaluation

By Nathan Zhang


Fellow CCTMC members,
I would like to share some thoughts on how we react to evaluations.
One thing we all love about Toastmasters is that we get feedback for what we do, whether we just play a small role as ah-counter, or a major role as a prepared speaker.
Sometimes we get very useful and encouraging evaluation.  Sometimes we don't. 
Sometimes the evaluation is not very useful, or even too negative, critical, and we just don't agree to what the evaluator says.  We feel embarrassed or even demotivated by such evaluations.
What should we do when we receive unhelpful and demotivating evaluation?
My advice is:
"Take it or Leave it."
"Take it" means that if you feel there are some good points in the evaluation, take the points.  "Leave it" means that if you don't see any good points in the evaluation or disagree with the evaluator, ignore it and don't take it to your heart.
In our jobs or life we all get judged and commented by people.  Not all the opinions and comments on us are fair, right or encouraging.  Toastmasters is the same.  This is the fact of life.
However, there is one thing we need to bear in mind about Toastmasters:
We should allow people to make mistakes. 
Very often the evaluation is not very helpful because the evaluator:
1) either lacks the experience - he or she doesn't know how to voice their opinions positively or how to motivate people,
2) or speaks from a personal perspective - he or she has different work and life experience from your and has different perspective on things
I think most evaluators become negative not because they want to embarrass you, but because they lack the experience to do the job well or they speak from their own personal experience. 
We also have to accept that some people tend to be more critical than others.  Myself is an example.  I sometimes deliver very negative evaluations, like the recent one I gave to Brian.  In fact I later felt very bad about it and I wanted to kill myself.  I think my evaluation was not fair to Brian and really wish I could have done it differently.  I know many evaluators felt the same way like me after giving evaluations.
Fellow CCTMC members,
my point is that let's keep an open mind and heart to evaluations.  CCTMC is a very diversified club and we have members from different age groups, occupations, and cultural background.  We are bound to be different and not see eye to eye on everything.  We all have room for improvement on our ability to give better evaluations.
So in the future, when we get evaluated, let's adopt the following open attitude:
"take it or leave it",
as there is no need to be bothered by unhelpful evaluation.
Thank you.


Inaugural Email From New President Nathan Zhang
Fellow CCTMC members,

We are all busy with our life, either our professional life or personal life.
Sometimes we are so busy that we forget that life also holds many blessings…
One of these blessings is that we have a place to go to every week to share ideas, get inspirations, help people and learn from people.
You know what I mean.  This place is the weekly meeting of CCTMC.
In the past few weeks, some changes have taken place in CCTMC.  We moved to a new venue and we have a new team of club officers.
But many things remain unchanged.
The high quality of meetings remains unchanged…

In June, we have four prepared speakers and four excellent prepared speeches in nearly every meeting.  The only meeting with three prepared speakers was the one on the night when Beijing was hit by the heaviest rain in decades.  Even on that night 17 members turned up at the meeting, including Toastmaster Arnaud.  Oh, by the way, Arnaud's pants were completely wet that night, like he had just swam to the meeting room!
New officers for 2H 2011

ImageDear CCTMCers, Now, we have a strong team for the next 6 months. They are:
President: Nathan Zhang
VPE: Cathy Chen
VPM: Yann
VPPR: Cathy Li
Treasurer: Jeri Weng
Secretary: Ann Li
SAA: Arnaud
Scheduler: Frieda Li
Webmaster: Justin Meng
Librarian: Max Zhou

ATTENTION! New meeting venue!

ATTENTION! New meeting venue!

Dear members and guests, please note that since June 2011, our meeting venue has changed. We are no longer meeting in Zhaolong Hotel. Our new meeting venue is in Qinggong Group Compound on Yaojiayuan Road, opposite to the petrol station next to Beijing Youth Daily Building.
It's a yellow one-story building inside the compound.  When you walk into the compound, keep it to the right and keep walking till you see the yellow building in the end.
Transportation by Subway
Hujialou Station, Subway Line 10
Take Exit B and walk for about 7-10 minutes and then turn right to get into Yaojiayuan Road.

If you get lost or confused, call Nathan at 13501345687.

For more details, check our detailed map and instructions .

2011 Q1 newsletter
Our latest newsletter is out! Download the PDF here .
Louis to Represent CCTMC in Beijing Fall Conference Contest

Funny man Louis will be flying the flag for CCTMC at this weekend's Beijing Fall Conference. He has made it through to the District 85 final of the Mandarin Humorous Contest, and will be taking on the rest of China's best. 

The Beijing Fall Conference will be held Oct. 22-24 at the Schengen International Hotel. You can find out more details by visiting the website: http://www.chinatoastmastersconference.org/ 

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