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For Our Guests

Guests are always welcome to attend our meetings so that they can learn more about our club and the way that our members learn through participating in the meetings.

All Guests are reminded to arrive early, as once the meeting has begun it will disturb speakers to open the door. Also, please remember to mute your mobile phone.

Non-Toastmaster Guests are allowed to attend Toastmasters at no charge, in order to see how the program works, and to be given an opportunity to decide if they would like to join. Guests are invited to take part in the Table Topics portion of the program within three times visit, however, are restricted from taking part in any of the other meeting roles.

Visitors from other clubs are always welcome to our meetings and are welcome to participate in our Table Topics portion of the program. If your stay in Beijing will allow you to participate in more than three meetings, we would request that you have a club officer from your home club send us a note (email or fax) stating that you are a paid member in good standing, so that we can let you participate in roles reserved for members of the club.



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